URx TDP: Breaking into Product Design, UX Research, and UX Writing with Lyft

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Due to COVID-19, the URx community saw firsthand the difficult decisions of employers canceling their internship programs. URx wanted to provide the students with an opportunity to gain professional development knowledge and skills over the summer. The URx Talent Development Program is a series of customized workshops hosted by different employers. These workshops will help students in their professional development to prepare for the fall recruitment season.

URx is partnering with design professionals from Lyft and is excited to share more about their work and provide students with advice on how to build a career in design! They’ll share about their day-to-day work and recruiting tips, including what they look for in portfolios and interviews, how to work cross-functionally in a fast-moving tech space, challenges and learnings along the way, and the best part of our jobs! 


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Breaking into Product Design, UX Research, and UX Writing

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