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The People's Opioid Summit


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Are you addicted to opioids? Is a loved one? If so, there's a good chance you feel like Opioid Use Disorder is destroying your life and you feel helpless to stop it. Well, you are not alone, and you are not helpless.  The People’s Opioid Summit was built for you - filled with people who care, people who can provide information and resources, and people who know the road you are on.  We invite you to spend the day with us. Engage in our presentations, talk to folks who know what you’ve been through, and visit with doctors, health professionals, care givers and other service providers that want to help you find your answers. Thank you for being here and taking your first step. We are proud to be of service to you.

Has your life or that of a family member been torn apart by opioid addiction?
Have you been struggling to find solutions to help and care for someone suffering from Opioid Use Disorder?
Do you feel alone?
Are you looking for help and resources to reclaim your life?
Come out of the shadows and join us for a day of loving acceptance and support.

  • Hear from people who can help make sense of what you are going through.
  • Learn about the resources available to you right in your community.
  • Talk to people who have been through the same nightmare.
  • Get answers to your most pressing and urgent problems.
  • Get the resources you need.

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Welcome to The People's Opioid Summit!
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Welcome to The People's Opioid Summit
Marilyn Shannon
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An Athelete's Outlook: The Pressure to Perform - Shane Willis
An Athelete's Outlook: The Pressure to Perform, featured presentation from Shane Willis.
Shane Willis
· Sessions
Breakout Session - Holistic Methods
Part of Breakout Sessions Block #1 - Hear experts in holistic methods of helping those affected by the Opioid Epidemic share their knowledge.
Nora Henderson Debbie Orol Monique Santoro
· Sessions
Breakout Session - Recognition & Medical Alternatives
Part of Breakout Sessions Block #1 - Hear from medical experts Aysel Atli, MD, MPH, Dr. Robert Bruck, Flo Moses, PT.
Aysel Atli Robert Bruck Flo Moses
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Panel Discussion - Survivors and Family of Opioid Addiction
Hear stories from survivors of opioid addiction and their family members in this panel with Stan Beacham, Tonya Stockton, Niki Norlock and Timothy Marini.
Tanya Stockton Niki Norlock Stan Beacham Timothy Marini Marilyn Shannon
· Sessions
Breakout Session - The Impact of Addiction on Young People
A Breakout Discussion on how addiction and the Opioid Epidemic affect the lives of children and teens.
Smythe Hoover Manny Shelton
· Sessions
JoCo Angels Panel Discussion - Building A Community
Panel Discussion with membersr of the Johnston County (JoCo) Angels, a group dedicated to supporting those affected by Opioid Addiction.
Roxie Bennett Eddie Bennett Kelly Blas Phyllis Bryant Danette Jernigan Clay Sturgill Rhonda Toppings
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Lunch Break - Meet Our Vendors
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Keynote Presentation - Steve Mange
"An Update on Efforts to Address the Opioid Epidemic in North Carolina" Keynote presentation from Steve Mange from the NC DOJ.
Steve Mange Marilyn Shannon
· Sessions
Breakout Session - Addressing the Trauma Beneath Addiction
A breakout discussion on the trauma which can lead to addiction. With Joshua Dittmer, MD., Dr. Jamila Battle, and Aynisa Leonardo.
Jamila Battle Joshua Dittmer Aynisa Leonardo
· Sessions
Breakout Session - Recognizing the Outbreak of Opioid Abuse
Dr. Eric Morse on recognition of the Opioid Epidemic, and how it affects your community.
Eric Morse
· Sessions
Breakout Session - On Grief and Self Care following the loss of a loved one.
Breakout Session - "How to Grieve the Physical and Emotional Losses Associated with Opioid Use" with Nancy Loeffler, Amber Vreeland, and Stephanie Hoover
Stephanie Hoover Nancy Loeffler Amber Vreeland
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Visit Our Sponsors & Vendors!
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Breakout Session - Opioid Overdose Response
The PORT Team discusses how to respond to an Opioid Overdose emergency.
Jeffrey Halbstein-Harris Nicole Singletary
· Sessions
Breakout Session - Insurance, Finances and Language
Carlyle Johnson, PhD., Michael Lewis CFA, MBA, and Donald McDonald on how to deal with insurance, finances and the language surrounding Opioid Addiction.
Michael Lewis Donald McDonald Carlyle Johnson
· Sessions
Breakout Session - Ask A Pharmacist
Ask Amanda J. Isac MPH at PharmD your questions about prescription drugs and pain management in this breakout Q&A
Amanda Isac
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My Story of Addiction - Sex Work to Fulfilling Recovery - Gina Musa
Hear Regina (Gina) Musa's remarkable story of recovery.
Regina Musa
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Closing Remarks
Thank you for attending The People's Opioid Summit!
Marilyn Shannon


Carlyle Johnson

PhD, Director, Provider Network Strategy and Initiatives at Alliance Health

Tanya Stockton

Lost her elder son to Opioid Addiction, her younger son is in recovery

Eric Morse

Carolina Performance - Addiction & Sports Psychiatrist

Rhonda Toppings

Lost her son to suicide after battling opioid addiction

Clay Sturgill

Formerly addicted to prescription painkillers, clean and sober for several years

Danette Jernigan

Lost daughter to an accidental fentanyl overdose

Phyllis Bryant

Mother to a young person in recovery.

Kelly Blas

Lost her son to suicide using prescription opioids

Eddie Bennett

Lost his son in 2017 to an accidental heroin overdose.

Roxie Bennett

Lost her son in 2017 to an accidental heroin overdose.

Timothy Marini

Substance free since 2017!

Stan Beacham

Lost his mother and two brothers to addiction.

Niki Norlock

Overcame Opioid Addiction

Amber Vreeland

FirstHealth of the Carolinas - SUD / OUD Recovery Specialist

Manny Shelton

JoCo Angels - Member

Marilyn Shannon

Carolina Performance - Speaker, Author, Life/Business Coach

Monique Santoro

Speaker - Chinese Medicine & The Opioid Epidemic

Nicole Singletary

Wake County Government

Jeffrey Halbstein-Harris

Wake County Government

Debbie Orol

Holistic Health Coach

Flo Moses

Sports & More Physical Therapy, Inc - Physical Therapist, Co-Owner

Donald McDonald - Behavioral Health Recovery Consultant

Nancy Loeffler

Being with Grief - Founder

Michael Lewis

CFA, MBA - Tutor Financial Advisors, LLC - Founder, CFA, MBA

Aynisa Leonardo

Long Island Center for Recovery - Director of Training, Education, and First Responder Services

Amanda Isac

NC Division of Public Health, Health Park Pharmacy - Pharmacist

Stephanie Hoover

FirstHealth of the Carolinas - Peer Coordinator

Smythe Hoover

Lost his brother to Opioids

Nora Henderson

Brain Fitness Specialists of America - Director of Operations

Joshua Dittmer

MD, Carolina Performance - Addiction & General Psychiatrist

Robert Bruck

Hempire Capital, Inc. - President of Research And Development

Jamila Battle

Carolina Performance - Family/Sleep/Addiction Medicine Physician

Aysel Atli

MD, MPH - Triangle Pain Consultants - Founder, Pain Specialist

Regina Musa

Rural Outreach & Networking Coordinator - UNC IPRC

Steve Mange

Senior Policy & Strategy Counsel at North Carolina DoJ

Shane Willis

Senior Policy & Strategy Council Director at the North Carolina Department of Justice

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The People's Opioid Summit

The People’s Opioid Summit brings together Opioid Use Disorder subject matter experts of all types.

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