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Women in AI Global Summit

4005 people attended
Come join us on September 8th, 2020 for an AI-mazing virtual summit on Artificial Intelligence each hour of the day!
​We kick off in Australia and Asia then move on to Europe, Africa and the Americas.
What will you gain and experience?
50 keynotes, panels, and workshops by leading global AI experts that cover topics in Health, FinTech, Ethics, Business, Education, Culture, and more. We'll also showcase several conversational AIs.
Bringing all minds together, join us in taking a step forward and making AI diverse and inclusive for all.


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· Stage
Opening Ceremony, Welcome Keynote and Special Announcements
Sheila Beladinejad Elizabeth Adams Moojan Asghari
· Sessions
What AI means for General Insurance provider [AU]
Intelligent decisioning in insurance with AI, with a focus on the general insurance perspective.
Angela Kim Bora Arslan
· Stage
Can VCs be champions of impact investment? [Finance and Economics] [GLOBAL]
How can impact investment be the disrupter of the financial world and influence innovation?
Herby Marchetti Marie Weijler Prof.Dr. Alexandra Wuttig Réza Malekzadeh Sheila Beladinejad
· Sessions
Ethical issues in Artificial Intelligence [Social Impact] [AU]
Detailed walk through session on the framework of ethics in AI to promote diverse and inclusive AI.
Angela Kim Agnes Panosian
· Sessions
This session is all about networking. Feel free to ask questions or simply get to know other people from all over the world.
Sabrina Rubert
· Sessions
AI & Policy: towards an ethical and inclusive AI [Legal Tech] [GLOBAL]
The session discusses the current ethical challenges of artificial intelligence, the future of potential AI regulations and the role of women in this process.
Olga Hamama Patricia Shaw Ivana  Bartoletti Emmanuel Goffi
· Stage
A message from Dr. Hanan Salam, co-founder of Women in AI
A video recording from Dr. Hanan Salam.
Moojan Asghari
· Stage
Unleashing the Power of AI for Education [Education] [NZ]
The importance of AI in the learning and development of school students.
Angela Kim Karla  Taboada
· Stage
Discover the role of AI in Customer Experience [Finance and Economics] [NZ]
Willem Paling will present use cases of AI for customer analytics and market growth in the era of digital automation.
Angela Kim Willem Paling
· Stage
The future of the Digital Experience, AI enhanced Marketing Automation [NZ]
Balancing privacy, security and ethics in AI for marketing and customer analytics.
Angela Kim Nikita Dhami
· Sessions
How AI can help the Business Transformation Strategy [Work ] [JP]
Examples of how AI is creating many new businesses and revolutionising society.
Eriko Toda Yoshie Tokonabe
· Stage
Tackling Sustainable Development Goals through inclusive education and space [Social Impact] [IE]
In this session we explore Sustainable Development Goals, and illustrate how progress may be accelerated by the use of AI.
Danielle Wood Ray Walshe Alessandra Sala
· Sessions
Solving Business Challenges with AI [Work] [JP]
Q & A about business transformation and a panel discussion about current business trends in Japan with AI.
Mariko Nishimura Eriko Toda Khine Zar  Thwe Yoshie Tokonabe
· Stage
AI & The City: Assessing the Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence [Finance and Economics] [NL]
The Innovation index: how AI impacts national economy and society.
Lorena Vanesa Elizalde Eve Logunova Maarten Sukel
· Sessions
How to usher Trust and Economic Value in AI? [Social Impact] [AE]
Examine how various parties are responsible to ensure trust in AI and discuss the consequences of not ushering AI responsibly into the world.
Mariam Al Muhairi HODA Alkhzaimi Debbie Botha Karin Gabriel Yasmin  Al Enazi
· Stage
The DeepTech Paradox: Where are the women? [Work] [NL]
The gender imbalance in the startup ecosystem: why do we need more female entrepreneurs to secure an unbiased future?
Eve Logunova Semra Celebi Eric Burnik Iffat Rose  Gill
· Stage
The horizon of AI in research [Education] [AG]
In this session, we shall focus on the challenges and opportunities arising from embracing AI in research and address ways to ensure the quality of research.
Fouzia Adjailia Yassamine LALA BOUALI
· Sessions
Data Science in Health-Care [Health] [PK]
How the future of medicine can be improved with the incorporation of AI, which will help in personalised treatment for every patient.
Khansa Saeed Alina Zeshan
· Stage
The horizon of AI in research [Education] [AG]
In this session, we shall focus on the challenges and opportunities arising from embracing AI in research, and address ways to ensure the quality of research.
Fouzia Adjailia Imene Zenbout
· Sessions
Women in AI – The Self-Belief Equation [GLOBAL]
