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Vizibl Collaborate 2020


Join us at Vizibl Collaborate 2020

Consider everything you know about supplier collaboration. Now leave it behind for one day. Join us at Vizibl Collaborate 2020 to be challenged, surprised and empowered.

Reimagining Supplier Ecosystems

Our theme for Vizibl Collaborate 2020 is 'Reimagining Supplier Ecosystems'. With no notice given, society and business has been forced into a very different modus operandi. The long term consequences are not obvious; the readjustment continues. Yet for supplier collaboration, the Covid-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated the imperative for supplier ecosystems.

Watch live or on-demand for free

Register for free to attend Vizibl Collaborate 2020. The summit is open to anyone with an interest in learning about driving greater value through supplier ecosystems and collaboration within their organisation. If you can't make the live session, it will be available on-demand to all who register 

The Agenda

The event will have four theme tracks across two stages:
  • Track 1: Nurturing diversity, equity and inclusion in the supply chain 
  • Track 2: Accelerating growth and innovation with supplier & startup ecosystems
  • Track 3: Driving sustainability through supplier collaboration
  • Track 4: Building business resilience through supplier collaboration

We have exciting plans which we can't wait to share with you. Stay tuned.

See you there!

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· Stage
Welcome to Vizibl Collaborate 2020
A brief introduction of COLLABORATE 2020 with some information on what to expect from the day's events.
Craig Brown Darragh Toolan
· Sessions
The Rise Of Corporate Sustainability: A How Not A Why
As sustainability takes its place front and centre in the public eye, businesses must learn to keep up.
Helen  Mackenzie Andrea Montreuil Jim Massey Arjun Gupta Lazar Armianov
· Sessions
COVID-19: The big moment for supply chain resilience?
Actions taken now to mitigate impacts on supply chains from coronavirus can also build resilience against future shocks.
Colin Sharp Matthias Mette Peter McMorris Justin Goldston
· Stage
Taking Supplier Collaboration to the Next Level: A Key Driver Of Organizational Growth
Why is it that supplier ecosystems are now becoming such a hot commodity and essential to the future of organizational growth?
Nandini Basuthakur Ashish Kothari
· Expo
Virtual Booth Extravaganza!
Pop in to our virtual booths area by clicking on 'Expo' on the menu on the left and chat with them to see what they are all about!
· Stage
Exploring Value & Waste in the Supply Chain and the Circular Economy
This session will cover the concepts of the circular economy, and the steps to take to add additional value to your business.
Deborah Dull
· Sessions
Supplier Ecosystems: Why They Are Important and And How Do You Build Them
A look at why enterprise companies need to proactively start to look at a framework for supplier ecosystems.
Rhys Shegar-Astoralli Alexander Short Caitlyn Lewis Peter Naegelein
· Sessions
Supplier Innovation: How Supplier Collaboration Drives Competitive Advantage
How does a strategic approach to supplier-led innovation drive competitive advantage for todays agile enterprise.
Marcell Vollmer Karina Larsen O'Halloran Clive Heal Elvire Regnier Lussier Paresh Modi
· Networking
Rapid Networking
Rapid 10 Minute Networking Frenzy. Hit the Networking button on the left and see how many contacts you can connect with!
· Sessions
Success story: How Intel cultivated a thriving supplier ecosystem
Collaborate, grow and win together - how to build the bridge and cultivate a healthy ecosystem by leveraging partnerships end-to-end.
Peter Schmutzer
· Sessions
An Overview Of Vizibl And Our Product Vision
Have a look at how we see the world with an overview of our amazing platform Vizibl and an insight into where we see the future going.
William Poucher Mark Lutterodt Tim Fowler Mike Waites
· Stage
Organizational Resilience: Why Business Continuity Is Crucial To Competitive Advantage
Leaders should reinforce their organisation’s continuity and resilience capabilities in anticipation of future turmoil.
Mark Perera Alex Basso Detlef Schultz
· Expo
Virtual Booth - Deep Dive
Click on 'Expo' in the left menu and deep dive on our virtual booths to see what they have to offer. Don't be shy, ask them loads of questions!
· Sessions
Procurement With Purpose: Looking Into Your Supply Chain To Make A World Of Difference
How to start thinking about the sustainable procurement revolution.
Nandini Basuthakur Deborah Dull Mark Perera Peter Smith
· Sessions
Engaging Start-ups: What Does It Take To Work With Them
The panel discusses how large corporations can better fold startups into their supplier mix.
Philip Edmondson-Jones Nick Pike Daniel Barnes Matthew Ziskie
· Stage
How Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Builds a Better Company and A Thriving Supply Chain
What are the benefits of having more diversity and inclusion not only across our company but across our supply chain?
David  Thompson Jr. Caitlyn Lewis alexandra tarmo Jim Massey Joset Wright Ziad Ahmed
· Sessions
Digital Transformation: The Key To Unlocking Procurement’s Evolution?
Today’s most agile and impactful procurement teams have embraced a best of breed ProcureTech Stack to help them achieve their business value objectives.
Justin Goldston Nick Jenkinson Felix Plapperer Patricia Miller Darragh Toolan
· Sessions
This Is Why ESG Has Become Such An Important Shareholder Priority
Is the the current crisis is a tipping point that will lead to more responsible investing and an environmental and truly social approach to capitalism.
Paul  Polizzotto Cesare Guarini Alex Basso Agnes Erben
· Stage
How Traditional Value Chains Are Being Replaced By Smart Ecosystems
We are just witnessing the opening moves of a very exciting endgame that is going to unfold in the next decades to come.
Rik Vera
· Stage
Vizibl Collaborate 2020 Exclusive: New Product Launch
Our CEO, Mark Perera and Head of Product Marketing, Craig Brown announce an exciting new product, aligning perfectly with the themes of this year's summit.
Craig Brown Mark Perera
· Stage
Talks, Laughs and Reflections on Collaborate 2020
An alternative to the usual summit close, join the Vizibl team for some laughs and chats as we reflect on highlights from this year's Vizibl Collaborate summit!
Alex Basso Mark Perera Caitlyn Lewis Craig Brown Darragh Toolan Alexander Short
· Networking
Collaborate Speed Networking
Come and meet your fellow Collaborators and speakers from this year's summit in our virtual speed networking room. Use those 4 minutes wisely...


