Hi, we’re Hopin.

These are the questions we hear the most.

Q: What is Hopin?

Hopin is the first virtual live events platform that gives organizers the tools to build, customise, and manage online events with all the benefits physical events that people love.

Event hosts can create custom event registration pages, add sponsors, sell various ticket types, and define a schedule of engaging segments for speakers and attendees.

Q: What is a Hopin event?

Hosts can create their Hopin events with four types of segments:

  • Stages
  • One-on-ones
  • Sessions
  • Expos

Event attendees can watch live-streamed content (i.e., a webinar, panel discussion, or live-stream from a physical event) while engaging with the speakers and other attendees in the chat. 

Attendees can network via sequential one-on-on video chats and connect (or not) to build their networks.

Sessions are group breakout meetings where up to ten attendees can join in a discussion around a topic they’re interested in.

Q: How is Hopin different from a webinar or video conferencing platforms?

Hopin is the only all-in-one, digital events platform. If you wanted to launch the equivalent of a Hopin event, you would need to cobble together at least four separate programs to get some of Hopin’s features—and it would still not measure up because Hopin has innovative proprietary technology built specifically for online events.

Hopin is the only platform that provides everything to host an event with sessions, keynotes, webinars, breakouts, networking, and fireside chats. But that’s just the front of the house. Hopin also features everything you need to manage an event from end to end: Registration pages, expos, sponsors, reception areas, backstages, and analytics.

Q: Why should I host a Hopin event over a physical event?

Nothing can replace the value of physically meeting in person, but it’s not always possible. Physical events require travel, parking, standing in line, catering, security, and a number of other time-consuming and expensive experiences.

Hopin provides the same amazing value of physical events—new connections and great content—without the inconveniences. With Hopin, you still get the amazing speakers, networking, expo booths, breakout discussions, and the fortuitous random “run-ins” that happen at physical events. The difference is you don’t need to buy a plane ticket or book a hotel to show up.

Q: Is Hopin reliable?

For the event planners reading this, we totally understand the amount of hard work that goes into planning a big event. The coordination, communication, and constant double-checking to make sure everything is ready for Event Day. You regularly pull off inhuman feats of organization.

We built Hopin to be bulletproof. We made sure that community events happen without a hitch, meetings flow seamlessly, and attendees across geographies feel like family. 

For example, before a keynote, you can circle up with speakers in the Backstage and prep them, making sure slides, audio, and nerves are all ready to go. When it’s time to go live, simply mute your audio and video and click “Go Live.”

You can also keep attendees in the know using Hopin’s event-wide chat, while coordinating with staff and speakers in the backstage chat. Sessions also have their own chat rooms.

Q: Is Hopin for me?

There’s a good chance, yes! There are multiple ways you can use Hopin. Check out some of our use cases to see who Hopin is for and how it can be used differently.

Q: How does one-on-one networking work?

Hopin is the only events platform that provides one-on-one meetings, like speed networking, in an event.

When you join a One-on-one, you are paired up with one person at a time via Hopin’s video chat for the amount of time set by the organizer — it could be two minutes or ten minutes!

Once the time is up (there’s a timer), Hopin automatically moves you to the next person. Matching is 100% random. You’ll never meet the same person twice at a Hopin event.

The organizer can set certain ticket types to meet with only other certain ticket types. For example, attendees can sign up as say, Job Seekers or Employers and in One-on-Ones, only Job Seekers will meet with Employers and no Employers will meet with other Employers, and no Job Seekers will meet with other Job Seekers.

You can stop meeting with someone and move to the next person anytime you want.

Q: What are sessions?

Sessions are a type of event segment that organizers can choose to give attendees options to join (or create) roundtables (i.e., groups) of up to ten people. Sessions are great for breakouts, group discussions, topical conversations, and team meetings. 

Attendees can choose to join a session and take a “seat at the table” as one of the ten participants or they can just watch the discussion. One session can support up to 1,500 viewers, depending on the number of participants at the table.

For example, you could create a session of investors and leave a few spots open for founders to rotate in and out to give their pitches.

Q: How do I host a Hopin event?

To host a Hopin event, create an account (it takes less than a minute). Once signed in, open your organizer dashboard. Click Create an Event. Now you can customise your event in minutes. Learn more in our video walkthrough.

Q: How much money can I make from Hopin?

A whole lot. With Hopin, anyone from across the world can attend, your event is not limited to one place.

For example, if you have an online community, say a 2,000 member Facebook Group and email list, and members are located across the globe, you can host a Meetup event on Hopin and everyone can attend. If you charge $50 per ticket and half your community purchases, that’s $50,000 from one event.

Media publications, conferences, bloggers, authors, online course creators, nonprofits, universities — any business can add Hopin events as an additional revenue driver, without adding much work.

For example, if you already host an annual conference, you can use Hopin to add another remote live conference in the offseason or as a live stream supplement to your existing conference — and increase your attendance rates, by opening up the event to the world and folks who can’t manage the travel.

Q: How many people can attend a Hopin event?

Hopin can handle up to 100,000 attendees at your event.

Q: How do I attend a Hopin event?

You can sign up for any Hopin event by going to the registration page of the event you want to attend and clicking Register. Then choose your ticket type. If there is a cost associated with the ticket type, you will be prompted to enter your payment details or press Pay Now if you’ve already saved them on our site. You will receive an email confirmation and an option to Add to Calendar.

Public events are listed on Hopin’s website for anyone to attend (you must be signed in to join). Hidden events are not listed on Hopin’s website. And private events require an email invite.

Q: Browser Compatibility?

Below you can see a list of browsers the service is compatible with. We usually recommend attending the events through your laptop/pc as we don't guarantee it will work on mobile.

Note: requires recent versions of Chrome and Firefox, and Safari 11 or greater.

Chrome Edge Firefox Safari
Android - -
iOS * - *
Linux - -
macOS -
Windows -