What Now: Anti-Racism, Diversity and Where To Begin Within Your Organization

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2020 has brought a tectonic shift to the forefront of social change. Fighting systemic racism and bias is an area of corporate social change many are now prioritizing. In our own business, we're faced with questions and want to turn to leaders in the BIPOC community for guidance on communication and how to be a meaningful ally. We will be asking how to better support the BIPOC community. Where to begin better representing racial diversity inside and outside your organizations, from shared action steps, to ads and content profiling more Black, Indigenous and people of colour. We know enough to know that we don’t know enough - and that we need the perspectives of the BIPOC community. We want to amplify important Black-owned businesses and perspectives in a 45-minute session asking for their insights on the toughest questions we are asking ourselves.

The Session will Include:

Nadia Ali - Owner and Consultant of Konpa Consulting 
Candice Best - Founder, BEST PR 
Alexandra Nilkolajev - Content Creator and Host of the One Last Thing podcast 
Moderated by Raia “Coach” Carey

Note: All panelists have been paid for their time and Talk Shop has made corporate donations to fight violence, brutality and systemic racism supporting NAACP Legal Defence Fund, Black Lives Matter Toronto and Canadian Association of Black Journalists. 


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