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StartupCincy Week 2020 (Wednesday-Friday)

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StartupCincy Week is back for its 4th year with killer content and input from the region's top minds around innovation, startups and creativity. The four day conference will be broken into two tracks of content daily.  Days 2-4 revolve around subjects important to startups, BigCos and investors today. From Growth to HealthTech, from Show & Tell to FinTech.  There's even a track dedicated to Making The Leap - getting YOURSELF engaged and embedded in the StartupCincy ecosystem.  For more details and to register for day one, click here.

Wednesday, October 28, Content Track: Growth presented by Main Street Ventures
Looking for help growing your business?  Are you looking for proven strategies and stories to help you scale your business during uncertain times?  This track will help you get in touch with how entrepreneurs are tackling a persistent and difficult challenge: growing their businesses.  Successful founders, growth experts, and more will share their stories and tips to help you get the inspiration you need to succeed.

Thursday morning, October 29, Content Track: Show & Tell presented by The Entrepreneurs' Organization
We've got a lot to be proud of across our ecosystem. This track focuses on the stories of perseverance, resilience plus a little humblebrag. And it's important to remember, it's not just the founders we're talking about here - it's the co-founders, the talent and 'muscle behind the hustle,' too.

Thursday afternoon, October 29, Content Track: Fintech presented by Fifth Third Bank + Western & Southern
Today culminates with a $60K pitch competition courtesy of Fifth Third Bank and Western & Southern all based on the premise that our region is poised to capitalize on its Fin and InsureTech roots. Greater Cincinnati has an opportunity to lead dramatic innovation - leveraging Cincy-based financial services leaders, branding and retail leaders, and the nation’s #1 e-commerce distribution hub.

Friday morning, October 30, Content Track: HealthTech presented by CincyTech
There's a sea change occurring in this critical industry vertical and very few regions are as well poised as Greater Cincinnati. We're able to leverage the expertise of the nation's top-rated hospitals and one of the Midwest's most active seed-stage investors (CincyTech) to bring innovations from the whiteboard to the doctor's office. 

Friday afternoon, October 30, Content Track: Making the Leap presented by Queen City Angels
Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Or an investor? Not sure where to start, or if it's the right move for you? This track will cover the trials, tribulations and successes of creating your own dream job. We'll hear from entrepreneurs in the tech and creative space on how they transitioned from the corporate world to the startup life. 