The four alternatives for your own self care – options to choose from as part of your “tool kit” for living your life as a Woman in AI.
Moojan Asghari Deborah (Deb) Crowe
· Sessions
Unveiling inclusive AI: A multifaceted concept [Social Impact] [IN]
Join us to understand what inclusive AI means, explore its multi-aspect nature, and examine the challenges of developing inclusive language technologies.
Namrata Mukhija Kalika Bali
· Stage
Becoming AI Ready: Business Perspective [Work] [PL]
How to start with “AI”? Discussing challenges, opportunities and practical AI implementations in company strategy.
Bozena Lesniewska Żaneta Łucka-Tomczyk_WAI Alexandra Przegalinska
· Sessions
The Art of Crafting Inclusive AI products [Social Impact] [IN]
Join us to discuss and learn strategies for designing and developing inclusive AI products.
Namrata Mukhija Vasudha Khare Nishtha Madaan
· Stage
Becoming AI Ready: Legal Perspective [Legal Tech] [PL]
How to secure my AI business? Looking into regulation, risks and legal aspects that companies need to address.
Żaneta Łucka-Tomczyk_WAI Gabriela Bar Gabriela Wiktorzak
· Sessions
AI intervention for Social Media Harassment and Domestic Violence [Social Impact] [FI]
How AI is used to tackle social problems in Finland.
Gokul Krishna Srinivasan Eija-Leena Koponen
· Stage
AI Capabilities for Pattern Recognition and Optimization Solution [MY]
The speech highlights two of the most popular capabilities of AI; pattern recognition and computational optimisation techniques.
Fairoza Amira Binti Hamzah Marina  Yusoff
· Sessions
Elements of AI: Demystifying AI [Education] [FI]
The Elements of AI is a series of free online courses created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki.
Eija-Leena Koponen Megan Schaible
· Stage
AI & Machine Learning in Industry: Application & Challenges [Finance and Economics] [MY]
Use cases of how we utilise Machine Learning in the Fintech & Media Industry and also the challenges we face in delivering the AI/ML products.
Ummi Hasanah Zaidon Hafeez Nazri
· Stage
Embracing the future of AI-Powered medical imaging [Health] [TW]
CEO Yeh will use aetherAI’s real cases to illustrate how artificial intelligence ultimately has impact on the clinical decision-making process.
Linien Yen Joe  Yeh
· Sessions
AI and Space exploration - into the unknown [SE]
Discussion with experts in AI & Space domain on how AI is expanding the frontiers of Space exploration.
Vinutha Magal Shreenath Fredrik Bruhn Callum Wilson Viktor Lehtonen Valentina Zantedeschi
· Stage
Interview with Marten Kaevats, Estonia's digital advisor on e-Government and Artificial Intelligence [GLOBAL]
e-state, digital identity, i-voting, e-residency, digital nomad visa: How Estonia is standing on the top as the most advanced digital society in the world.
Marten Kaevats Moojan Asghari
· Sessions
Power Voice for Women in Tech [GLOBAL]
Learn the 4 pillars of public speaking, and techniques for tackling sexist behaviour at work like being interrupted and having your ideas stolen.
Namrata Mukhija Alicia Dara
· Sessions
Symbiosis between AI and the radiologist in Breast Cancer Screening [Health] [DE]
High level overview of breast cancer screening and the algorithm used. The speaker will explore the relationship between AI and the radiologist.
Ivanka Pelivan Dipti Ganeriwala
· Stage
Can AI solve my business problems? [Finance and Economics] [AT]
Explaining the decision path from the business problem to the data-driven solution making the process and requirements of AI projects understandable.
Katherine Munro Verena Stanzl
· Sessions
Discrimination and bias in AI-based disease classification [Health] [DE]
Dr. Schwerk will go through the challenges of using AI models to detect rare diseases, and the importance of explainability to uncover bias and ensure trust.
Ivanka Pelivan Anne Schwerk
· Stage
Future Roles Regarding AI [Education] [AT]
The use of new technologies in companies makes it increasingly necessary to adapt the traditional roles. What does this mean for the employees?
Katherine Munro Gabriele Bolek-Fügl
· Stage
Swiss AI Landscape I: Research and Education [Education] [CH]
Looking into the research and education of the AI Landscape in Switzerland.
Simon  Schafheitle Jauwairia Nasir Priska Burkard
· Sessions
Ethical implications and Social impact of autonomous vehicles [Social Impact] [US-DC]
Self-driving cars bring forth questions like human rights, sustainability, and its impact on society. Join this discussion with imminent leaders in this space.
Susanna Raj Radhika Arora Saina Ramyar gwynn  sturdevant Becky Soltanian Paula Bejarano Swathi Young
· Stage
Swiss AI Landscape II: AI in Company Strategy [Work] [CH]
Looking into practical implementations and projects of the AI Landscape in Switzerland Part 2: Business perspectives.
Ricardo Chavarriaga Priska Burkard Dalith Steiger
· Stage
French ecosystem in AI and innovation [FR]
