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The VERGE 20 online event is the leading platform for accelerating the clean economy. This five-day online event offers engaging and informative plenaries, breakouts, tutorials, virtual tours, networking opportunities and a virtual expo.

Join more than 10,000 leaders advancing systemic solutions to address the climate crisis through five influential and dynamic markets: clean energy, electrified transportation, the circular economy, carbon removal and sustainable food systems.

To visit the VERGE 20 website, click here.

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· Stage
Organizer's Welcome
GreenBiz VP and VERGE Executive Director, Shana Rappaport, welcomes participants to VERGE 20.
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Lisa Jackson: The Power of Influence
Apple’s sustainability head on low-carbon design, closing the loop, aligning entrepreneurship with social justice, and other initiatives.
· Stage
How Planetary Data and AI Are Changing How We Respond to Risk
How can breakthroughs in remote sensing, AI and data analytics power new, ecologically grounded and more socially just forms of capitalism?
· Stage
A Sea Change in Ocean Strategy
What role can ocean solutions play in addressing both climate change and systemic environmental justice issues?
· Sessions
How Alternative Proteins Will Reshape the Food Industry
New protein technologies are set to disrupt the food business from farm to fork
· Sessions
Buyers Guide: An Introduction to Purchasing Carbon Offsets
Your 101 guide to purchasing high-quality carbon offsets.
· Sessions
Energy Market Fundamentals
Why are companies procuring renewables, and what do I need to know to get a strong start?
· Sessions
Strategies from the Top Sustainable Fleets
What are the most important lessons learned from public and private fleets adopting low carbon and zero emission fleets?
· Sessions
Foundations of the Circular Economy
What are the basic building blocks of the circular economy, and how can they help drive opportunity and innovation across roles and sectors?
· Sessions
What's Next for ESG and Corporate Carbon Mitigation
How will the wild world of corporate ESG and carbon markets evolve, and what pain points and opportunities are on the horizon?
· Sessions
VERGE Accelerate: Food Pitch Session
Watch five food entrepreneurs pitch their startups, hear expert reactions, and then cast your vote to help determine the winner.
· Sessions
Roundtable: Journey to Zero: Carbon Neutral Freight
What current solutions can reduce GHG emissions from road freight and enable carbon neutral growth?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Anaerobic Digestion and the Circular Economy
How can utility-scale anaerobic digestion be used to advance the circular economy, achieve zero waste goals and generate renewable energy?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Bottoms-Up Approaches to Microgrid Development
How can the private sector and community activists work together to build energy resilience?
· Sessions
Roundtable: VERGE Accelerate’s Food Startups
Want to dive deeper with the food startups who just pitched in the previous VERGE Accelerate session? Join us for discussions and Q&A!
· Sessions
Software Will Define The Future of E-Mobility
Why does software matter for the EV revolution?
· Sessions
The State of the Carbon Economy in 2020
What do the latest trends and data points tell us about the emerging carbon economy?
· Sessions
The Food Microgrid: A New and Decentralized Food System
Can small farms help the food system of the future become less centralized and more resilient?
· Sessions
How to Build a Circular Supply Chain
How can your company effectively and equitably incorporate circular principles into your supply chain?
· Sessions
Clean Energy Procurement in 2030
What are the key trends in corporate procurements that will shape the renewable energy market in the next decade?
· Sessions
Innovations in Utility Partnerships for Renewables
The latest in utility programs to help you, your community and your organization access affordable renewable energy
· Sessions
Carbontech: The New Market for Carbon-Sequestering Products
What innovations and policies are powering the emerging market for products made from captured carbon?
· Sessions
The EV Infrastructure Challenge: Clean, Equitable, Smart
What are the biggest challenges, and early lessons learned, for deploying EV infrastructure?
· Sessions
How to Partner with Large Corporates
Hear how startups have landed key partnerships. Who are the right people to talk to? What are they looking for? How do you close the deal?
· Sessions
New Green Revolution: Lower Pollution with Higher Yields
Can next-gen GMOs and new microbial products help us feed more people without doing further damage to our environment?
· Sessions
How Electrification Can Fix the Job and Climate Crises
America can bend the emissions curve, address climate change and create millions of jobs. Saul Griffith explains.
· Sessions
Roundtable: What To Know About Freight Electrification
How should corporate fleets pursuing freight electrification approach scaling their efforts?
· Sessions
Roundtable: RE’s Changing Landscape and Emerging Technology
Is North America on the cusp of a truly green grid, and how can corporations help fuel or spearhead the transition?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Sustainable Business Models Tackling Consumption
What are the internal and external barriers for companies in moving away from consumption as the main driver of growth?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Creating Inclusive & Sustainable Cities
Can “Question Storming” help us reimagine inclusive and sustainable cities?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Our Cities Are Heating Up. Throw Them Shade.
