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Covid-19 has created unprecedented opportunities for criminals. This online conference brings together leading law enforcers, subject experts and ex-criminals (including, a fraudster, a senior mafia figure and a hacker) to give businesses the insider knowledge they need to prevent and fight fraud. It is believed to be the first time a group like this has appeared in public to help protect the public and business.

This important event addresses a genuine need for businesses to understand why emerging criminal threats caused by the Coronavirus crisis mean they must re-think their physical and cyber security. The conference includes a number of virtual ‘booths’ where hand picked vendors offer technical advice and solutions.

  • Tickets to all presentations are free apart from 3 pay-per-seat round table discussions.

  • All profits from ticket sales will go to NHS charities.

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· Sessions
Keynote presentations
· Sessions
Introduction by host, Paul Connolly
Paul Connolly
· Sessions
Compliance in the age of COVID-19: New challenges to business banking - Amaiz
Francesca Dowling
· Sessions
Opening Keynote - Commander Karen Baxter
Karen Baxter
· Sessions
Digital Trust: We're prepared, are you? - TransUnion
John Marsden (TransUnion) Matt Stanton
· Sessions
We Fight Fraud - Business Through the Eyes of a Criminal
Andy McDonald Tony sales Solomon Gilbert
· Sessions
Exclusive insight into COVID 19 – Key INTELLIGENCE, Threats & Trends
Mike Haley
· Sessions
Session 1 - You’ve Been Hacked! How do you prepare for and minimise reputational damage following fraud?
Anne Cantelo
· Sessions
Session 2 - Retail- What is Actual Loss in a Pandemic?
Robert McAssey
· Sessions
Session 3 - The Criminal Opportunity
Andy McDonald Tony sales Marisa Merico
· Expo
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Marisa Merico

Criminologist and former Mafia money launderer

Karen Baxter

National Coordinator for Economic Crime

Andy McDonald

Senior Advisor, We Fight Fraud

Tony sales

Fraud Prevention Expert, We Fight Fraud

Solomon Gilbert

Head of Cyber, We Fight Fraud

Robert McAssey

Head of Loss Prevention, Richemont

Anne Cantelo

Founder and CEO, Onyx Media

Paul Connolly

Investigative Reporter

Matt Stanton

Presales Consultant for Fraud & ID at TransUnion

Mike Haley

CEO of Cifas, and Chair of the Joint Fraud Taskforce

John Marsden (TransUnion)

Head of Fraud Prevention and Authentication, EMEA

Francesca Dowling

Head of Compliance

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We Fight Fraud

A diverse collaboration of experts focused on fighting the UK's fraud and financial crime epidemic.

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