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World Environment Day: The Biodiversity Nexus

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Biodiversity loss is at a rate 1,000 times greater than at any other time in recorded human history.

A destructive feedback loop between climate change, land-use planning, ocean acidification and the nitrogen cycle is creating unprecedented biodiversity loss. This is the Biodiversity Nexus. 

Saving species, ours included, means tackling all these challenges head on. 🩑

In this event, we will bring to you: 

  • Pioneering commitments that are driving environmental action with the City of Lahti, Raisio and Aalto University.
  • The socio-ecological drivers of biodiversity loss with the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).
  • An expert panel discussion on the role of tech, citizens and strategy.  
  • Four biodiverse solutions.
  • Desirable visions for the future with the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development.
  • Digital Networking with other change-makers. 

🩁 Come for 1 talk or stay for the day. Either way, we're excited to bring you many opportunities to learn and connect! đŸŒČ

See the schedule below for details on timing! 

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– · Stage
Opening Remarks
Carolina Faria Andy Matias
– · Stage
The Biodiversity Nexus with Petteri Vihervaara from the Syke Biodiversity Centre
Petteri Vihervaara Andy Matias
– · Sessions
Pioneering Environmental Commitments with the City of Lahti, Raisio and Aalto University
Mikko Jalas Andy Matias Carolina Faria Saara Vauramo Katri JÀrvinen-Wilén
– · Sessions
Expert Panel Discussion hosted by Solved
Carolina Faria Andy Matias Lauri Reuter Timo PyhÀlahti Eetu Helminen Pauliina SeppÀlÀ Eeva Hellström
– · Networking
Digital Networking on Hopin
– · Sessions
Biodiverse Solutions with Hiilipörssi & The Exponential Roadmap
Kirsi Tiusanen Owen Gaffney Andy Matias Carolina Faria
– · Sessions
Biodiverse Solutions with John Nurminen Foundation & Forum Virium Helsinki
Kaisa Spilling Marjukka Porvari Carolina Faria Andy Matias
– · Stage
A Vision for Desirable Futures with the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development
Annika Lindblom Andy Matias
– · Networking
Digital Networking on Hopin


Saara Vauramo

Green Capital 2021 Programme Director, City of Lahti

Kaisa Spilling

Forum Virium Development Manager

Kirsi Tiusanen

Hiilipörssi Company coordinator, MSc Atmospheric Sciences

Petteri Vihervaara

Head of Unit, Leading Scientist at SYKE Biodiversity Centre

Mikko Jalas

Creative Sustainability Programme Director, Aalto University

Marjukka Porvari

Director of Clean Baltic Sea projects, John Nurminen Foundation

Katri JÀrvinen-Wilén

Corporate Responsibility Manager, Raisio

Eeva Hellström

Senior Lead, Foresight and Strategy at Sitra

Pauliina SeppÀlÀ

Entrepreneur in the field of Participatory Society

Timo PyhÀlahti

SYKE Data and Information Centre / Geoinformatics Systems

Andy Matias

Planet Centric Designer at Vincit

Carolina Faria

Planet Centric Designer at Vincit

Annika Lindblom

Secretary-General, Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development

Eetu Helminen Expert

Owen Gaffney

Co-founder of Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Lauri Reuter

Founder & Partner, Nordic FoodTech VC

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