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IH Worldwide - New Year Edition!

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Host Notes:

Happy New Year! We're gonna start off with an event, it'll be the same breakout rooms as before, but with a new host, yours truly. I work on, a todo list + calendar for productivity, for both individuals and businesses. Hope to see you all there!
- Satvik

Satvik and I will be co-hosting this meetup, and if all goes well it will become a regular thing to have hosts other than me holding meetups!

We'll be using instead of Zoom this time around, hopin is purpose-built for online meetups and has a lot of extra cool features that Zoom doesn't have.
- Anthony

About Worldwide:

Worldwide is an online meetup group for hackers, makers, and founders.

We do two kinds of meetups typically, this one where everyone meets each other and talks about what they're working on and a featured guest format which is more like a live podcast where we interview a founder at an interesting point in their startup journey.

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