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The Big Reset: From a Crisis Mode To Entrepreneurial Mindset

1749 people attended
"When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters - one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity," John F. Kennedy once said. We would like to explore the second option: could the current crisis be an opportunity for Bulgaria, and if so - of what kind?

Why now is the time for the Big Reset?

Regardless of whether what we do and how we go through the next several months and the different secondary crises related to COVID-19, one is clear - things we’ve taken for granted will inevitably change. Some for good. And some for better. Some things may come back to the old normal, but there will also be a new normal that includes the new learnings, models, and mindsets we are currently adopting. Historically, crises have always boosted innovation in one way or another. This is what we want to put on the agenda now. 

What to expect from the Big Reset Days? 

The Big Reset Days are a platform for discussion that aims to lay the foundation for concrete actions around the following topics: 

  • Track One: Opportunities for the Ecosystem (11.-12.05.)
    How can we use the momentum and turn our popular outsourcing destination into the Top Innovation Hub in CEE?

  • Track Two: Business Innovation (12.05.)
    What are the new business models that will change the game for startups, for corporations, social enterprises, and why not - for the public sector?

  • Track Three: Future of Work (13.05.)
    What is the future of work? What lesson did we learn from the remote mode in the last weeks about leadership, productivity, and the skills we need to develop as IT professionals?

  • Track Four: The Crisis as a Catalyst for Social Innovation (14.05.)
    We want to examine what could be sustainable business models of social enterprises, but also what is the state and challenges social entrepreneurs in Bulgaria face?

For four days in four major tracks, entrepreneurs, leaders, experts, community builders, and policy-makers will discuss and explore opportunities in various digital forms webinars and roundtables, online keynotes and fireside chats, analytical articles, video interviews and case studies, side events hosted by partners, a virtual expo. 

Different forms, but one common goal: Let’s make some lemonade together!

Who should attend?

  • Ecosystem builders and trendsetters who want to co-create the future of Bulgaria
  • Startup founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking for ideas to reinvent their companies
  • IT professionals  and product managers interested in finding solutions to the problems that slow down the development of of the local tech industry
  • Tech job seekers who want to connect with innovative employers
  • HRs and recruiters who wish to join the discussion about the occurring and upcoming changes in talent development and employee engagement  
  • Corporate professionals looking to explore ways to innovate and adapt to the new reality
  • Students deciding what to do next, what passion to pursue, and what skills to learn 
  • Everyone looking to make room for a positive change - in their life, work, or for our society as a whole

