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WorkforceDev2020 is a virtual event, bringing workforce development professionals together to reimagine the world of work, reconnect with colleagues from across the country and around the world, and reenergize our passion for the work we do.  This two-day event is a must-attend experience!  Please join us for this inaugural event  with your colleagues,  industry thought leaders and experts.

WorkforceDev2020 takes place August 27 and 28 from 12:00-5:00 PM (Eastern time) each day and features workforce development rock stars...

RICH FELLER, Principal, Rich Feller & Associates

Reenergizing “What Color is Your Parachute” to Reimagine and Reconnect with Work in the Future
This interactive, video enhanced session puts fuel behind all that works for you. It nudges you to reimagine connections with your career and clients.  It challenges you to create possibilities of the how, why and where of work. What Color is Your Parachute, the most popular career book written, taught us to reflect on experiences, create a self-inventory of achievements, and translate stories into transferable skills. What’s next for the careers of workforce professionals and their clients? Bring your pens, possibilities, and potential to design “what’s next” at work and the Good Life!

ELISABETH SANDERS-PARK, President Worknet Solutions

Knowledge Nomads: Helping People Thrive in a Job-less Work Environment
100 years after Henry Ford introduced the moving assembly line, America is witnessing the decline of the traditional 'job.' The emergence of the 'gig economy', quickly-evolving technology, and globalization have begun to significantly disrupt and reshape how people choose, create, and maintain work and income. Based on recent data, this session helps e practitioners understand these emerging realities, challenge outdated and ineffective mindsets, and cultivate new more useful perspectives. They will increase their knowledge and confidence in helping job seekers, career changers and workers prepare for and thrive in today's environment... to to thrive in their own career!

See the full schedule and all of our workshops HERE!


WORKFORCEDEV2020 is presented by IAWP, Connecting and Developing Workforce Professionals since 1913.  


· Stage
Welcome and Opening Keynote: Elisabeth Sanders-Park
Welcome to WorkforceDev2020 and hear from our opening keynote speaker, Elisabeth Sanders-Park.
· Sessions
Concurrent Sessions
SESSIONS BEGIN AT 1:30!! See workshop descriptions at
· Stage
Hop-IN, Hop-OUT- An Introduction!
Let's get ready to hop-IN and the hop-OUT!
· Networking
Hop-IN, Hop-OUT
Get to know your colleagues attending WorkforceDev2020
· Sessions
Concurrent Sessions
SESSIONS START AT 3:15 Eastern. See workshop descriptions at
· Stage
Learning into Action
Share your learning from the day and look at ways to put that learning into action back at work
· Stage
Welcome and Keynote Speaker
Welcome to Day 2 of WorkforceDev2020 and hear from our keynote speaker, Rich Feller
· Sessions
Concurrent Sessions
SESSIONS START AT 1:30 EASTERN. See workshop descriptions at
· Sessions
The Solution Room
Choose a topic of interest and join others to brainstorm creative ways to address the issues at hand
· Sessions
Concurrent Sessions
SESSION START AT 3:15 EASTERN. See workshop descriptions at
· Stage
Learning into Action and Closing
Share your learning from the day and look at ways to put that learning into action back at work & we wrap up Workforce Dev2020


Amber Drake

LMS Readiness Coordinator, State of Oregon (MC of WorkforceDev2020)

Richard Feller

Founder, Rich Feller & Associates (Keynote Speaker)

Treena Chabot

Principal Consultant, TREE for Supervisors (Workshop Speaker)

Elisabeth Sanders-Park

President, Worknet Solutions (Keynote Speaker)

Scott Faurot

Founder, Blue Shoe Recruiting (Workshop Speaker)

Christina Blacken

Founder, Chief Story Strategist, The New Quo (Workshop Speaker)

Kevin Wayne Johnson

Founder/CEO, The Johnson Leadership Group LLC (Workshop Speaker)

Emanuel Thomas

Transformational Mindset Coach, EmpowerSight (Workshop Speaker)

Tessie Watts

CEO / Leadership Strategist, The Leadership Haven Resource Center, LLC (Workshop Speaker)

Mia Wilson

Owner, New Birth, LLC (Workshop Speaker)

Daniela Nastasi

Meditation Expert, Speaker & Coach, Unequivocal Mind Mastery, LLC (Workshop Speaker)

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International Association of Workforce Professionals

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Daniela Nastasi

The Answers You Seek Are Inside You, I'll Show You How To Access Them

Christina Blacken

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Connecting and Developing Workforce Professionals Since 1913

Elisabeth Sanders-Park

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