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13 Tips for Successful Virtual Events from Team Hopin

Our team put together a list of top tips to help event organizers host the most successful version of their virtual events. These tips are from the last six months of observing and learni...


The Future of Virtual Events

Five years ago I had a rare and severe reaction to a medication I’d been taking, and ended up allergic to the world. That isn’t an exaggeration either. My immune system went into a seemingly permanent hyperdrive. It was so bad that for years, I co...


Hopin's New Look

You've probably noticed the new look on the Hopin website—new logo, new branding, new product screenshots. We decided to update our website because we wanted to share more of our story with the world. We're excited to show you what we've been work...


Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Hopin

To help our users get started creating awesome online events on Hopin, we'd like to share a list of resources — below you'll find videos, docs, and links that will help you learn and master Hopin inside and out. If this is your first time hearing ...


If Your Conference Is Affected by Coronavirus, Let's Talk.

Every day more events are canceled due to the impact of the coronavirus. First, it was MWC, then IDC, then Facebook’s F8, and now, as more travel bans and safety precautions are implemented, the list of event cancellations is growing even longer—a...


We Raised $6.5 Million to Launch the Future of Events

By Johnny Boufarhat, Founder & CEO Today, we’re announcing our $6.5 million round led by Accel Ventures and joined by an all-star cast of venture funds, including Northzone, Seedcamp, Web Summit’s Amaranthine Fund and Slack Fund, as well as a numb...