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· Stage
THE BIG reSTART (Opening)
Irina Obushtarova Alexandra Kozbunarova
· Stage
Webinar Track One: From an Outsourcing Destination to an Innovation Hub (hosted by Trending Topics)
Mihail Mateev Vesko Kolev Vassil Terziev
· Stage
Keynote Track Two: Pivoting Companies during the Downturn by Emilie Sydney-Smith, CEO @ ExO Works
Emilie Sydney-Smith
· Sessions
No Time to Die: Overcoming а Crisis Mindset (hosted by Endeavor)
Momchil Vassilev Hristo Hristov Alexandra Kozbunarova
· Sessions
Recession-proof Fundraising: Investors Share Their Advice - Panel Discussion (hosted by LAUNCHub Ventures)
Michael Schuster Mina Mutafchieva Todor Breshkov
· Expo
Open Hours @ Leanplum
· Sessions
An Economic Impact Analysis on the Bulgarian Ecosystem during the COVID-19 - Key Findings & Proposed Solutions (Q&A hosted by BESCO)
Natanail Stefanov
· Sessions
European Venture Capital: Market and Policy Perspectives - Fireside chat with Martin Bresson, Invest Europe and Maria Marinova, Bulgarian Venture Capital Association (BVCA)
Maria S. Marinova Martin  Bresson
· Sessions
Business as Unusual Lens (hosted by Launchlabs)
Elina Zheleva Angel Spasov
· Expo
Open Hours @ Leanplum
· Sessions
Engaging with your Customers on Еvery Channel: Leanplum and Mobile Marketing 101 (hosted by Leanplum)
Nathan Ceulemans
· Sessions
Understand the Elements of Regional Innovation Ecosystems (Special Guest Ludovit Garzik, InnovationOrbit)
Irina Obushtarova Ludovit Garzik
· Expo
Open Hours @ VMware
· Sessions
Fintech Destination Bulgaria: New Opportunities & Challenges (hosted by Bulgarian Fintech Association)
Veselina  Markova Ivo  Vasilev Ivaylo Ivanov Valeri Valtchev Gergana Stoichkova
· Stage
Webinar Track Two: The Long-Term Value of Innovation in Times of Crisis (hosted by Trending Topics)
Stefan Zlatev Stefan Atanassov Miroslav Gechev
· Sessions
Adapting business operations and products in order to cope with the recent challenges (hosted by ProductTank Sofia)
Diyan Mihaylov (Diddo)
· Stage
Keynote Track Three: Getting the Job Done: Conquering and Adapting to a Remote Lifestyle by Chris Lynch, Executive Chairman & CEO @ AtScale
Chris  Lynch
· Stage
Keynote Track Three: Creative Leadership for a New Era of Work (by Elina Zheleva & Kristina Petrova, Launchlabs)
Elina Zheleva Kristina Petrova
· Sessions
Impact of the Crisis on Local Talent Market (hosted by Noble Hire)
Georgi Ivanov ivan vankov
· Expo
Open Hours @ Leanplum
· Sessions
Reskilling & Upskilling: Or How to Remain Relevant through the Crisis (hosted by Telerik Academy)
Ina Dobrilova Telerik Academy
· Sessions
Navigating the Storm: Basic Principles of Leadership in Times of Crisis (Training lead by Mihail Stefanov)
Mihail  Stefanov Zornitza Iankova
· Sessions
А Strong Employer Brand: The Nuts & Bolts of Employee Value Proposition (Fireside Chat with Maria Atanasova, Human Capital Director @ Progress)
Maria Atanasova Irina Obushtarova
· Expo
Open Hours @ Leanplum
· Sessions
Women in Times of Transformation. Impact with Femininity (hosted by BCWT)
Irina Altunova
· Sessions
Human Layer Security: Remote Work and Personal Resilience (hosted by BULPROS)
Lyubomir Tulev Pavel Yosifov
· Expo
Open Hours @ VMware
· Stage
Webinar Track Three: Remote Mode is the New Black (hosted by Trending Topics)
Todor Kolev Diana  Stefanova Radoslav Stankov Svetozar Georgiev Velina Getova
· Stage
Sustainable Social Innovation - Beyond NGOs and Grants – Fireside Chat with Nancy Schiller, President & CEO of the America for Bulgaria Foundation
Alexandra Kozbunarova Nancy Schiller
· Stage
Keynote Track Four: The Crisis as a Catalyst for Social Entrepreneurship (by Bhushan Trivedi)
Bhushan Trivedi
· Stage
Webinar Track Four: The Crisis as a Catalyst for Social Innovation (hosted by Trending Topics)
Christopher Hutchison Lachezar Afrikanov Emiliya Angelova Bhushan Trivedi Iva Gumnishka
· Sessions
Hacking the Crisis through Entrepreneurial Mindset (from ABC to PhD and Beyond) (hosted by JA Bulgaria)
Milena Stoycheva
· Sessions
Hack the Crisis @Bulgaria (Demo Session hosted by Power of BG)
Mina Draganova Zanni Sabev
· Sessions
How Does the Give-Get Culture Help us in Times of Crises? The Changemakers Club - Shaping Our Tomorrow. (hosted by MOVE.BG)
Bratan Bratanov Elena  Nikolova Karina Karagaeva Gergana Daneva Stela Dragova Ed Tsvetanov Vladimir Vasilev Spas Kerimov Ivaylo Bonev Olga Mineva
· Sessions
Social Innovation in Times of Change: Examples from the Network of Reach for Change (Demo Session hosted by Reach for Change)
Shanga Aziz Dessy Gavrilova Yuriy Vulkovsky
· Expo
Open Hours @ Leanplum
· Stage
Restart... to be continued.
Irina Obushtarova Alexandra Kozbunarova Launchee ‎ Etien Yovchev Roberta Kostadinova Yordan Mihaylov