How can we ensure there are enough trees – especially in poor city neighborhoods – to keep cities cool as the climate changes?
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Organizer's Welcome
GreenBiz VP and VERGE Executive Director, Shana Rappaport, kicks off the second day of VERGE 20.
· Stage
Growing Healthy Communities
A Bronx food warrior shows how imagination and determination can bring hope and opportunity to those who previously lacked such things.
· Stage
Connecting Communities to the Clean Economy
How can companies become authentically involved in shaping socially just economic and environmental development programs at the city and state level?
· Stage
The New Must-Have: A Sustainable Mobility Strategy
IKEA’s Head of Sustainable Mobility looks at why a holistic sustainable mobility strategy is a necessary part of doing business.
· Stage
The Power of Climate Stories
The activist and author on getting the climate story right, and the danger of confusing effective narratives with effective action.
· Sessions
Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition
How can my company advocate for policies to accelerate the shift to clean energy?
· Sessions
The Science of Regenerative Agriculture
What does the latest science tell us about the benefits of regenerative agriculture?
· Sessions
Sustainable Transportation Strategies for Companies
How are companies — with fleets and without fleets — decarbonizing transportation across sources like employees travel, goods delivery, supply chain, and more?
· Sessions
Investing in a Clean and Equitable Future
How can companies and investors mobilize finance to bring affordable clean energy to low-income communities?
· Sessions
Building a Better Food System for America's Cities
Let's reimagine our food systems as America's cities build back from the pandemic
· Sessions
Circular by Design: Rethinking Product Development
What design attributes must be considered and prioritized when developing circular products?
· Sessions
Circular Opportunities in the Solar Industry
What are the circular economy opportunities for the solar industry, and what will it take to bring these strategies to scale?
· Sessions
What We Need to Rapidly Scale Electric Vehicles
How is Amazon tackling electrifying its fleet of vehicles across the globe?
· Sessions
The Business of Regenerative Agriculture
Can finance, collaboration and carbon markets help farmers switch to regenerative agriculture?
· Sessions
VERGE Accelerate: Carbon Pitch Session
Watch five carbon entrepreneurs pitch their startups, hear expert reactions, and then cast your vote to help determine the winner.
· Sessions
How to Serve Great Food and Cut Emissions at the Same Time
How can the restaurant and foodservice industries create delicious meals that don't damage our climate?
· Sessions
What Data Centers Teach Us About Grid Flexibility
What are the latest trends to decarbonize data centers while maintaining reliability, and how can it help us decarbonize across sectors?
· Expo
Peek Inside ChargePoint’s Advanced Test Facility
Mission critical tests are conducted in-house to ensure our solutions are bullet proof and future-proof. Visit our booth to join the tour!
· Sessions
Roundtable: Scaling up Alternative Protein Manufacturing
What are the three biggest challenges to scaling up alternative protein manufacturing?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Keeping the lights on in marginalized communities
Energy burdened communities are hit hard by blackouts, pandemics, and climate disasters. What are creative ways your company can help keep the lights on?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Partnering on Customized Microgrid Solutions
What are the emerging best practices for utilities and communities to collaborate on microgrid solutions?
· Sessions
Roundtable: VERGE Accelerate’s Carbon Startups
Want to dive deeper with the carbon startups who just pitched in the previous VERGE Accelerate session? Join us for discussions and Q&A!
· Sessions
Active Allyship in Sustainability
How can we support BIPOC sustainability professionals amidst racial crisis and ensure our field is a safe space for the next generation?
Jarami Bond
· Sessions
How Lessons from the Pandemic Can Make Food More Sustainable
After witnessing supply chain disruptions and increased waste, can we learn from the pandemic and create a more sustainable food system?
· Sessions
How to Value Solar + Storage
What's the value of energy resilience? Panelists consider solar plus storage, both during outages and when the electric grid is flowing.
· Sessions
Buyers Guide: What to Know Before Buying Forest Offsets
What questions should you be asking before purchasing a forest carbon credit?
· Sessions
Social Responsibility in Renewable Energy Partnerships
How can your renewable energy procurement process support social responsibility?
· Sessions
How to Make California's Grid Ready For Millions of EVs
Will California's power grid be ready for the growth in electric vehicles spurred by the Governor's executive order?
· Sessions
VERGE Accelerate: Circular Pitch Session
Watch five circular entrepreneurs pitch their startups, hear expert reactions, and then cast your vote to help determine the winner.
· Sessions
Can the Dairy Innovate it’s Way to a Low-Carbon Future?
How can new technologioes help milk and cheese become low-carbon products?
· Sessions
Next-Gen Microgrid Deployment Models
How are microgrid technology and financing options maturing to accelerate deployments across sectors?
· Sessions
The Zero Emission Automaker
How will automakers successfully transition to zero emissions?
· Sessions
New Businesses, Funding and Infrastructure in Carbon Removal
How are oil majors and direct air capture companies collaborating to build an infrastructure for capturing, utilizing and storing carbon?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Design Considerations Beyond the Charger