AI strategy of French companies, the current projects, challenges they are facing when deploying and using AI and the importance of diversity in their programs.
anne-laure Thieullent Agnes Van de Walle Moojan Asghari Olivier Ezratty
· Sessions
Impact of AI on Precision Medicine [Health] [US-FL]
The combined deployment of Precision Medicine powered by AI could enhance scalability and have a profound transformative impact on global population health.
· Sessions
Ethical AI - A Design Thinking Perspective [Work] [US-FL]
The session highlights how principles of design thinking embedded in the development of an AI Enterprise Strategy can lead to a sustainable Global AI Ecosystem.
· Stage
French ecosystem in AI and innovation [FR]
AI strategy of French companies, the current projects, challenges they are facing when deploying and using AI and the importance of diversity in their programs.
Chloé Simpson Marie Langé Laure Le Bars Stéphanie Trang
· Stage
AI in Africa - The voice of female business owners [Work] [ZA]
Landscaping successes, challenges and partnerships - The voice of African Women in AI.
Deshni Govender Martha Teye Rose Delilah Gesicho Gugu Sema Wuraola Oyewusi
· Sessions
Impact of COVID-19 on startups and deep tech investment [Finance and Economics] [GB]
Impact of COVID-19 on startups and deep tech investment.
VISHAL GULATI William Tunstall-Pedoe Bryony Marshall Rula Awad John Spindler
· Stage
Establishing an AI business in Africa [ZA]
Celina the CEO of Zindi, an AI startup in SA, shares their journey in establishing a successful company in SA and expanding to the Rest of Africa.
Natalie R Celina  Lee
· Sessions
Defining Health impact post-COVID: From Validation to Implementation [Health] [GB]
Mission-driven AI for health deployed must meet its safety and performances claims. This panel discusses how to define health impact.
Prashant Warier Maria Chatzou Dr Stephanie Kuku Xiao Liu
· Sessions
The science of FAIR data [NG]
The new science of making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reuseable (FAIR).
Sakinat Folorunso Francisca Oladipo
· Stage
The future of AI policy in Europe [Legal Tech] [BE]
AI policy is a very hot topic. Together with those who design these policies, we will take a tour of the key initiatives and understand their impact.
Segolene Martin Irina Orssich Laura Galindo-Romero Eline Chivot
· Sessions
Overcoming the challenges faced by women pursuing AI as a career; Surviving graduate school [Social Impact] [NG]
This is a social problem faced by women in their prime time. Some leave their dreams unachieved while some are not fulfilled.
Roselyn Isimeto Sakinat Folorunso Oluwatoyin Sanni Ayodele Awokoya Tejumade Afonja Ifeyinwa Ajah
· Sessions
Shaping AI for good: Canadian AI ecosystem [CA]
Showcasing Canada's strong & diverse AI ecosystem and how women shape AI for good, with perspectives from Entrepreneurship, Ethical AI, Finance & Healthcare.
Alona Fyshe Valerie Pisano Helia Mohammadi Valentine Goddard Foteini Agrafioti Nicole Janssen
· Stage
Voice Intelligence at Workplaces-Now and the Future [Work] [US-WA]
Voice Intelligence and the role of Voice AI in the remote work life.
Jaspreet Kaur Surbhi Rathore Joan Bajorek Milkana Brace
· Sessions
AI in FinTech and RegTech [Finance and Economics] [US-NY]
Opportunities and challenges with AI in Finance, with a focus on current innovation trends, AI in regulatory environment, and data privacy laws.
Jan Choy Puja Agrawal
· Stage
Cultural Data: Richer AI [Social Impact] [US-DC]
How can the creation of machine ready cultural datasets inspire richer AI solutions, bring visibility to global communities and diversify the tech workforce?
Jessica Davis  Coach Kathy Kemper Carrie Jaquith Davar Ardalan Shaun Chavis
· Sessions
AI and Marginalised Communities [Social Impact] [US-NY]
Explore the impact of AI on global marginalised communities of colour (Human-AI Interactions).
Yang Cheung susan gonzales
· Sessions
Cultural AI and Brands [Social Impact] [GLOBAL]
Join our interactive panel of storytellers, scientists, and conversational AIs to consider how chatbots can become culturally diverse and deeply inclusive.
Erica Lloyd Nasrin Mostafazadeh Davar Ardalan Sina Storyteller Nikki McLay Holly Peck
· Stage
Latin America's AI ecosystem: An emerging landscape [MX]
Opportunities, challenges and milestones for structuring the use of AI in the public and private sector, as well as for society in Latin America.
Susan Verdiguel José Guridi Omar Costilla Reyes Denise Ciraudo
· Stage
AI and Sustainability: Securing an ethical and inclusive future for people and nature [Green Tech] [MX]
We have the tools, the strategies and the technology. It's time for the private and public sectors to use AI to generate sustainable impact and lead the future.
Susan Verdiguel Ariana Gomez/Technology for Impact
· Stage
Closing Ceremony
Moojan Asghari


