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NJ Highlands Virtual Brewfest

112 people attended

NJ Highlands Virtual Brewfest.

Featured local craft beer gurus will share their stories and insights into the world of beer and lead demonstrations and games. We'll hear from:

  • John Holl,  Steal this Beer 
  • Augie Carton, Steal this Beer
  • Scott Wells, Bolero Snort Brewery 
  • Karl Weiss, MASH NJ
  • Charles Bachman, Cypress Brewing
  • Tyler Danner & Jon Couch, Two Beerded Guys
  • Rich Cohen, Stu Blake, Ned Gardner, Chris Johnson & Jimmy Woods, MASH NJ
  • Joe Fisher, ManSkirt Brewing
  • Mike Kivowitz, NJ Craft Beer Club

Throughout the event there will be opportunities to win prizes and learn about whats happening in the world of craft beer and how its connected to environmental conservation! 

Featured games and demonstrations:

  • Beer bingo & environmental trivia
  • Learn to brew your own beer
  • Pairing beer with food
  • Cooking with beer and more!

                                                 You can't make great beer without clean water!


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Hosted by

New Jersey Highlands Coalition

To protect, enhance and promote the vital water and other natural and cultural resources of the NJ Highlands for current & future generations.

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NJ Highlands Coalition

Protecting the natural resources in the NJ Highlands!

Lopatcong Creek Initiative

River-friendly living throughout the Lopatcong Creek.

Time's Tin Cup

Time's Tin Cup