Value is created for the market through software & system design. What topics & items make for a successful project beyond the charger?
· Sessions
Roundtable: VERGE Accelerate’s Circular Startups
Want to dive deeper with the circular startups who just pitched in the previous VERGE Accelerate session? Join us for discussions and Q&A!
· Sessions
Roundtable: How your company can lobby for carbon removal
How can corporate leaders influence policymakers to pass legislation that accelerates the emergence of a carbon-removing economy?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Scaling Regenerative Ag Through Incentives
What incentives can catalyze widespread adoption of regenerative ag practices and what's needed to scale them quickly?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Charging Interoperability: The Key Driver of EV Adoption
What will it take to accelerate the EV market and create new business opportunities?
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Organizer's Welcome
GreenBiz VP and VERGE Executive Director, Shana Rappaport, kicks off the third day of VERGE 20.
· Stage
Resilience from the Ground Up
How to build community resilience — individual, institutional, infrastructural — by putting environmental and social equity at the center.
· Stage
Inside the Climate Pledge
Hear how The Climate Pledge is mobilizing companies to align on more ambitious climate leadership goals and reach net-zero carbon by 2040.
· Stage
Coalition Building for Climate Leadership
Corporate climate leadership requires bold commitments and even bolder action. Hear how companies are leveraging tech to meet the moment.
· Sessions
Beyond the U.S.: How to Assess International Energy Markets
What should you know when procuring renewables internationally?
· Sessions
Buyers Guide: What to Know Before Buying Soil Carbon Offsets
What questions should buyers be asking before investing in farming practices that draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide?
· Sessions
Circular Packaging Fundamentals: Understanding the Landscape
What landscape of materials, designs, innovations and trends exist in the circular packaging industry?
· Sessions
The Tipping Point for Commercial Zero Emission Vehicles
What commercial zero emission vehicles will tip into the mainstream first and why are these markets important?
· Sessions
The Life-Changing Magic of Cleaning your Supply Chain
How can companies leverage their buying power to decarbonize supply chains?
· Sessions
Partnerships to Decarbonize Data Centers
How can I work with my data centers to decarbonize the internet and reduce my supply chain emissions?
· Sessions
Building Equity and Justice into Carbon Removal
How can we ensure the emerging carbon economy delivers on equity and justice goals?
· Sessions
Circular Packaging Fundamentals: Tackling Plastics
What solutions and best practices can help to tackle plastic packaging in pursuit of more circular outcomes?
· Sessions
How Innovative Financing Can Scale ZEV Trucks & Buses
What financing mechanisms can unlock funding for commercial zero emission vehicles?
· Sessions
VERGE Accelerate: Energy Pitch Session
Watch five energy entrepreneurs pitch their startups, hear expert reactions, and then cast your vote to help determine the winner.
· Sessions
How Tech and Collaboration Can Make Food Supply Transparent
How can new technologies and collaborative strategies help companies create a more sustainable and transparent food system?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Accelerating Electric Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks
How do we best learn from early deployments to scale electric trucks fast?
· Sessions
Roundtable: VERGE Accelerate’s Energy Startups
Want to dive deeper with the energy startups who just pitched in the previous VERGE Accelerate session? Join us for discussions and Q&A!
· Sessions
Roundtable: Corporate Approaches to Climate Justice
How are businesses engaging to ensure all benefit equally from climate solutions, while no one bears an unequal burden of climate impacts?
· Sessions
Roundtable: The Convergence of Food and Medicine
Will the medical community accept food and ingredients as natural treatments for chronic illness?
· Sessions
Using Microbes and Greenhouse Gases to Make New Foods
What's the potential of the emerging technologies that use microbes to turn methane and carbon dioxide into protein?
· Sessions
Resilience and Security in the Clean Energy Revolution
What should companies consider when planning for resilient energy systems?
· Sessions
Circular Packaging Fundamentals: Advancing Reuse
What does it take to implement and scale reusable packaging solutions?
· Sessions
The Path Forward to Sustainable Aviation
How will the aviation industry, both commercial and freight, reach sustainability goals in the wake of the pandemic?
· Sessions
How Companies Can Address Energy Poverty
How can businesses make energy procurement decisions that empower underserved communities while powering operations?
· Sessions
How Your Company Can Help Grow a Trillion Trees
How can your organization get involved in the global effort to protect and plant a trillion trees?
· Sessions
How Even Small Startups Can Succeed at Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Founders may care about DEI, but they see few options to make progress while they are so resource-constrained. Here’s what you can do today.
· Sessions
This Tech Can Transform the Fight Against Supply-Chain Waste
How new products, strategies and technologies can help tackle the food industry's waste problem
· Sessions
Roundtable: Steps to Reaching a 100 Renewable Energy Future
What are the important steps you see for reaching a decarbonized energy system?
· Sessions
Roundtable: The UN Treaty for Plastic
