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What Is Cloud Native and Why Should I Care?

Cloud Native is transforming organisations in every industry, making them run faster and smarter and changing the way they work and deliver value. Pini Reznik, Container Solutions' CRO, will guide you through a journey to help you understand what it means, and how it works. 

You will learn what Cloud Native is and the reasons to embrace it.

You will discover that Cloud Native is not just about new technologies but also about more nimble innovation. At its core, it's about people, strategy, and culture.

About Container Solutions

Container Solutions is a professional services firm that prides itself on helping companies migrate to Cloud Native. We collaborate closely with our clients, from the boardroom down, to increase independence, increase control, and reduce risk. We help organisations select the best path forward, regardless of vendor. We draw upon a wide range of skills honed in the real world: from formulating strategy, to teaching, to hardcore, distributed systems delivery.  

Container Solutions is one of only a handful of companies in the world that are both part of the Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) programme and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP). Membership to both programmes is based on real-life, customer experience. When companies like Google, Atos, Shell, and Adidas need help with Cloud Native, they turn to Container Solutions. We have offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Canada, and the Czech Republic.


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