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Sweden Foodtech Big Meet 2020

725 people attended
The amazing Sweden Foodtech Big Meet foodtech conference is BACK! Live from Stockholm, the future is broadcasted to the world, September 30th and October 1st 2020! Our single-minded focus is HOPE! There are loads of it! 

Yeah, we go all-in on online – for known reasons – but that brings lots of positives! We have DOUBLED DOWN on exciting content and made the conference FREE. We're going to have the best and most democratic foodtech conference ever! 

Bold ideas, stunning demos and insightful comments galore! You will come out smarter and better equipped to face the ever-increasing pace of disruption in the global food system. We will talk about stuff like dark kitchens, food robots, the nutritional data tsunami, AI, new food products, the protein shift, how nimble and well-financed startups poach the best talent from the incumbents and much, much more. Did we mention all the participating top chefs, scientists and athletes? Now we have!

Our digital platform can only facilitate an audience the size of India, so secure your seat now by clicking the button.

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· Sessions
Morning theme: Good Food City
Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr and Johan Jörgensen open the conference, followed by conversations on how to build the Next Gen Food City.
· Networking
Networking over lunch
Meet attendees and speakers for 3-minute chat
· Sessions
KfS Zero-Waste Mocktail Class
Impress your friends and loved ones with your home-made healthy non-alcoholic cocktails.
· Sessions
Afternoon theme: Restart, Rebuild
Join one of the three discussion rooms: Future of Retail, Services in the City and Producing in the City
· Sessions
KfS Matkollo - Young Big Meet
Kids learn to cook with amazing chef Malin Broman
· Sessions
Dinner with chef Stefan Ekengren
Moderated cooking prep and next gen food system dinner with Stefan Ekengren
· Sessions
Morning theme: Who decides what we eat?
Take a tour around the Foodtech world with guest speakers from USA, UK, Germany, Finland, Israel, India & Japan
· Sessions
Plant-Based lunch prep
Chef Gustav Johansson will prepare a delicious vegan meal. Yummy! Bettina Schultz from Hempster narrates the lunch prep
· Sessions
Afternoon theme: Conscious Consumers and Personalized Food
Choose one of the tracks: Personalized Food, Biodiversity or Next-Gen Products
· Sessions
KfS Matkollo - Young Big Meet
Kids learn to cook with amazing chef Malin Broman You can follow the action online!
· Networking
Click the “Networking” button to pair up with another subscriber or underwriter and strike up a conversation
· Sessions
Dinner with chef Frida Nilsson
Moderated cooking prep and Farm to Table 2.0 dinner with chef Frida Nilsson and culinary farmer Saba Nazarian.

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Sweden Foodtech

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