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WasteBuild 365 - Take Positive Action

WasteBuild 365 is all about scaling up the circular built environment through sharing inspirational case studies, showcasing current opportunities and existing solutions and by creating a platform to network and share ideas.


· Networking
Meet Up
Pop in here to meet new contacts. You have two minutes to chat, then on to the next person. Want to carry on the conversation? Just click share details!
· Expo
Meet the Innovators
The Exhibition area is open throughout the event so make sure you visit and find out who can help make your next project more circular than your last
· Sessions
Organisers Office
Pop into the session if you have any questions for the organiser or feel free to DM us from the 'people' attendee list on the right
Frazer Stokes Russell Crouch
· Stage
How Can Circular Construction Tackle Climate Change?
What are the virtues and challenges of major materials like steel and concrete, against the backdrop of a climate emergency.
Edwin Thie Panu Pasanen Frazer Stokes Simo  Hakkarainen
· Stage
The Green Deal Call - €1 billion for research & Innovation to Boost Green Recovery
Find out how to form and participate in a consortia to access €1billion of Green Deal support ahead of the submission deadline of 26 January
Keith Boxer
· Sessions
Green Deal Breakout Pitch Your Idea
Looking for advice and partners for your project idea? Join this session and pitch to the audience
Vojtech Vosecky Russell Crouch Ron Jacobs Alice Haugh Nico van Hoogdalem
· Sessions
Green Deal Breakout Questions
Questions regarding the Green Deal Call itself? Join this session and as away!
· Sessions
Green Deal Call Breakout Forming Consortia
Join this if you have an idea and are looking for partners or are looking to join a consortia yourself
· Stage
Climate Literacy in Practice
How do we ensure that climate literacy is incorporated into all of our projects and all of our conversations by everyone in our practice.
Elma Durmisevic Scott McAulay Maria Smith


Vojtech Vosecky

Green Deal Call Pitch

Russell Crouch


Ron Jacobs

Green Deal Call Pitch

Keith Boxer

€1 billion Green Deal Call

Alice Haugh

Green Deal Call Pitch

Elma Durmisevic

Climate Literacy in Practice

Nico van Hoogdalem

Green Deal Call Pitch

Edwin Thie

How Circular Construction Can Tackle Climate Change?

Scott McAulay

Climate Literacy in Practice

Maria Smith

Climate Literacy in Practice

Panu Pasanen

How Circular Construction Can Tackle Climate Change?

Simo Hakkarainen

How Circular Construction Can Tackle Climate Change?

Frazer Stokes

Accelerating the Transition


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WasteBuild 365

Accelerating the transition towards a circular built environment



Going Growing Green


Local market knowledge, economy of scale, clout and quality


Sustainable Street Furniture and Small Bridges


Esthetical & circular walls


Reshaping the future of plastic waste


DELTABEAM® Green – lightening environmental footprint


Recycled To Last


Moving towards beautiful building materials made from 100% up cycled waste with a positive carbon impact on the planet.

Excess Materials Exchange

The Most Valuable Match

Studio Wae

We make beautiful things from wa(e)ste

Studio Solarix

Significant contribution to a healthy, pleasant and beautiful place to live


Let's Economize


We use systems thinking to tackle global sustainability challenges.

Circle Economy

We enable cities and businesses in the practical and scalable implementation of the circular economy

Circular Economy Club

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the largest international network of circular economy professionals and organizations with over 260 CEC local chapters in over 110 countries. Non-for-profit, global and open to anyone to join the club for free.


C-Bèta is an event-, exposition and (co)working space which goal is to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy, and focusses specifically on the build environment.


We have created Wellsun to give glass as building material a sustainable future by using the sun as an energy source.