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WeTech Women in Tech Virtual Fireside Series

250 people attended
About WeTech
At WeTech—launched in 2018 in Nigeria, we believe in access and providing that to our communities. We are driving women into tech spaces through networks, programs, and community building. We aim to achieve this through organizing events and programs that give women the resources to kickstart their careers, influencing employers to take an active role in closing the gap, and establishing strongholds in universities across Nigeria.

The Women in Tech Fireside Series
We're digging deep into different areas in tech. Industry women share their journeys from design, engineering, leading and founding companies. Network and learn virtually, from the women in the tech community and what they're building in Nigeria.

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Everything Design with Debbie & Ari
Listen to Debbie and Ariyike as they walk us through their design thought process, running their design studio, and founding a design community.
Gabriella Uwadiegwu Debbie Adejumo Ariyike Adetimehin
· Stage
The Switch to Engineering
Listen to Wura talk about taking a non-traditional route to software engineering and succeeding onwards.
Flora Uwadiegwu Wura Alese
· Stage
A New Way to Venture with Adenike
Listen to Adenike talk about her work co-founding a venture and how her work at Future Africa is impacting the startup ecosystem in Nigeria.
Gabriella Uwadiegwu Adenike  Sherrif
· Stage
Leadership in Tech with Oyinda
Listen to Oyinda Speak on being a leader in the tech industry and the responsibility that comes with it.
Flora Uwadiegwu Oyinda Ajayi
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Being a Technical Founder
Listen to Ire talk about being a Co-Founder as well being a leading technologist in the Nigerian tech scene.
Gabriella Uwadiegwu Ire Aderinokun


Flora Uwadiegwu

Co-Founder @ WeTech

Gabriella Uwadiegwu

Co-Founder @ WeTech

Ariyike Adetimehin

Co-Founder & Product Designer @ Warble Studio

Debbie Adejumo

Co-Founder & Product Designer @ Warble Studio

Wura Alese

Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Adenike Sherrif

Co-Founder & Principal @ Future Africa

Oyinda Ajayi

Chief of Staff @ PagaTech

Ire Aderinokun

Co-Founder @ Buycoins

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