Virtual Open City #2: Autonomy in the Age of Automation 20/20

Pandemics, climate change, artificial intelligence & automation: the most dangerous threats to humanity are often created by humans. We all want a brighter future for humanity, yet current society’s decision making and (in)authenticity of intentions are often in conflict with those aspirations. How do we align today’s choices with tomorrow’s hopes?

For the 2nd installation of Virtual Open City, we invite you to challenge the authenticity of intentions in creating a humanity-centered future, and probe the stories of innovators who have propelled their mission forward in times of crises. We will also introduce collaboration opportunities for interested parties who want to test their hypotheses and prototype tomorrow’s societies. 

UNLEARN: Human Autonomy in the Age of Automation 20/20
What happens when the unstoppable forces of automation meet the immovable human desire for purpose and fulfilment? What are the burning questions that may reshape society and business models in the not-so-distant future? Atsushi invites Ethereum Foundation’s Aya Miyaguchi, Mistletoe’s Taizo Son and ModuleQ’s David James Brunner to this seminal and ever growing urgent discussion of our time. 

UNLOCK: Moonshot: Permacolony & the Green Rebuild
The bigger the crisis, the bigger the opportunity. Jeremy and Yang En welcome the trailblazing founders creating solutions for the world’s grand challenges: agritech startup Alesca’s Stuart Oda, social wellness startup Project Maple’s Edric Subur, plastic upcycling startup Biocollection’s Miranda Wang and foodtech startup Sophie’s Bionutrients’ Eugene Wang. 

We’ll also introduce the Permacolony we are building, and our search for 20 radically-innovative startups to contribute to future resilient and humanity-centric cities, powered by empathy and supported by technology. 

UNLEASH: What are our seed projects up to today?
During this segment, feel free to hop into your desired parallel session. AUDACITY seed projects will be hosting different programmes to participate in.

SLICE x MoVillage
We are entering the building phase of our Urban Farm. The land is cleared so what’s next? During this session, Farmer Jay and Farmer Rui will talk about the importance of processes such as soil regeneration, land preparation and discuss how we can develop tech-enabled permaculture practices to grow nutritious crops. We are looking for collaborators to make this dream a reality. 

Project Flourish
Not sure what human flourishing means? Passionate about emotional wellbeing? Come jam with us in this novel and gamified conversation format, where you will be matched with 3 - 5 other strangers to unlearn, unlock and unleash your future of human flourishing. Sign up to book your spot for this session here.

Project SHEA
It’s been an exciting journey from conceptualising to the design stage of Project Shea’s Iteration 1 – the Next Generation Kit so far, and we are happy to announce that we are now moving on to the prototyping and deployment phase. We’d like to invite all of you to put on your thinking caps in ideating Iteration 2 – the Next Generation Kit 2.0. Come join us and hear about our upcoming design initiative – the Parametric Design competition, which adopts an integrated system approach. As part of a community outreach effort, the session will include the launch of virtual gaming competition, as well as a sharing session by a couple of youth start-ups in the sustainability domain. Sounds interesting? Join us now and let’s build virtual cities of the future together!


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UNLEARN: Autonomy in the Age of Automation 20/20
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UNLOCK: Moonshot: Permacolony & the Green Rebuild
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UNLEASH: What are our seed projects up to today?
During this segment, feel free to hop into your desired parallel session.
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