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Swindon Founders is back to our original format to help our founders keep in touch when we can't be together, to share experiences and ideas in this changing world, and support each other virtually.

As well as hearing about their founder journey, and the challenges along the way, we're also keen to hear how our community has approached the current situation - and how their business and they have been affected. 

This week we're meeting Tom Davenport the founder of Digital Marketing Specialist Ltd, a boutique agency based at the Workshed in Swindon. 

After an early start as a freelance journalist, Tom closely followed technology as a regular contributor to Wired, Gizmodo and CNET. 

After forming DMS in 2014, Tom's team became forerunners in Facebook advertising, with credits as diverse as travel sensations Flash Pack to the biggest boyband in the world, BTS.

We're also going to speak to Simon Bond, the Innovations Director at SetSquared for more details on their Digital Scale-Up Programme - https://www.setsquared.co.uk/programme/swindon-wiltshire-entrepreneurs-programme/

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