TechSPARK : Pitch Me!

PitchMe! allows startup founders the chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of experienced 'pitch listeners' in front of an audience, to get feedback, advice and questions to help them to hone both their ideas and their pitches!

We'll have 3 founders pitching for up to 10 minutes each, followed by insight and advice from our panel of pitch listeners : the brilliant Richard Godfrey, of Rocketmakers fame, Lisa Matthews, SETsquared's fabulous Business Incubation Manager & Richard Spilsbury, from Linkstone Advisory.

This week our pitchers are :-

Joyann Boyce, pitching AI software to identify bias in marketing content. The software will help companies to reach wider audiences and produce inclusive content.

Damon Rand pitching CEPRO, who plan, construct and operate fully managed community microgrids that support maximised installations of onsite renewables in both the new build and retrofit housing market

Dr Tomas Rawlings pitching Auroch Digital's Series A round; looking to raise capital to fund continued growth and the ongoing creation of new gaming IP with a focus on building up their data-intensive creative processes.

Timelines as follows :

12.30-1.45pm - Introductions & Pitching Session
1.45pm - Networking and Pitcher Meets

For potential future pitchers :

Have you got a great business idea that you’d like to pitch to some experienced entrepreneurs? Perhaps you’ve already got an established business that you would like to be able to present to investors or customers and just need a bit more practise!? Maybe you want to trial a new approach to your age-old pitch? Or would you just like to watch others pitching this time and see what feedback they get?

This is an informal and friendly event where you can pitch your business idea, hone your existing pitch, or come and see other business’s pitching. Whether you just want to showcase your product, or you are about to start your investment round, this is the perfect practise environment!

We'll have some experienced 'pitch listeners' and network leaders in the session to ask you questions and give you feedback, on both your pitch and your business idea, and we can also take questions and feedback from 'the crowd' aka the audience.

You can pitch for up to 10 minutes and we'll allow a further 10 mins for questions, feedback and advice to ensure you're pitch ready when it comes to the real deal.

We have 3 slots for pitching in each session, so if you'd like to pitch just grab a 'Pitcher' ticket and we'll be in contact about the next events. That’s it! Easy!

This is part of a series of events, which we are developing throughout the year as part of the wider Investment Activator Programme (check out for details) , so if you have any feedback about what else would be useful, do let us know!

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