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Virtual Career Fair, Tech Edition

1454 people attended

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Please note, you must complete a Jopwell profile in order to finish registration. Submitted resumes will be presented to all participating Jopwell partners and will fast-track your resume to recruiters following the event. Jopwell partners can review select applicants in real-time! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity, and let them see you!


In April 1,800 people came to our first virtual career fair. We're hosting a second virtual career fair specifically for people looking for roles in technology. As a continued response to remain safe through social distancing, shelter in place, quarantine, etc., and still build community, Jopwell and QuarantineCon are partnering to bring together industry experts with a virtual career fair! If you’re looking for full-time roles, college internships or a pivot into tech, we are here to bring that experience directly to you. 

About Jopwell: 
Jopwell provides Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals with access to resources, community, and career opportunities, creating a vital network that accelerates a greater workforce for all.

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· Stage
Welcome // Opening DJ Set
Scooter Taylor Trévon Hill
· Stage
Fireside Chat w/ Damien Hooper-Campbell
Scooter Taylor Damien Hooper-Campbell
· Stage
Fireside Chat w/ Dr. Marcus Mitchell
Tani Brown Dr. Marcus Mitchell
· Career Fair
Career Booth Expos Open
Zoom  Recruiters Facebook Recruiters Coursera  Recruiters UBS Recruiters Google  Recruiters Splunk Recruiters
· Workshops
Session: "Breaking Into Tech"
Scooter Taylor Ruben Harris
· Workshops
Session: "Getting into UX"
Trévon Hill Vanessa Whatley
· Workshops
Session: "Nailing the Technical Interview"
Ernest Holmes Jaycee Holmes
· Workshops
Session "Best Practices for Technical Careers"
Lelia Hampton Thulani Vereen


Trévon Hill

Co-Host @ QuarantineCon

Scooter Taylor

Co-Host @ QuarantineCon

Tani Brown

Head of Community @ Jopwell

Damien Hooper-Campbell

Chief Diversity Officer @ Zoom

Dr. Marcus Mitchell

Senior Engineering Director @ Google

Vanessa Whatley

UX Researcher & Strategist @ Google

Ruben Harris

CEO @ Career Karma

Jaycee Holmes

Program Manager @ Microsoft

Ernest Holmes

Software Engineer @ Google

Thulani Vereen

Software Engineer @ Jobcase, Inc.

Lelia Hampton

Grad Student in Computer Science @ MIT

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The event is over

Hosted By

West Peek Virtual Production

A virtual production company founded by Tre'von and Scooter

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