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GFI's 2020 Symposium on Fermentation

3000 people attending

GFI's 2020 Symposium on Fermentation

An exploration of fermentation’s role in the alternative protein industry

We’re excited to bring you speakers and panelists from more than 18 organizations that are working to revolutionize the alternative protein industry through fermentation. 

Join us for the following sessions:
  • Fermentation 101 - a review of GFI's Fermentation State of the Industry Report
  • Traditional fermentation: Leveraging the power of biology to transform food ingredients
  • Biomass fermentation: Microorganisms’ great promise as protein powerhouses
  • Precision fermentation: Harnessing microbial hosts as cell factories
  • Fermentation as the ultimate sustainability solution
  • Business-Facing Applications: Ingredients

All attendees will also have access to networking opportunities and a startup showcase.

Questions can be directed to [email protected]

The Good Food Institute looks forward to hosting you on October 20th!


· Stage
Welcome and Orientation
Welcome! We'll open the event with a review the agenda and how to get the most out of this symposium. Opening remarks by Bruce Friedrich.
Caroline Bushnell Bruce Friedrich
· Stage
Session 1: Fermentation 101
This review of GFI’s Fermentation Report will cover the three primary ways that fermentation can be used for alt proteins: traditional, biomass, and precision.
Nate Crosser Liz Specht
· Stage
10-Minute Break
Take a quick 10-minute break and rejoin us to learn how fermentation is the ultimate sustainability solution!
· Stage
Session 2: Fermentation as the Ultimate Sustainability Solution
Discover how ingredients produced via fermentation can help companies meet their environmental, social, and corporate governance goals.
Lisa Dyson Gregory Belt Stacy Pyett Jim Laird Jeroen Hugenholtz
· Stage
Session 3: Business-Facing Applications: Ingredients
Learn how incumbents with vast fermentation capacity may be ideal candidates for partnerships with emerging fermentation companies focused on food production.
Markus Klinger Joost Matthijssen Mark Warner Liz Specht
· Stage
15-Minute Break
Take a quick 15-minute break and then rejoin us to learn how traditional fermentation has the power to transform food ingredients!
· Stage
Session 4: Traditional Fermentation: Leveraging the Power of Biology to Transform Food Ingredients
Ancient wisdom meets modern technology to make plant-based foods tastier, more nutritious, and better textured.
Bryan Clardy Nate Crosser Aleh Manchuliantsau B.Z. Goldberg Ene Viiard
· Stage
Session 5: Biomass Fermentation: Microorganisms’ Great Promise as Protein Powerhouses
Learn how biomass fermentation can be used to create the next wave of whole cut meats like steak, chicken breast, bacon, and flaky fish.
David Welch Rob Johnson Thomas Jonas Gavin  McIntyre Justin Whiteley
· Stage
10-Minute Break
Take a quick 10-minute break and then rejoin us to discover how precision fermentation is poised to address key challenges in the alternative protein industry.
· Stage
Session 6: Precision Fermentation: Harnessing Microbial Hosts as Cell Factories
Fermentation can address key sensory challenges in plant-based foods. Learn how today’s innovators are using this technology to create consumer acceptance.
Ranjan Patnaik Michael Leonard Tim Geistlinger Monica Watrous
· Stage
Closing Remarks
We'll wrap up the day with a summary of key highlights.
Bruce Friedrich Caroline Bushnell
· Expo
Startup Showcase
Visit the Expo where you'll be able to watch brief video presentations from some of the most innovative startups in the fermentation industry. Open all day!
· Networking
1:1 Networking Lounge
Looking to connect with other fans of fermentation? Drop in anytime to be matched with someone for a 5-minute chat! The networking feature is open all day.


Michael Leonard

Chief Technology Officer, Motif FoodWorks

Ranjan Patnaik

Chief Technology Officer, Clara Foods

Monica Watrous

Managing Editor, Food Business News

Tim Geistlinger

Chief Science Officer, Perfect Day

Gregory Belt

Global Vice-President of Sustainability & Value Creation, AB InBev

Rob Johnson

Science Manager, Fermentation Specialist, Quorn Foods

Lisa Dyson

CEO, Air Protein

Markus Klinger

Head of Protein Ingredients Venture, Novozymes A/S

Stacy Pyett

Program Manager, Proteins for Life, Wageningen University & Research

Bryan Clardy

Head of R&D, Planterra Foods

Jim Laird

Founder and CEO, 3F Bio

Jeroen Hugenholtz

Group Leader Microbial Cell Factories, Wageningen University & Research

Thomas Jonas

Co-Founder and CEO, Nature's Fynd

Joost Matthijssen

Director of Venturing, Nutreco

Mark Warner

Founder, Warner Advisors

Gavin McIntyre

Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, Atlast Food Co.

Caroline Bushnell

Director of Corporate Engagement, The Good Food Institute

Justin Whiteley

Co-Founder and CTO, Meati

Ene Viiard

Chief Innovation Officer, TFTAK Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies

B.Z. Goldberg

CEO and Director of R&D, The Mediterranean Food Lab

Aleh Manchuliantsau


Nate Crosser

Startup Growth Specialist, The Good Food Institute

Bruce Friedrich

Co-Founder and Executive Director, The Good Food Institute

David Welch

Director of Science and Technology, The Good Food Institute

Liz Specht

Associate Director of Science and Technology, The Good Food Institute


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Hosted by

The Good Food Institute

GFI is a nonprofit working to create a sustainable, healthy, and just global food system.


GFI's Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Download GFI's action paper, An Ocean of Opportunity, to learn more about plant-based and cultivated seafood for sustainable oceans without sacrifice.

Fybraworks Foods

Fybraworks is developing animal-free fermentation-based meat alternatives for human and pet consumption by using its proprietary technology to grow real meat proteins in yeasts and fungi.

Clara Foods

Clara Foods™ is a Bay Area venture capital-backed company working towards a disruptive advance in food technology by using fermentation to produce animal proteins without the animal.

Atlast Food Co

Bacon without the oink™


PLANETARIANS - next platform for alternative meats: clean, water-efficient, cheap.

Better Nature

Better Nature is the world's first food-tech company focused on tempeh fermentation with the purpose of making protein without compromise - delicious, nutritious and all-natural, just as it should be!


New generation of early life nutrition

Change Foods

CHANGE® is using cutting edge biotechnology and precision fermentation to create bio-identical ingredients, helping us produce animal-free dairy products that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

White Dog Labs

WDL is a biotech company - developing and scaling a suite of next-generation nutritional products.

3F Bio

3F BIO’s purpose is “to make protein sustainable” and the company address this by growing mycoprotein, an existing advantaged ingredient with an established market role, more sustainably and at a lower cost than all other protein options

BioIntelligence Technologies

Intelligent instruments and software to increase throughput and profitability of fermentation bioprocesses, through real-time in-situ measurement of products and real-time intelligent analytics. helps companies discover profitable processes for fermentation and small scale production of food-grade biomass and precision fermentation products