Why Hopin?

Create engaging online events that aren't limited by features, size, or cost — in minutes.

(Average attendee review: 4.9/5)

What can attendees do with Hopin?

Attend full-fledged live events

100% online. No travel or parking required.

Watch speakers

On the main stage, similar to a webinar.

Meet 1-on-1

with other attendees at the event, like speed networking.

Join different sessions

for live group discussions. You can participate or just watch.

Connect with people

during the event and follow up afterwards.

Visit booths or expos

to checkout what is being showed off at the event

What can organizers do with Hopin?

Host events of any type or size

from conferences to classes and workshops.

Go backstage.

Access Hopin’s powerful admin dashboard and event management and analytics tools.

Get sponsors

to cover expenses, grow partnerships, and attract more attendees.

Sell event tickets

as an additional or entire revenue stream.

Increase engagement between members

of an online community, like a Facebook group or a distributed team.

Showcase anything

that wants to be presented at your event in the expo area.

Live Within Minutes

It doesn't take longer than 10 minutes to set up and launch an event.

Set Event Details

Like when and who should attend your event, and whether admission is free or paid.

Create the Schedule

Set dates and times, add your segments and customise them to delight your attendees.

Go Live!

Publish your registration page, we'll deal with emails, and watch the attendees start rolling in.

Online ≥ Offline

Layer an online Hopin event on top of your existing event to reach a global audience or launch an entirely online event and multiply your ticket revenue.

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Environmentally friendly

Hopin events reduce waste and carbon footprint.

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Every event is unique

Customise an event schedule that can suit any experience or audience.

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Increase engagement

Your attendees can video chat with each other in groups or one-on-one.

How people are using Hopin

Create events with unlimited possibilities, mix and match features into your event schedule for a uniquely great experience every time.

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Networking Events

Connect people online with ease through one to one meetings in succession via video.

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Remote meetups increase engagement and help form genuine relationships otherwise difficult online.

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Hopin is made for hosting conferences, not only do we have a stage but also online meeting rooms and more!

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Fairs & Trade Shows

Set up an expo center with vendor booths where attendees can interact and demo a product.

Hybrid Events

Host a physical event, and stream it into Hopin with all our interactive segments for your online audience.


Webinars tend to be one-sided. Listeners are passively attending Hopin ups the engagement & interaction.

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Company Events

Hopin company events remove physical barriers and helps the company feel like family.

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Broadcast to Event

Turn your broadcast into an event with ticket entry, engaging segments, and interactive features.

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Online Courses

Sell your courses through hopin events, with all sorts of features to make it a complete experience.

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Setting up a summit online is now more than a possibility, create a customised schedule from scratch in minutes.


Teach a lesson and breakout into groups. Come back together for another lesson, followed by one-on-one meetings.

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Expo & Exhibitions

Add vendors/booths to your events and give your attendees a completely interactive experience with vendors.

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