What does the UN Plastics Treaty entail, and what is the business case for proactively supporting a global policy on plastic waste?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Balancing Safety, Security and Package Reduction
How do we balance food safety, security and package reduction?
· Sessions
Roundtable: The environmental, equity, and health impacts of urban forests
Can carbon markets help grow urban forests and deliver benefits to local communities?
· Sessions
Inclusive Clean Energy Finance Solutions for All
Inclusive, smart, on-site energy upgrades require upfront capital. What financial bridges and barriers are you discovering?
· Stage
Organizer's Welcome
GreenBiz VP and VERGE Executive Director, Shana Rappaport, kicks off the fourth day of VERGE 20.
· Stage
Generation Green New Deal: A Conversation with Leaders on the Frontlines
The opportunities for companies and activists to work together to create economic justice and the transition to a clean energy future.
· Stage
How to Use Your Superpower for the Planet
How every individual, company and organization can drive the long-lasting, systemic change needed to tackle the climate crisis.
· Stage
Meet the VERGE 20 Emerging Leaders
Meet the inspiring young people selected for the VERGE 20 Emerging Leaders cohort.
· Stage
Enlisting Nature to Fight Climate Change
How California’s statewide mandate plans to harness natural systems to address the climate crisis, and what that means for business.
· Sessions
Beyond 100% Clean: Matching Energy Supply and Demand
What emerging strategies, technologies, and tools can allow organizations to power all operations with renewables 24/7/365?
· Sessions
The Future of Connected Goods
What role will tech-enabled tracking solutions play in building a circular future?
· Sessions
Carbon Removal Moonshots: Introducing Radical Drawdown Technologies
Meet the early-stage startups with the potential to draw down carbon dioxide at scale
· Sessions
How Utilities Can Accelerate EVs
How can utilities help accelerate, instead of act as a barrier, to the adoption of electric vehicles?
· Sessions
The Values-Driven Consumers Changing the Food Industry
How should your company respond to the growing consumer demand for sustainable food?
· Sessions
New Accounting Methods Reveal Food’s True Environmental Cost
Learn how to conduct holistic assessments of food products using a road-tested methodology
· Sessions
Clean Energy Equity Showcase
Lightning talks from leaders thinking about energy access and inclusion in creative and collaborative ways.
· Sessions
VERGE Accelerate: Transport Pitch Session
Watch five transport entrepreneurs pitch their startups, hear expert reactions, and then cast your vote to help determine the winner.
· Sessions
Leveraging Market-Based Incentives to Decarbonize Transportation
What are the key market-based incentives that organizations can tap into to decarbonize their transportation?
· Sessions
The Complicated Potential of RNG
Where and when should we deploy renewable natural gas (RNG) to maximize decarbonization? And are market signals sending the right signals?
· Sessions
Beyond Zero: Introducing Next-Level Corporate Climate Commitments
How do ambitious corporate carbon commitments get made?
· Sessions
Pathways to a Radically More Sustainable Food System
What would it look like if we re-engineered our food system to deliver on the most ambitions sustainability and justice goals?
· Sessions
Roundtable: VERGE Accelerate’s Transport Startups
Want to dive deeper with the transport startups who just pitched in the previous VERGE Accelerate session? Join us for discussions and Q&A!
· Sessions
Net-Zero? How can we be Net-Positive to Nature?
How can businesses go beyond net-zero and transform the trillion tons of excess CO2 in the atmosphere into ecological and social benefit?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Microgrids in the Race to Decarbonize California
What's the role of microgrids in helping California solve the resiliency challenges along its path to zero carbon?
· Sessions
Roundtable: The Road to a Hydrogen Economy
With much technical progress achieved and substantial decarbonization potential realized, is the world ready for a hydrogen economy?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Unlocking Growth and Development through Nutrition
How does a focus on better nutrition for all underpin our pursuit of the sustainable development goals?
· Expo
Behind the Scenes at the WMPO: The Anatomy of Zero Waste
Visit the WM booth to virtually experience the WM Phoenix Open and learn how WM executes on a zero waste, carbon neutral golf tournament.
· Sessions
Avoid the Crunch: Three Key Steps to Hit Your Renewable Goal
What steps can my company take to ensure there’s enough supply to meet my renewable energy goals?
· Sessions
The Next Pressing Problem: Decarbonizing California's Transportation
How will California curb the looming climate threat of rising transportation emissions?
· Sessions
How to Reduce Scope 3 Emissions. (Without Losing Your Mind.)
Can you work with your supply chain to make a serious dent in Scope 3 emissions?
· Sessions
Circular Cities: Reimagining Urban Centers
What does a successfully circular city look like, and how can this model unlock transformational economic, social and sustainable change?
· Sessions
New Markets and Technologies to Save America’s Forests
Which technologies, policies and collaborations have the potential to safeguard America's forests?
· Sessions
Can Indoor Ag Create a More Sustainable Food System?
As indoor ag technology continues to improve, what role will the sector play in the evolution of a more sustainable food system?
· Sessions
Circular Transportation: From Waste to Fuel Tank
What does it take to build a circular fueling system, taking waste, and generating low carbon fuels for vehicles?
· Sessions
Meeting Climate Goals During Converging Crises
Can California stay on track to meet climate goals in the face of colliding crises? CARB’s Mary Nichols and SCE’s Carla Peterman discuss.