Ummi Hasanah Zaidon

Women in AI, Ambassador Malaysia

Marten Kaevats

National Digital Adviser


Deep Tech & Health Tech VC

Angela Kim

Head of Analytics & AI @Teachers Health

Mariam Al Muhairi

Head, C4IR UAE

Lorena Vanesa Elizalde

Economist, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Paula Bejarano

Autonomous Vehicles Tech Scout, Goodyear Innovation Lab

Prashant Warier

Co-Founder & CEO,

Katherine Munro

Data Science Ambassador, Smarter E-commerce GmbH

Sabrina Rubert

Media Relations & Partnership Manager, WAI

Nicole Brenson

Director, WAI; Miami Chapter

William Tunstall-Pedoe

Deep Tech & AI Entrepreneur

Olga Hamama

Partner, V29 Legal

Bozena Lesniewska

Vice-President of the Management Board, Orange Polska

Patricia Shaw

CEO and AI and Data Ethics Advisor, Beyond Reach Consulting Limited

Deborah (Deb) Crowe

Executive Coach, Davwill Consulting Inc.

Bryony Marshall

Investor, Omers Ventures

Fouzia Adjailia

Women in AI, Ambassador Algeria

Yang Cheung

Head of Product,

Jan Choy

AI Product Architect

Chloé Simpson

Impact Data program manager, 21 French Red Cross Accelerator

Natalie R

Women in AI, Ambassador South Africa

Deshni Govender

Senior Legal Councel, ABSA

Linien Yen

Marketing Manager at Get Green Energy

Roselyn Isimeto

AI/ML Lecturer/Researcher, University of Lagos

Eve Logunova

Women in AI, Ambassador The Netherlands

Khansa Saeed

Embedded Software Developer, IoT Industry Solutions

anne-laure Thieullent

VP Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Group Offer Leader CAPGEMINI

