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WWCode CONNECT Digital - Day One [Code]

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Pushkala Pattabhiraman

A Pragmatic Approach To Left Shift Quality Engineering

Aanisha Mishra

Terraform Providers

Adeeti Kaushal

Apache Kafka Ecosystem and Disaster recovery strategies

Maria Mora (they/them)

Python Testing with External Dependencies

Kristen Arms

Yes, You Are Technical Enough to do Cybersecurity

Sapphire Duffy - Women Who Code Team

I have a Machine Learning model, now what?

Syeda Kauser Inamdar

Level Up Your Python Code Reviews to ‘Ship It’ Faster

sushma y

Serverless Data Pipelines in AWS

Briana Augenreich

The Triple Threat: Provisioning your application environment with Packer, Ansible, and Terraform

Angeleen Wilson

Bending The Iot To Your Will With Blockchain

Alessandra Anyzewski

How does it feel to develop critical Web APIs in Golang

Bhavani Ravi

A Walk Through the World of Chatbots

Jane Paek

Protect Your APIs with Rate Limiting and Metering

Seetha Annamraju

The Journey From Legacy Code to Idiomatic Kotlin

Pooja Gupte

Effective Web Apps Monitoring

Meredith Hassett

Build a Digital Portfolio in Super Speed with Corvid

Paola Claros

Building and comparing a simple app with ReactJS and VueJS

Chanda McCann

No User Left Behind

Jennifer Ponder

Moderator, Senior Leadership Fellow

Shaykara Waajid

Global Operations Manager @ Women Who Code

linda ikechukwu

Architecting Scalable and Maintainable Sass

Kimberly Bennett

Legal & Brand Counsel @ Women Who Code

Regina Wallace-Jones

Senior Vice President, Products & Engineering @ Mindbody, Mayor of East Palo Alto

Richard Bakare

Board Member @ Women Who Code

Nancy Douyon

Navigating UX Design Across Cultural Boundaries

Alaina Percival

CEO of Women Who Code

Joey Rosenberg

Chief Leadership Officer of Women Who Code

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