· Sessions
Decarbonizing Industrial Supply Chain Energy
How can companies collaborate to send zero-carbon demand signals to energy-intensive industrial sources in their supply chains?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Facility Renewal for Health and Sustainability
How can we increase building flexibility to provide healthy, safe and sustainable environments under emergency and “new normal” conditions?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Tech Solutions for Forest Carbon Problems
How can new tech increase transparency and mitigate risks to forest carbon projects such as wildfire and disease?
· Sessions
Roundtable: The carbon economy 10 years from now
How will supply of and demand for carbon removals change as we build a thriving carbon economy over the coming decade?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Wildfire Resilience
How can communities, governments and companies prepare — and recover — from wildfire dangers?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Enabling Circular Transformation in U.S. Cities
What are the key enablers that the private, public, and social sector must align to help make the transition to a circular city?
· Stage
Organizer's Welcome
GreenBiz VP and VERGE Executive Director, Shana Rappaport, kicks off the fifth and final day of VERGE 20.
· Stage
The Power of Youth to Solve Real-World Problems
A 14-year old inventor shares her journey of solving real-world problems using science and technology.
· Stage
VERGE Accelerate Finals
The 5 top-voted startups from each VERGE Accelerate session will pitch, and the live audience voting will determine the overall winner.
· Stage
Climate and Public Health: A Conversation with Gina McCarthy
A former EPA chief discusses the role companies and technology can play in addressing the public health impacts of a changing climate.
· Sessions
Win-win: How Offsets Can Cut Carbon and Boost SDGs
How can your company invest in offsets that mitigate climate change and boost development goals?
· Sessions
Retail Solutions for Expanding Access to Renewables
Can we change how renewables are purchased to increase accessibility and drive adoption?
· Sessions
Why We Need to Electrify Ride-hailing
How will the ride-hailing giants reach their aggressive and unprecedented goals of using all zero emission vehicles?
· Sessions
How COVID Changes the Energy Transition
What will it take to stay on track with global decarbonization goals in a post-COVID world?
· Sessions
On-Demand Delivery and Low Emissions — Can We Have Both?
With demand for takeout and grocery delivery surging, can the industry meet consumer expectations while minimizing emissions?
· Sessions
The Rise of City Zero Emission Zones
How and why are cities embracing banning fossil fuel vehicles and incentivizing zero emission ones?
· Sessions
How Tenants Can Green Commercial Buildings
How can I work with my landlords to decarbonize my leased real estate spaces?
· Sessions
Ask a Recycling Expert: Understanding & Improving our System
What can an expert teach you about our national recycling system and how we can collectively improve it? Ask them!
· Sessions
Deforestation Remains Part of Food Supply. Can We Fix That?
Why have pledges to end food-related deforestation failed to end the destruction of old-growth forests?
· Sessions
Meet the Innovators Drawing Down CO2 in the World’s Oceans
Which technologies have the potential to harness the power of the oceans to draw down carbon?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Harnessing the Ingenuity of Youth
How can organizations engage young people in ways that are mutually beneficial and enable the co-creation of solutions to pressing problems?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Coastal Ecosystems and the Food/Water Nexus
When faced with both a growing population and a global food and water shortage, how can we utilize our coastal ecosystems to find solutions?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Integrating carbon removal technologies into your supply chain
How can corporations and municipalities apply direct air capture and other carbon removal technologies in their businesses?
· Sessions
Own Your (Political) Power
How and when should corporations get involved with climate policy? And what’s at stake if they don’t?
· Sessions
Your Next Construction Project Could Draw Down Carbon
How can your next construction project make use of a new generation of materials made from captured carbon?
· Sessions
Leading The Charge To Electrify Transportation
What will it take to kickstart the electric vehicle revolution?
· Sessions
More, Less or None: The Role of Meat in the Future of Food
Do we have to reduce consumption to meet climate goals, or can changes to animal agriculture usher in an era of low-carbon meat?
· Sessions
Why Markets Matter to Buyers
Why are markets one of the most efficient paths to clean energy access for all?
· Sessions
Our Companies Set a Price on Carbon. You Can Do the Same.
Can an internal carbon price help your company shrink its carbon footprint?
· Sessions
Alternatives to Venture Capital
Startups need to know their options, including a variety of cutting edge impact instruments. Hear from the people pioneering these models.
· Sessions
Cities Reclaim Streets From Cars
How will the trend of reclaiming streets for walking and biking during the pandemic redesign our cities?
· Sessions
How Blockchain, Data and AI Can Create Sustainable Fisheries
How can new technologies help the fisheries industry meet growing demand while safeguarding the world's ocean environments?
· Sessions
Energy Procurement: Driving a Green Recovery
Can buyers' clean energy procurements drive economic growth and recovery?
· Sessions
Roundtable: Building Repair Business Models
How can business model innovation encourage and enable more product repair?


