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Velocity Creative Accelerator Demo Day

126 people attended

Meet the 2020 Velocity Creative Accelerator Cohort + Hear them Pitch!

The Center for Creative Economy's 2020 Velocity Creative Accelerator cohort includes 10 teams of diverse businesses ranging from haptic gaming, networks to connect creatives, hair care and beauty enthusiasts, and a platform enabling musicians to live stream.  Also included are culinary creations, mental engagement training, and real estate tech! 

These teams represent a wide and diverse geographic range from Winston-Salem, Seattle, Cleveland, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Malaga (Spain), and Lyon (France). Learn more about this year's cohort or view the 2020 Velocity Booklet.

For 9-weeks, the startups have focused on customer development, financial forecasting, business model, and product-market fit. CCE has customized this experience with weekly content sessions and introductions to expert mentors to guide them through the program. 

We invite you to join us for Demo Day on October 1st. You can meet the Velocity cohort, explore the virtual demo tables, and hear them pitch!

Here are a few tips to make the best out of Demo Day after you've registered:
  1. You can learn how to use the platform (navigate the agenda, network with attendees & speakers and interact with our sponsors) by watching this 2-minute video.
  2. Mark your calendar to save the date.
  3. You can already create your profile by opening the email you have received from [email protected] titled “Invitation to online event - Velocity Creative Accelerator Demo Day”.
  4. Feel free to invite your friends & co-workers by sharing this link with them:

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Final Pitches
Leon RUBINSTEIN Sheyna Garicano
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Meet the 2020 Velocity Cohort
Visit the virtual demo tables of the 2020 Velocity Cohort!
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Hear the 2020 Velocity 2020 Cohort Pitch
It's time to pitch! Hear the 10 startups give their 2 minute pitch.


Destinee Charles

Center for Creative Economy, Program Coordinator

Sheyna Garicano

OWO Game, Head of Communications | 2020 Velocity Cohort

Margaret Collins

Center for Creative Economy, Founding Executive Director

Daryl Shaw

Royalty Marketing, Founder | Demo Day Emcee

Josh McGee

Y'all Company, Inc., Founder | 2020 Velocity Cohort

Fernando Turrent

LiveMo, Founder | 2020 Velocity Cohort

AEli Dell

Upshots, Founder | 2020 Velocity Cohort

Chelsea Goodwin

The Agent Accelerator, Founder | 2020 Velocity Cohort


Mobiiuz, Founder | 2020 Velocity Cohort

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Center for Creative Economy

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The Agent Accelerator

2020 Velocity Cohort


2020 Velocity Cohort


2020 Velocity Cohort


2020 Velocity Cohort


2020 Velocity Cohort


2020 Velocity Cohort


2020 Velocity Cohort


2020 Velocity Cohort

Y'all Company

2020 Velocity Cohort