Rik Vera

Chairman of Nexxworks, lecturer at LBS and Senior Advisor to Global Organisations

Rhys Shegar-Astoralli

Head of Vodafone Foundation Luxembourg

Colin Sharp


William Poucher

Implementation Director @ Vizibl

Nick Jenkinson

ex CPO Astellas

Nick Pike

Chief Revenue Officer, Vizibl

Philip Edmondson-Jones

Principal at Oxx VC

Paul Polizzotto

Founder & CEO Givewith

Cesare Guarini

Director of Sustainability Procurement @ Philip Morris International

Mike Waites

Chief Technology Officer @ Vizibl

Tim Fowler

Innovation & Supplier Relationship Expert @ Vizibl

Mark Lutterodt

Enterprise Solution Consultant @ Vizibl

Agnes Erben

Partner at H&Z

Daniel Barnes

Founder of World of Procurement

Peter McMorris

Partner at The Partnering Group

Matthias Mette

Principal at H&Z

Alexander Short

Co-Founder @ Vizibl

Ashish Kothari

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Justin Goldston

Professor and Coordinator of Project & Supply Chain Management @ Penn State University

Darragh Toolan

Innovation & Growth Expert @ Vizibl

Craig Brown

Head of Product Marketing, Vizibl

Nandini Basuthakur

CEO of Procurement Leaders

Alex Basso

Supplier Innovation & Blockchain Research Analyst @ Vizibl

Patricia Miller

Procurement Digital Transformation Director @ Accenture

Ziad Ahmed

CEO @ JUV Consulting | Forbes #30Under30

Joset Wright

Founder and President @ Waypoint Strategies LLC

Peter Schmutzer

Partnership & Ecosystem Management @ Intel

Lazar Armianov

Sustainable Procurement Expert @ EcoVadis

Arjun Gupta

30 Under 30 Sustainability Leader, RMI India

Jim Massey

Sustainability Expert

Felix Plapperer

Venture Capital Investor @ Paua Ventures

Paresh Modi

Global Head of Business Development & Innovation @ Vodafone

Peter Smith

Author & Founder @ Procurement Excellence

alexandra tarmo

Director Partnerships @ Unilever

Andrea Montreuil

Founding Partner Innodelice: creators of food networks

Elvire Regnier Lussier

Senior Advisor Innovation & Growth

Clive Heal

Expert on Organisational Innovation

Helen Mackenzie

Principal Advisor @ Procurious

Matthew Ziskie


Karina Larsen O'Halloran

Cross functional Collaboration / External Partnering / Innovation

Detlef Schultz

Chairman of Vodafone Procurement Company

Peter Naegelein

Innovation Leader @ Osram

Caitlyn Lewis

Founder @ Mission: Innovation.

Marcell Vollmer

Partner and Director @ Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

David Thompson Jr.

Executive Director, Global Indirect Procurement & Supply Chain @ The Estée Lauder Companies Inc

Mark Perera

CEO @ Vizibl, exFounder of Procurement Leaders

Deborah Dull

Circular economy expert

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