Hank Cauley

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Nature 4 Justice

Brandon Marques

VP of Strategy & Finance, Carbon Direct

Andrew Savage

VP & Head of Sustainability & Impact, Lime

Laura Vendetta

Manager, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Jacob Schultz

VP of People, Trove

Jessi Baker

Founder & CEO, Provenance

Andrew Kessler

Managing Director, Investment & Portfolio Management, NY Green Bank

Justin Kamine

Co-founder and Partner, KDC

Clark Nishikawa

Product Engineering Manager, Cisco

Michael Pariser

Origination, Grid-Scale Power, EDF Renewables

Darci Vetter

Global Lead, Public Affairs & Vice Chair, Agriculture, Food, Edelman

Jose Manuel Moller

Founder and CEO, Algramo

Allison Ward

Regulatory Engineer, Sustainable Materials, Dell

Damien Despinoy

CEO, Volexion

Peter Muhoro

SVP of Strategy, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Hana Kajimura

Sustainability, Allbirds

kevin Hagen

VP, Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Strategy, Iron Mountain

Bill McKibben


Tom Rivett-Carnac

Co-founder, Global Optimism

Lisa Jackson

VP, Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Apple

Diego Saez Gil

Co-founder & CEO, Pachama

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Founder, Ocean Collectiv

Michael Tubbs

Mayor, City of Stockton

Oliver Camp

Senior Associate (Innovation), Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Erica Eaton

Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO, Comfy

Naomi Rosenthal

Director, Land and Water, South Pole

Daniel Kennedy

Chief Energy Officer, New Energy Nexus

Samuel Bertram

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, OnePointOne

Kristin Slavin

Associate Director - Building Innovations, Sidewalk Labs

Xavier HOUOT

Senior Vice President, Chief Environment Officer, Schneider Electric

Travis Buholtz

EV Specialist, The Electrification Coalition

Ana Carolina Oliveira

Head of Sustainable Finance, Americas, ING

Rick Luna

Interim Director, Technology & Product Innovation, CPS Energy

Ryan Spies

Director of Sustainability, Energy and Stewardship, Saint-Gobain North America

Alan Shaw

Chief Executive Officer, Calysta

Cathy Zoi



Senior Director of Codes and Standards, Solar Energy Industries Association

Ashley Malyszka

Director of Corporate Partnerships, GRID Alternatives

Mark Lim

Strategist, NamZ

Samuel Rigu

CEO, Safi Organics

Elliot Roth

Founder, Spira

Yehuda Elram

Co-founder & CEO, eggXYt

Lindsay James

Strategic Alliances Catalyst, Nucleário

Olya Irzak

CEO, Frost Methane Labs

Max Nova

Founder, SilviaTerra

Aadith Moorthy

Founder & CEO, ConserWater Technologies

Andrew Krulewitz

Co-founder & CEO, Flux

Anurag Kamal

Founder, ElectricFish

David Manosalvas-Kjono

Co-founder & CEO, Aeromutable

Amanda Hall

CEO, Summit Nanotech

Lia Alvarez

CEO, Fair by Nature

Tom Chan

Cofounder, UNOCUP

Kristin Kagetsu

CEO, Saathi

Anirudh Sharma

Co-founder, Lab Lead, Graviky Labs

Ryan McIntosh

Founder & CEO, RoadPower

Tanya Barham

Founder & CEO, Community Energy Labs

Janice Tran

CEO, Kanin Energy

Sara Chamberlain

Managing Director, Energy Foundry

Peter Bodenheimer

Partner & Managing Director, Food-X

Danya Hakeem

Director of Innovation, Agriculture & Circular Economy, Elemental Excelerator

Patrick Sagisi

Director & Investment Partner, Acario Innovation

Amberjae Freeman

CEO, Etho Capital

Hala Hanna

Managing Director, Community, MIT Solve

Tadas Radavicius

Project Manager, SoliTek

Leah Penniman

Co-Director and Farm Manager, Soul Fire Farm

Rohini Sengupta

Senior Manager - Environmental Sustainability, Climate, United Airlines

Dan Simons

Co-Owner, Farmers Restaurant Group

Niki Okuk

Alternative Fuels Program Manager, CALSTART

Amanda Ravenhill

Executive Director, Buckminster Fuller Institute

Marty Odlin

Founder, Running Tide

Eve Turow-Paul

Founder and Executive Director, Food for Climate League

Zack Parisa

CEO, SilviaTerra

Gregor Hembrough

Head of Polestar USA, Polestar

Cassandra Heller

Manager, Business Development, Wartsila

Wade Crowfoot

Secretary for Natural Resources, State of California

Jeremy Donnell

Manager, Microgrid Policy and Pricing Strategies, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

Neha Palmer

Energy Strategy, Google

Alex Klonick

Manager, Education & Engagement, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Emma Cox

North American Sustainability, McDonald's

Jim Giles

Conference Chair, VERGE Food & VERGE Carbon, GreenBiz

Suz Okie

Associate Analyst, Circular Economy, GreenBiz

John Davies

VP, Senior Analyst, GreenBiz

Tito Jankowski


Thomas McQuillan

Vice President, Strategy, Culture and Sustainability, Baldor Specialty Foods

Cory-Ann Wind

Oregon Clean Fuels Program Manager, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Jean François Timmers

Global Soy Lead and Global Policy Expert, Commodities and Ecosystems, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Ashley C. Hall

Director of Sustainable Packaging, Walmart

Marcius Extavour

Executive Director, Carbon XPRIZE

Shana Rappaport

VP and ED, VERGE, GreenBiz

Saskia Feast

Vice President, Western Region, Natural Capital Partners

Shayle Kann

Managing Director, Energy Impact Partners

Christina Nichols

Senior Program Manager, Groundswell

Kate Simonen

Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Washington

Taryn Barclay

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement, Cargill

Sandra Roling

Head of EV100, The Climate Group

Erin Callahan

Director, Climate Collaborative

Taldi Harrison

Government and Community Affairs Manager, REI

Ben Soltoff

Environmental Innovation Manager, Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Konstantin Kakaes

Commissioning Editor, MIT Technology Review

Matt Petersen

CEO, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

Jennifer Kemmerly

Vice President, Global Ocean Initiatives, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Matthew Vespa

Staff Attorney, Clean Energy, EarthJustice

Kelly Ferguson

Director, Sustainable City Solutions, LA Cleantech Incubator

Shin-pei Tsay

Director of Policy, Cities and Transportation, Uber

David Havelick

Sustainability Manager, Harvard University

Russ Musgrove

Managing Director, Express, FedEx

Katie Lebling

Associate, Climate Program, World Resources Institute

Jarami Bond

Chief Storyteller, Bond Studio

Katie Hoffman

Entrepreneur in Residence, New Energy Nexus

Sandra Kwak

Founder and CEO, 10Power

Josiah Hunt

Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Biochar

Pavan Sukhdev

President, WWF International

Clay Nesler

VP, Global Energy and Sustainability, Johnson Controls

Danielle Nierenberg

Co-Founder, Food Tank

Meera Clark

Senior Associate, Obvious Ventures

Ashish Gadnis

CEO, Co-Founder, BanQu

Chantal Emmanuel

CTO, Cofounder, Limeloop

Jackie Suggitt

Stakeholder Engagement Director, ReFED

Danny Cullenward

Policy Director, CarbonPlan

Sue Gander

Managing Director of Electric Vehicle Policy, The Electrification Coalition

Oliver Peoples

President and Chief Executive Officer, Yield10 Bioscience

Meg Wilcox

Environmental Journalist, Freelance

Winston Chen

Renewable Energy Manager, Mars

Megan Lorenzen

Sustainability Manager, Salesforce

Kyle Harrison

Senior Associate, Corporate Sustainability, Bloomberg/BNEF

Bryn Baker

Director, Policy Innovation, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Chris Pennington