Maria S. Marinova

Director @ BVCA

Nathan Ceulemans

Account Executive @ Leanplum

Hristo Hristov

Board Member @ Endeavor, Investor & Media Visionary

Martin Bresson

Public Affairs Director @ Invest Europe

ivan vankov

(gatakka), Principal blockchain architect and IBM Champion

Diana Stefanova

Vice President of Global Site Strategy @ VMware

Veronika Petrova

Design Researcher @ Launchlabs

Yordan Mihaylov


Olga Mineva

Organisational Psychologist

Vladimir Vasilev

Marketing & Sales Manager @ Pollenity

Milena Stoycheva

CEO @ JA Bulgaria

Roberta Kostadinova

Event Manager @ Trending Topics

Etien Yovchev

The Social Media Machine & Innovation Journalist @ Trending Topics SEE

Valeri Valtchev

Co-founder @ Paynetics

Ivaylo Ivanov

CEO @ Iuvo

Launchee ‎

CEO & Cofounder @Launchee

Todor Breshkov

Co-founder & Managing Partner @ LAUNCHub

Michael Schuster

Partner @ Speedinvest

Ludovit Garzik

Founder @ InnovationOrbit

Miroslav Gechev

CEO and Co-Founder @ Develiot

Gergana Stoichkova

Director @ Bulgarian Fintech Association

Mihail Stefanov

Expert, Advisor, Trainer @ Communications for Impact

Irina Obushtarova

Managing Director @ Trending Topics

Alexandra Kozbunarova

Content Lead @ Trending Topics

Diyan Mihaylov (Diddo)

Co-Founder @ ProductTank Sofia

Stela Dragova

Director Customer Value Management @ Telenor

Mina Mutafchieva

Principal @ Dawn Capital

Ivaylo Bonev

Co-Founder @ Technokrati

Irina Altunova

Coordinator @ MOVE.BG

Vassil Terziev

Partner @ Eleven Ventures, Campus X

Elina Zheleva

Managing Director @ launchlabs

Spas Kerimov

Founder & CEO @ Printivo

Radoslav Stankov

Head of Engineering @ ProductHunt

Mihail Mateev

Member @ Microsoft Regional Director Program, #Js.Talks

Svetozar Georgiev

Co-Founder @ Telerik Academy

Plamena Dimitrova

Communication Manager @ Reach for Change

Velina Getova

Founder @ NotYourTherapy

Christopher Hutchison

CTO @ ProsFit

Lachezar Afrikanov

Co-Founder @ Social Innovators Bulgaria

Ed Tsvetanov

Communication Manager @ Revolut

Momchil Vassilev

Managing Director @ Endeavor Bulgaria

Stefan Zlatev

Investor @ Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Angel Spasov

Design Thinking And Service Design Couch @ Launchlabs

Maria Atanasova

Human Capital Director @ Progress

Zornitza Iankova

Chief Human Resources Officer @ ScaleFocus

Gergana Daneva

Co-working & Event Manager @ MOVE.BG

Karina Karagaeva

Managing Partner @ Human business Studio

Emiliya Angelova

Partner @ EmpactFund

Elena Nikolova

Co-founder @ Escreo

Telerik Academy


Ivo Vasilev

CEO & Refounder @ Reloyalty

Natanail Stefanov

Chairman @ BESCO

Stefan Atanassov

Chief Product Officer @ ProSiebenSat.1

Bhushan Trivedi

Social Entrepreneur

Kristina Petrova

Strategy Director @ Launchlabs

Shanga Aziz

Co-Founder @ Locker Room Talk

Zanni Sabev

Catalyzer Hack the Crisis @Bulgaria

Pavel Yosifov

Offering Business Development Manager @ BULPROS

Lyubomir Tulev

Chief Cyber Security Architect & Business Information Security Consultant @ BULPROS

Bratan Bratanov

Program Manager @ MOVE.BG

Vesko Kolev

VP Product @ Progress

Ina Dobrilova

PR and Marketing Manager @ Telerik Academy

Yuriy Vulkovsky

Managing Director @ Reach for Change Bulgaria

Georgi Ivanov

Founder & CEO @ Noble Hire

Dessy Gavrilova

Co-founder @ Knigovishte

Iva Gumnishka

Founder of Humans in the Loop, Social Entrereneur

Nancy Schiller

CEO of America for Bulgaria Foundation

Veselina Markova

Program Manager @ Eleven Ventures

Chris Lynch

Executive Chairman & CEO, AtScale

Mina Draganova

Power Team Member of Hack the Crisis @ Bulgaria

Emilie Sydney-Smith

CEO @ ExO Works

Todor Kolev

Technologist & Entrepreneur, Chairman @ Comrade Cooperative

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