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Tourism Innovation Summit 2020

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The Tourism Innovation Summit (TIS) is a space created in the Caribbean to facilitate an exchange of ideas and resources that spur interest, inspire collaboration, and attract strategic investments at a regional level in the tourism sector for its sustainable growth.  Considering the Caribbean's unique assets, mainstream and niche market opportunities for tourism abound, although existing offerings are limited in scope and in their capacity to meet potential tourism demand and international standards. These limitations are in fact a golden opportunity for those currently steering the tourism development strategy.  An untapped market, Haiti’s tourism sector can be reframed and collaborations forged with the purpose of offering unique experiences within art, music, history, development, ecology, and more.  Furthermore, considering world population growth prospects and the increasing number of tourists seeking destinations that are undiscovered and protected, it is important to consider the potential of tourism in all its facets as we seek to structure and further develop this industry in Haiti.

From The Founder

To lead the first edition of the Tourism Innovation Summit has been an incredible journey that had not been possible without all the support we have gained on the way from so many different people and places, especially from our great team of leaders and volunteers. Today we are many to share the vision and to help it grow. To run an event organization is a challenge, even more, challenging in a time where we have to deal with a pandemic like COVID-19. We can never take anything for granted in our survival or in our development. It takes patience, collaboration, cost-effectiveness, and voluntary efforts to be able to put together such an amazing platform. There have not been many days of rest in the creation of what we build today, but there is comfort in seeing the effects of the many projects and successful meeting grounds we have been a part of creating. Again this year we are glad to introduce the second annual Tourism Innovation Summit allowing a limited people on-site and online to experience the historic potentials of the city of Cap-Haitien from October 30 to November 1st. The connection we continue to create internationally fills a void in the industry, especially in Haiti, other key parts in the Caribbean Region. In the name of our amazing team, I would love to renew our commitment to continue our strategic collaboration with our partners in bringing Business leaders,  officials elected, and tourism professionals together, and supporting micro-entrepreneur in the tourism industry by facilitating their connection to a larger network, and the growth of their businesses. We welcome you to a unique experience for TIS2020 with our 50/50 format. Let’s build the future together

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things in the world and impacted the tourism sector like never before. Several significant scale events have been postponed or transitioned to virtual-events. As we are trying to create a balance and facilitate the participation of all our speakers, business leaders, and tourism professionals in Haiti and abroad. TIS team has decided to introduce the TIS5050 format to reduce the number of participants on sites to respect the safe Global distance guideline developed by WHO, the Ministry of Tourism, and ATH, while extending our online participation through A virtual event platform, which will allow those who cannot travel to partake in our different activities. This program will enable participants, partners, and sponsors to have one and one meeting and discussion.  This year Tourism Innovation Summit is also partnering with a Virtual Reality (VR) company to develop a tour of Cap-Haitien. People will be able to experience On-Site during the tourism Innovation Summit and Online with their VR headset. We want you to have an experience bigger than behind a laptop, and we want you to experience the event like you were on site.

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· Stage
Stronger Cities, Stronger Citizen and Shared responsibilities
Re-framing citizenship as an on-going and creative collaboration between businesses and government institutions, and communities,
· Sessions
How International Tour Agencies can Boost Local Tour Operators
This panel is geared towards Tour Operators. There are many tour operators both local and international, how do you differentiate your business from the rest.
· Sessions
The Importance of Local Events for Positioning of Tourist Destination
An interactive talk curated around inclusiveness. How event coordinators can collaborate with other people in the industry?
· Networking
Networking Session
Take time to meet other attendees and visit our Online expo
· Sessions
Puting citizens at the heart of city development
This panel gear towards the role of citizens in their community and city. (Shared Responsibilities)
· Sessions
A new kind of future: Building [ON] Narrative
Narrative is very important in changing the perception about a country. this panel we will discuss how we can leverage Social media to change the Narrative
· Sessions
The Role of Local Governments In Sustainable Cities
· Expo
Launching Cocktail | Women in Tourism
Celebrating powerful women in the tourism sector in Haiti Sponsored by the US Embassy in Haiti


Theresa Tran

How Sports Can Help Drive Local Tourism

kerby zephyrin

How International Tour and Event Agencies can Boost Local Tour Operators


How Communication Can Impact the Tourism Sector in a Positive Way

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