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Work from Anywhere Summit

Today, founders are confronted with two conflicting forces:
  • The necessity of stabilization: Nobody knows what’s going on, how long the current situation will last, or where we’re headed.
  • The desire to move forward, fast: The lockdown propelled underlying trends & tools into the mainstream. We’re realizing that norms everyone took for granted perhaps weren’t all that essential to a productive and fulfilled life.

You can try to cut back on everything superfluous, aiming to survive. You can also expand your working culture, pioneering new ways of operating a team. In order to make the most of these strange times, at The Family we believe that both forces are worth exploring!

That entrepreneurial ability to navigate chaos got a lot more complicated since the context itself got so chaotic. Entrepreneurs have no other choice than going back to basics: reminding themselves about and questioning the WHY of their mission in light of these new times.

But even if your WHY is clear, the HOW and the WHAT are no longer obvious. The world lost the physical and embraced the digital overnight, a palpable anxiety gained hold over all minds, radically new working habits appeared for key players (employees, investors, institutions), borders closed, there are restrictive health rules to cope with…

It’s the perfect moment to experiment with new methods and organization, finding the working culture that fits best for you instead of just following the ones that everybody else is accustomed to. These times are opening up the possibilities and territories you can explore. 

And at The Family, we believe that important matters that used to be treated as secondary - such as emotional intelligence and diversity - may finally (!) rise.

This summit will showcase the pioneers of this new paradigm: founders, coaches and investors who have experimented with new ways since the start of COVID and who can share some of their stories, best practices and discoveries, to inspire a new wave of builders.

2 hours packed with insights, best practices and inspiration, in all lengths and formats. 

6 to 6.30 pm
Introduction | Entrepreneurs are Exploring a new field: Emotional intelligence! by Oussama Ammar
Oussama is the cofounder of The Family, accompanying hundreds of startups in Europe through education, tools and access to capital. Since the start of the crisis, being able to listen, understand, reassure and motivate teams has never been as important. Emotional intelligence is not the first skill tech founders are used to train, but there are ways to start getting better at it!  

6.30 to 7.15pm
Fireside Chat | Selling your company from anywhere by Paolo Privitera, CEO of Evensi
Paolo is a Silicon Valley-based global entrepreneur, born in Venice Italy. He founded his first company when he was 16. His latest startup, Evensi is an events discovery and promotion network, gathering more than 150 million events. In April 2020, Paolo was an IPO candidate on the Australian public market. COVID changed his options and made him endure the most humbling experience of his entrepreneurial path. An amazing testimonial, full of resilience and learnings for entrepreneurs!

Keynote | Growing your team remotely by Hugo, CEO @ EVBox
EVBox is an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment cleantech company based in Amsterdam, founded in 2010, with offices all over the world. Hugo has seen his company grow from 15 to 600 employees. He’s been managing to keep the growth trajectory sustainable during the crisis, and it hasn’t been easy at all! From virtual recruiting to remote onboarding, he will share his own tips on how to keep the teams aligned and overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Panel | Culture Shift! The best practices that will remain after quarantine with Lucas Lambertini, JC Samuelian & Julia Barry, hosted by Alice Zagury
Remote or not? Result-driven or very comprehensive management? Focusing on culture or doubling down on execution in separate teams? Offering free products to users or rising the prices ? Let’s debate around what will remain from the quarantine according to these three different tech guests: Two founders and the head of AWS for startups. 

Fireside Chat | How can COVID accelerate the consciousness about our biases? by Jenna Nicholas 
Remote or not? Result-driven or very comprehensive management? Focusing on culture or doubling down on execution in separate teams? Offering free products to users or rising the prices ? Let’s debate aroundhat will remain from the quarantine according to these three different tech guests: Two founders and the head of AWS for startups.  

Keynote | Paxial Art - Make peace inside to make peace outside by Marc Avanzo
Marc is a coach based in India and France. With a background in business (INSEAD) and Science (telecommunication engineer) he likes to follow positive psychology. Education is for him a true long term tool for sustainable development and positive social change. Marc has been accompanying CEOs during the crisis and truly believes that any leader should implement an empathetic culture. He’ll explain you how ;)

7.15 to 8pm
Keynote | Raise VC funding from anywhere! by Stephane Janson
Stephane invests in startups with his VC fund, focusing on Impact & green tech. He’s also been running his own podcast on how to implement daily routines to enhance working habits. He will share his learnings on the new times from a VC point of view, and how startups can benefit from it!

Panel | Navigating the emotional chaos with Christine Carrillo & Eric Abensur, interviewed by Alice Zagury 
Christine is a Silicon Valley based founder, who sold several companies. Today with Butlr Health, she’s solving the lack of access to mental health solutions. Eric is the founder of SideKick, a platform matching coaches with managers. Both of them pursue the same mission with different approaches: maintaining a sense of balance in a life where fixed points are fewer .

Panel | Remotely developing your teams’ skills with Iwo Szapar & Carole Picou-Katmann, interviewed by Tonje Bakang
Iwo Szapar is the co-founder of Remote-how, a global leader in the remote work education space. Together with top experts from remote companies like GitLab or Buffer, Remote-how helps teams learn how to master their remote work skills, as well as facilitates a remote community inside their Virtual Coworking space. 

Keynote | Back to basics: being a CEO in times of COVID by Carlo Gualandri
Carlo Gualandri is the founder and CEO of Soldo, a fintech startup specialized in multi-user spending accounts for businesses. With teams spread across London, Rome, Milan and Dublin, he knows firsthand how to scale teams spread across different geographies and cultures. Join this session to get some real inspiration!

Keynote | Crisis! Which Crisis? by Amr Shaker
Everyone is referring to the post Covid discovery phase as a “global crisis” with mainly negative consequences. But is it really a crisis or simply an invitation to explore new opportunities ? This session will contain some practical tips for the use of Emotional Intelligence and Agile Transformation to successfully navigate through the rough business waves while enjoying the journey.

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Carlo Gualandri
Carlo Gualandri

Co-founder & CEO @ Soldo

Paolo Privitera
Paolo Privitera

Co-founder & CEO @ Evensi

Jean-Charles  Samuelian
Jean-Charles Samuelian

Co-founder & CEO @ Alan

Christine Carrillo
Christine Carrillo

Founder & CEO @ Butlr Health

Julia Barry
Julia Barry

Startup Business Development Manager @ AWS France

Alice Zagury
Alice Zagury

Co-founder & CEO @ The Family

Eric Abensur
Eric Abensur

Co-founder @ Sidekick & Executive Coach

Hugo Pereira
Hugo Pereira

Chief Growth Officer @ EVBox

Stephane Janson
Stephane Janson

Investor @ Orchard Capital Venture

Amr Shaker
Amr Shaker

Inspirational Coach & Executive Consultant

Marc Avanzo
Marc Avanzo

Coach and Facilitator

tonje bakang
tonje bakang

Entrepreneur & Executive Coach

Carole Picou-Katmann
Carole Picou-Katmann

Director of Consumer Marketing @ TomTom

Lucas Lambertini
Lucas Lambertini

Co-founder & CEO @ StarOfService

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