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The Brainstorms Festival - Of Men and Machines

The Brainstorms Festival is a two-day business and human-oriented tech event, where scientists, start-ups, investors, clinicians, and the curious can mingle, learn, and discuss what currently is in the making. It’s an online playground for visionaries with dozens of medical innovations, panel discussions, workshops and hackathons for driving neurotech and AI innovation. Join us and see what the future will look like when it is done right.

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Day1 – Of men

Prof. Paul Dolan
The money, job, marriage myth: are you happy yet?
Stories we are told about how to live can make many of us miserable, and will discuss ways in which we can avoid these narrative traps and be a little bit happier.

Prof. Russell Foster
Faulty body clock and mental illness
This talk will consider the relationships between sleep and disease, examples of how sleep consolidation can lead to better health, and how measures of sleep could be used as a powerful diagnostic across the health spectrum.

Humans often make irrational economic choices that conventional economic theories can’t explain. Neuroeconomics bridges the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, and economics to find out how economic decision-making actually happens in the brain.

Ethical implications of modern technologies
Panel Discussion 
Brain-computer interfacing, neuromorphic chips, smart devices in healthcare, and other emerging technologies offer great promise but also raise serious ethical questions we must answer before it’s too late

Day2 – Of machines 

Prof Priya Panda
Towards robust and energy-efficient spike based machine intelligence
An overview of the recent efforts in Spiking Neural Networks, in both algorithm and hardware, addressing the limitations and advantages of spike-driven learning and computations.

Brain-computer interfacing: latest achievements
Brain-computer interfaces give humans the ability to directly control machines with their minds. The anticipated applications include improving health, education, and entertainment. How far is that future?

Linking the human nervous system to computers is providing unprecedented control of artificial limbs and restoring lost sensory function. This talk will discuss the latest developments.

Read & Write Brain
Optogenetics allowed researchers to implant a false memory into a mouse nearly a decade ago. How long is it until we can apply such techniques to treat neuropsychiatic diseases?

A.I. and human rights: between man and machine
Panel Discussion
The first recorded case of a pedestrian fatality involving a self-driving car was reported in 2018. As AI continues to find its way into our daily lives, its interference with human rights is inevitable. Is our justice system ready?


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