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UK University Diversity in Esports Conference 2020

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Why a conference on diversity?
Gaming is for everyone but competitive gaming is very male dominated. Women in Games want to encourage University Esports and Gaming clubs and societies to be more inclusive, welcoming more women and non-binary students, and is hosting this online event to discuss thoughts and recommendations from invited speakers.

This conference is aimed at everyone attending a UK university who is or wants to be a part of a gaming or esports club or society, or has responsibilities for a club or society at a university or college. Whilst targeted at universities in the UK, there should be parallels for students and staff at universities in other countries.

Attendees will learn about initiatives and best practice being developed at individual universities. Women in Games is also preparing a set of guidelines or recommendations in this area that have been drafted in consultation with tournament organisers, The NUEL and existing individual clubs and societies. This event forms part of the consultation process. All attendees will be sent these guidelines when they have been finalised.

Only those registered in advance on the Hopin platform will be able to attend this event. All attendees will be able reach out and message and chat with other attendees. This event will be a great opportunity to meet players and committee members from other universities.

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About Women in Games
Women in Games WIGJ is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to achieving our vision for a games and esports industry, culture and community free of gender discrimination, where full equity and parity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all backgrounds, to achieve their full potential

Women in Games Educational Ambassadors
The University of Roehampton is the first Educational Ambassador amongst UK universities demonstrating its commitment to diversity in gaming on campus. If your university is interested in this programme, please contact marketing AT






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· Stage
Introduction from Women in Games CEO, Marie-Claire Isaaman
marie-claire isaaman
· Stage
Scholarships and Diversity in Esports from the University of Roehampton
Jonas Kontautas
· Stage
Introduction from WIGJ Esports Lead, David Smith
David Smith
· Stage
Equal Opportunities from the University of Warwick
Harry Smith
· Stage
Women in Games Panel discuss Diversity Guidelines
David Smith Mercedes-Georgia  Mayes Jonas Kontautas Harry Smith
· Stage
Practical methods of increasing inclusion for women in campus gaming.
Abby Reynolds Angela Lukic Tasha Jones Anisah Munim
· Stage
Closing remarks Women in Games CEO, Marie-Claire Isaaman
marie-claire isaaman


Charly Harbord

Chat Manager

Abby Reynolds

Society Sabbatical Officer, Loughborough Students' Unions

Angela Lukic

Former President of Newcastle University’s Gaming & Esports Society

marie-claire isaaman

CEO, Women in Games and Host

Mercedes-Georgia Mayes

President of Royal Holloway's Games Society

David Smith

Esports Lead, Women in Games and Moderator

Anisah Munim

League of Legends Product Manager, The NUEL

Harry Smith

Equal Opportunities Officer, Warwick Esports

Tasha Jones

Creative Director, The NUEL

Jonas Kontautas

Esports Coordinator, University of Roehampton

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Women in Games WIGJ

Women in Games WIGJ is the not for profit organisation that seeks a games and esports industry, culture and community free of gender discrimination.

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