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TEDxSFU 2020: Unravel

179 people attending
Welcome TEDxSFU 2020 Conference: Unravel!

Registration Information
Registering for this event will give you access to both Saturday November 14 and Sunday November 15 from 1:00PM to 5:00PM PST. To register for the event, please review each ticket option carefully before selecting the one you would like to register for. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the address listed at the bottom of this page.

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Ticket Information
General Admission: access to both conference dates, including 6 TEDxSFU talks each day, performances, and other activities.

Schedule Information
Each conference day will feature unique speakers and performances. With a total of 12 speakers, 6 speakers will take the TEDxSFU online stage each day. In addition, there will be different performances each day. Be sure to tune in on Saturday and Sunday so you do not miss out on any of the exciting talks and acts! Full schedule of the conference will be released closer to the conference dates.

TEDxSFU is an independently organized TEDx conference held every year in Vancouver, B.C. This year, we are celebrating our ten-year anniversary with the theme: Unravel. Our conference is organized entirely by student and alumni volunteers from Simon Fraser University, who dedicate their time in promoting TED’s vision of ideas worth spreading. At this conference, speakers will be unraveling various topics, register for the event to hear their TEDxSFU talks! Though our conference will be different this year, your experience of being able to listen, interact, and discuss with one another about something you learned from our two-day conference, will all be worthwhile.

About this year's theme
TEDxSFU Unravel explores a bottomless cavern of ideas by encouraging individuals to discover and dive deeper into various thoughts, understandings and approaches. Ideas can lie deeper than surface level, in order to go beyond the surface we choose to follow the paths of perspectives as stories and discoveries as they unfold. We dive into the details, the why, and the stories behind. We seek to investigate and decipher various topics. As the 10th anniversary of TEDxSFU we unravel the history and highlights of the past years while delving into a vast sea of ideas. Unravel ideas with us.

Speaker Lineup
Elisabeth Ormandy
La Carmina
Martin Bouchard
Yabome Gilpin-Jackson 
Emerald UnRuh 
Trystan Jones
Rana Faryad Ali 
Raaj Chatterjee
Juan Aguilar
Kip Chow
Meagan Woods 
Lee Beavington

For full bios and more information about the conference, please visit our website at

Should you require information about ticketing or have general questions about the event, please contact the team at [email protected]

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· Stage
Day 1 TEDxSFU: Unravel
Stay tuned for more details on the schedule for Day 1!
· Stage
Day 2 TEDxSFU: Unravel
Stay tuned for more details on the schedule for Day 2!


Yabome Gilpin-Jackson


Rana Faryad Ali

PhD student/researcher in Nanotechnology, Materials Chemistry/Nanomaterials Engineering

Meagan Woods

Writer, Choreographer, Costume Designer

Kip Chow

Autistic Educator

Lee Beavington

Biologist, Instructor and Learning Strategist

Martin Bouchard

Professor of Criminology

La Carmina

Travel, Fashion and Culture Blogger, Writer, and TV host


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TEDxSFU is an annual event held in Vancouver, B.C. promoting ideas worth spreading.

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