HODA Alkhzaimi

President at Emirates Digital Association for Women

Jessica Davis

Director of Government Programs, Microsoft

Maria Chatzou

CEO, Lifebit AI

Imene Zenbout

Bioinformatics PhD

Erica Lloyd

Director Public Sector Strategy, Soul Machines

Segolene Martin

CEO at Kantify

Ivana Bartoletti

Technical Director, Deloitte and co-founder, Women Leading in AI Network

Irina Orssich

Team Leader Artificial Intelligence, European Commission

John Spindler

CEO of Capital Enterprise

Prof.Dr. Alexandra Wuttig

Professor at IUBH Internationale Hochschule, Co-Founder of WomenToWomen

Stéphanie Trang

Managing Director cluster AI for Health Europe, Startup Inside

Alicia Dara

Speech and Presentation Coach

Rula Awad

Women in AI, Ambassador UK & ML product manager

Iffat Rose Gill

Founder of Digital Starling

Eric Burnik

Founder & CEO at VAICE AI

Semra Celebi

Senior Manager Female Entrepreneurship, StartupAmsterdam

Maarten Sukel

AI Lead, City of Amsterdam

Laure Le Bars

Research Director, SAP

Laura Galindo-Romero

AI Policy Consultant at OECD

Elizabeth Adams

Stanford University Fellow (Race & Tech)

Herby Marchetti

Investment Director, FUNKE Digital Investments

Marie Weijler

Investment Manager, Cottonwood Technology Fund

Susanna Raj

Cognitive Science, HCI & AI Ethics Researcher

Coach Kathy Kemper


Ayodele Awokoya

PhD student in Machine Learning at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State

Sheila Beladinejad

Global Head of Partnerships & Ambassador of Women in AI, Munich & CEO of O Canada Tech

Agnes Van de Walle

Directeur Division Partenaires et Startups

Ifeyinwa Ajah

Computer science lecturer at Ebonyi State University

Oluwatoyin Sanni

Graduate Student in AI and Robotics at La Sapienza University of Rome

Tejumade Afonja

Graduate Student in intersection of Privacy and Security in Machine Learning at Saarland University, Germany

Alina Zeshan

Data Scientist, Biome Analytics

Dr Stephanie Kuku

Women in AI, Healthcare Lead & Clinical AI Consultant, Hardian Health

Shaun Chavis


Marie Langé


Olivier Ezratty

Consultant and Author


Data Scientist, SKAILAB

Vinutha Magal Shreenath

Reseach Lead , Women in AI SwedenCo-founder, AID IT TO

Alessandra Sala

Women in AI, Ambassador Ireland

Ray Walshe

Research Technology and Standardisation Strategist, Dublin City University

Danielle Wood

Director, Space Enabled Research Group at MIT Media Lab; Asst.Prof. of Media Arts&Sciences and Aeronautics&Astronautics

Eline Chivot

Senior Policy Analyst, Centre for Data Innovation

Becky Soltanian

Innovator, Algorithm and Technologies for Autonomous Vehicles

gwynn sturdevant

Data Scientist

Saina Ramyar

Software Engineer, Leidos

Radhika Arora

Director, Autonomous Driving, ON Semiconductor

Emmanuel Goffi

Director of the Observatoire Éthique & Intelligence Artificielle of the Institut Sapiens

Sakinat Folorunso

Computer science lecturer and machine learning at Olabisi Onabanjo University

Holly Peck

Director Creative Services, Soul Machines | Founder, Women Who Code Vancouver | AI/ML Advisor, FoodX

Nikki McLay

Creative Director, IVOW AI

Kee Malesky

Director of Editorial Content, IVOW AI

Sina Storyteller

Digital Storyteller, IVOW AI

Davar Ardalan

Founder, IVOW AI

Nasrin Mostafazadeh

Senior AI Research Scientist

Fredrik Bruhn

CEO of Unibap | CEO of Bruhnspace

Gokul Krishna Srinivasan

Director of Technology, Robots Expert Finland Oy

Réza Malekzadeh

General Partner, Partech

Nikita Dhami

Head of AI & Machine Learning | Analytics Business Solutions | ARN 30 under 30 Winner 2020 | AAAI

Agnes Panosian

Data and AI Sales Director at Microsoft, Sydney Australia

Celina Lee

CEO of Zindi

Wuraola Oyewusi

Research & Innovation Lead at Data Science Nigeria

Gugu Sema

Head of 4IR at MICT SETA

Rose Delilah Gesicho

Learning Programme Manager at Alliance4AI

Martha Teye

Head of AI Operations at Zlitch Technologies

Valerie Pisano

President and CEO - Mila

Simon Schafheitle

Dr. oec. (HSG) & Head of People Analytics Research Group (AI and Trust)

Żaneta Łucka-Tomczyk_WAI

Ambassador of Women in AI Poland & Program Director, Orange Polska

Alona Fyshe

Canada CIFAR AI Chair, Amii Fellow Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Helia Mohammadi

Chief Data Scientist - National Canadian Healthcare, Microsoft

Valentine Goddard

AI Ethics and Social Impact Expert Member, United Nations Expert Group

Dalith Steiger

AI Thought Leader | Keynote Speaker | Top 100 Digital Shapers @Switzerland | Co-Founder SwissCognitive & CognitiveValley

Swathi Young

Chief Technology Officer, Integrity Management Services, Inc.