Global Energy Manager, Iron Mountain

Greg Miller

PhD Candidate, University of California Davis

Karen Scanlon

VP of Sustainability Partnerships, Dairy Management Inc

Zach Freeze

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Sustainability, Walmart

Ben Packard

Executive Director, EarthLab, University of Washington

Hannon Rasool

Deputy Director, Fuels and Transportation Division, California Energy Commission

Kyle Wiens

CEO, iFixit

Kevin Moss

Global Director, Center For Sustainable Business, World Resources Institute

Yakaira Nunez

Senior Director, Salesforce

Andy Jefferson

Director of Transportation, Genentech

George Hodge

Global Head of Supply Chain, CDP

John DeDea

Director Global Energy Procurement, UPS

Peter Asmus

Research Director, Guidehouse Insights (Navigant)

Rahwa Ghirmatzion

Executive Director, PUSH Buffalo

Jeremy Baines

President, US division, Neste

Janie Hipp

CEO, Native American Agriculture Fund

Jad Daley

President & CEO, American Forests

Mark Eastham

Senior Manager, Sustainability, Walmart

Carla Peterman

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, Southern California Edison (SCE)

Erin Simon

Head, Plastic Waste + Business, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

David Ceaser

Lead Agronomist, Agritecture Consulting

Erin Burns

Director of Policy, Carbon180

Stacy Kauk

Director, Sustainability Fund, Shopify

Shaun Meehan

Co-Founder, Charm Industrial

Mike Roeth

Executive Director, NACFE

Katie Fehrenbacher

Senior Writer, VERGE Transport, GreenBiz

Dylan Siegler

Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Verizon

Deanna Bratter

Head of Sustainable Development, Danone North America

Nina Goodrich

Executive Director, & Director, & SPC

christine weydig

Director of the Office of Environmental and Energy Programs, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Mark Herrema

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Newlight Technologies

Marisa Guber

Partnerships Manager, Cradle to Cradle Certified

Barbara Haya

Research Fellow, University of California at Berkeley

Heather Tansey

Sustainability Director, Cargill

Anne Goodchild

Founding Director, Urban Freight Lab, University of Washington

Bill Gross

Founder and Chairman, IdeaLab

Ramé Hemstreet

Chief Energy Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Ashima Sukhdev

Government & Cities Programme Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Michelle Tulac

New York City, Activation Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Jennifer Wagner

President, CarbonCure Technologies

Jessica Vieira

Director of Sustainability, Apeel Sciences

Raoul Sreenivasan

Director, Amazon Air, Amazon

Lauren Riley

Managing Director, Global Environmental Affairs & Sustainability, United Airlines

Emma Armstrong

Executive Director, Anthesis

Erin Craig

Vice President, 3Degrees

Mary Nichols

Chair, California Air Resources Board (CARB)

Monica McBride

Director of Agricultural and Environmental Metrics, WWF

Sara Eckhouse

Executive Director, FoodShot Global

cliff rechtschaffen

Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission

Kelly Erhart

Co-Founder & Director of Development, Project Vesta

Don Wingate

Vice President – Microgrid Solutions & Strategic Alliances, Schneider Electric

Greg Rau

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Planetary Hydrogen

Elizabeth Yeampierre

Executive Director, UPROSE

Steve Myrick

Vice President of Operations, Memphis Meats

Sara Neff

Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Kilroy Realy

Jennifer Snook

Manager, Supply Chain and International Collaboration, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Dana Clare Redden

Founder, Solar Stewards

Quoc Pham

Key Account Manager | Data Centers, Wartsila

Priya Barua

Deputy Director, Market Innovation & Utility Engagement, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Maud Texier

Carbon Free Energy Lead, Google

Amy Skoczlas Cole

Executive Vice President, Trust in Food

Daniel Thompson

Head of Marketing & Business Development, Schneider Electric

Maeve Tropf

Supervisor of Energy, Climate and Renewables, Steelcase

Dane Parker

Chief Sustainability Officer, General Motors

Safia Qureshi

Founder & CEO, CupClub

Deonna Anderson

Associate Editor, Greenbiz

Deborah Drew

Social Impact Lead, Business Center, World Resources Institute

Christina Page

Business Partnerships, Climate Interactive

Meserete Davis

Culinary Education Training Developer, New York City Department of Education

Emma Fuller

Director of Sustainability Science, Granular

Holly Buck

Assistant Professor of Environment & Sustainability, University at Buffalo

Ari Marder

Co-Founder, OpenAir Collective

SaLisa Berrien, COI Energy

CEO, COI Energy

Miranda Ballentine

CEO, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Melissa Lott

Lead of the Power Sector Research Initiative, Columbia University's SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy

Holly Kaufman

President, Environment & Enterprise Strategies

Chandra Farley

Just Energy Director, Partnership for Southern Equity

Heather Clancy

Editorial Director, Greenbiz

Chris Magwood

Executive Director, Endeavour Center

Allison Wolff

CEO, Vibrant Planet

Alexis Cureton

California State Lead, Clean Energy and Equity, NRDC