Viktor Lehtonen

Project Manager

Callum Wilson

PhD Student, University of Strathclyde

Eriko Toda

WAI Ambassador in Japan & CEO of HappyCom Inc

Mariko Nishimura

Web contents strategist, HappyCom Inc.

Francisca Oladipo

Professor of Computing & Executive Coordinator, VODAN Africa

Khine Zar Thwe

Technical Consultant, Airitech Co.,Ltd

Valentina Zantedeschi

Research Scientist, GE Global Research

Joe Yeh

Co-founder and CEO, aetherAI

Priska Burkard

Co-Founder TechFace

Ricardo Chavarriaga

Head Swiss Office, CLAIRE

Jauwairia Nasir

Doctoral Candidate at EPFL under the Marie Curie ITN Fellowship

Karin Gabriel

Project Lead

Foteini Agrafioti

Chief Science Officer, RBC and Head, Borealis AI

Surbhi Rathore

Founder and CEO of Symbl AI

Gabriele Bolek-Fügl

CEO and Founder of Digital Lion

Denise Ciraudo

Secretary in General Prosecutor's Office Buenos Aires, Project manager at Innovation & AI Lab (School of Law UBA)

Omar Costilla Reyes

Researcher in AI and digital health at MIT, president and founder of the AI Latin American summit

José Guridi

Advisor at the Future Team of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation

Alexandra Przegalinska

Professor at Kozminiski University

Susan Verdiguel

Ambassador at Women in AI, Responsible AI Advisor at GENIA Latinoamérica

Gabriela Wiktorzak

Commercial Lawyer, Solicitor, Linklaters Law Firm

Gabriela Bar

Attorney at law, Ph. D. in law, AI lawyer

Ivanka Pelivan

Science Manager at Fraunhofer HHI

Megan Schaible

COO, Reaktor Education and Elements of AI

Debbie Botha

WAI UAE Ambassador and AI & IA Architect, IBM

Jaspreet Kaur

Full Stack Engineer

Ariana Gomez/Technology for Impact

Chief Executive Officer at Technology for Impact

Carrie Jaquith

Global Head of Digital Enablement at AXA XL | Digital Product Manager | Educator | She/Her

Xiao Liu

Clinical AI Researcher, University of Birmingham

Eija-Leena Koponen

AI Lead, SomeBuddy

Bora Arslan

Global Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Hafeez Nazri

Head of Data Science, Touch N' Go Berhad

Willem Paling

Director, Customer & Growth Analytics at IAG

Fairoza Amira Binti Hamzah

Women In AI Ambassador @ Malaysia | Machine Learning Engineer @ Vettons

Karla Taboada

AI & Data Science Specialist at Auckland Transport | Founder of Domitila Technologies


MD MBA Chief Innovation Officer, MEDNAX Inc

Marina Yusoff

Associate Professor, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Verena Stanzl

Data Scientist, FILL

Milkana Brace

Founder & CEO

Nicole Janssen

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of AltaML

Yasmin Al Enazi

Chief Communications, Leadership Team WAI UAE

Yoshie Tokonabe

Senior Product Manager

susan gonzales

Founder & CEO,

Puja Agrawal

Chief Operating Officer, Finastra Americas

Namrata Mukhija

Women in AI Lead Delhi, India | Software Engineer, Microsoft

Joan Bajorek

CEO and Founder of Women in Voice

Nishtha Madaan

Advisory Researcher, IBM Research India

Kalika Bali

Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research India

Vasudha Khare

Innovation Fellow, Wadhwani AI

Moojan Asghari

Women in AI, Co-founder

Anne Schwerk

AI Product Manager

Dipti Ganeriwala

Product Design Lead at Vara

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