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· Sessions
Growth - Scaling to Exit
Bob Gilbreath, Cofounder and former CEO of Ahalogy, will share his experience of launching, building, and selling a vc backed startup in the Mid-West.
Paul Fisher Bob Gilbreath
· Sessions
Growth - Regenerating Main Street
Covid has disrupted economies across the globe. We'll hear from a small, innovative team with a plan to help Main Streets everywhere return to growth.
Paul Fisher Kelly Kolar Frances  Kern Mennone
· Sessions
Growth - Main Street Ventures: Empowering Growth
A comprehensive overview of grants available through Main Street Ventures, presented by MSV's Kelly Bonnell
Yelitsa  Jean-Charles Paul Fisher Kelly Bonnell
· Sessions
Growth - Growing Through Disruption
This panel of startup leaders will provide insight on how to manage hockey stick growth, handle disruption, and to pivot adeptly.
Paul Fisher Jason Hauer Tim Donovan Christine Fisher
· Sessions
Growth - Women on the Rise
We'll hear female founder success stories from Aviatra's Nancy Aichholz
Megan Sullivan Paul Fisher Nancy Aichholz
· Sessions
Growth - Digital Table Stakes
A fireside chat with Tim Warren of Helium SEO and Sean Lee of Amify
Paul Fisher Timothy  Warren Sean Lee
· Sessions
Growth - The Startup Community Way
A fireside chat with Techstars co-founder and author of the new book - The Startup Community Way
Eric Weissmann Brad Feld Paul Fisher
· Sessions
Growth - Scaling Marketing Digitally
Paycor's Director of Digital Marketing Strategy will share his tips on how to establish and scale a worldclass digital marketing shop inside your company
Alex Schutte Paul Fisher
· Sessions
Growth - Leadership for Millennials
Paul Fisher Tarita  Preston
· Sessions
Show & Tell - Big Money and Big Dreams - Uncovering Your Money Story
We all have delusions of grandeur when it comes to following our passion, both in business and life, but ultimately we hit that money wall - then what?
LaMarque' Ward, Sr., M.Ed Tarita  Preston Antony Seppi - HCDC Business Center - A Top 10 Incubator Kendra Ramirez
· Sessions
Show & Tell - Growth Gadgets
Growth tips for your startup – join us for a lively panel discussion of the resources available for startup businesses in our region, and what has worked well.
DENNIS REINERSMAN Scott Jacobs Antony Seppi - HCDC Business Center - A Top 10 Incubator chris mann Stacey Browning
· Sessions
Show & Tell - Sustainable Packaging and the Shopper
Leaders in sustainable packaging and the grocery shopper will discuss its future
Pete Petrie Lisa Zwack Antony Seppi - HCDC Business Center - A Top 10 Incubator Scott Edwards
· Sessions
Show & Tell - Building a Culture of Trust & BBB Spark Awards
Startups must build trust into their framework from day 1 - BBB helps entrepreneurs establish and maintain a culture of trust. And, winners of BBB Spark Awards.
Antony Seppi - HCDC Business Center - A Top 10 Incubator Jocile Ehrlich
· Sessions
Show & Tell - BigCo to Startup
From a Fortune 500 to running your own startup, these entrepreneurs will tell you their story and what they learned.
Jim Salters Antony Seppi - HCDC Business Center - A Top 10 Incubator Bob Gilbreath Matt Scherocman
· Sessions
Show & Tell - The Power Health Innovation: An Overview of SoCap Accelerate
Learn more about SoCap Accelerate - a Health Innovation Startup Accelerator built out of Northern Kentucky University’s Institute for Health Innovation.
Kara  Willis
· Sessions
Fintech - Fifth Third Innovation Panel
5/3 Fintech presentation
Mark Wood
· Stage
Fintech Pitch Competition
The best & boldest ideas to create the future of FinTech will compete for a total of $60,000 of prizes!
Pete Blackshaw Mark Wood
· Sessions
Happy Hour by Nostalgia Wine & Jazz Lounge
OTR's newest wine bar, Nostalgia, will walk us through a virtual wine tasting with a red, white and rose from minority wine makers!
Desiree Harrison-Brown Laura Hughes
· Sessions
HealthTech - The Science and Business of Therapeutics
Jan Rosenbaum of Kurome Therapeutics & Joe Hernandez of Blue Water Vaccines will discuss how a therapeutic company gets started & the pathway to success
Jan Rosenbaum Carl Labanz
· Sessions
HealthTech - From Basement to VC-Backed: The Story of Proov
Proov went from basement to the shelves of Target, from bootstrapped to VC-backed, and has helped thousands of women learn about their fertility & conceive
Carl Labanz Amy Beckley
· Sessions
HealthTech - Disrupting the Infusion Market
Mike Hooven discusses his journey with Enable Injections, a startup focusing on technology with the potential to disrupt the infusion market
Carl Labanz Mike Hooven
· Sessions
HealthTech - First Do No Harm: Institutional Racism in the Healthcare System
A discussion around African American Mother Mortality in the US as stats put black women as 2x as likely to die after giving birth than their white counterpart
Ashleigh Marable Victoria  Sandipher Carl Labanz Carolette Norwood Kara  Willis
· Sessions
HealthTech - An Inside Look: Developing A Digital Health Company
How does a digital health company get started, what kind of problems do they solve, what is their pathway to success?
Carl Labanz Don Wright Scott Roth
· Sessions
HealthTech - Designing a Better Health App
Miami University’s Emerging Technology, Business & Design program dove deep into designing health apps. This panel will share insights & proposed solutions.
Carl Labanz Erin Wagner Jake Strickler Artie Kuhn Sydney Ignet Jules Zimmerman
· Sessions
Making the Leap - So You Want to be an Angel Investor?
The team from Queen City Angels will go over the basics of angel investing
Sue Baggott
· Sessions
Making the Leap - University Culture vs Startup Culture, Why Not Both?
How university & startup culture can replicate each other to produce great outcomes & NKU's decision to take on a preseries A health innovation accelerator
Valerie Hardcastle
· Sessions
Making the Leap - When One Door Closes a Window Opens
Tom Gelehrter discusses his leap from his day job building crucial components in UC's Athletics Department to becoming the voice of FC Cincinnati.
Tom Gelehrter
· Sessions
Making the Leap - I’ve Got a Story to Tell…
Hear from one of the midwest's most notable emerging artists about swallowing his fear to make the leap from coaching basketball to pursuing art full time
· Sessions
Making the Leap - Find a Problem that Breaks Your Heart and Build a Company Around it
Through his career, Kwane noticed the barriers that prevented accessible dental care for the masses, so he set out to change that by founding Kare Mobile


Patrick Longo



HCDC Coach

Pete Petrie


Lisa Zwack


Scott Jacobs

Queen City Angels

Brad Feld

Foundry Group

Trisha Sefakis


Pete Blackshaw


Mark Wood


Olga Yurovski


Shashank Saxena


Sue Baggott

Queen City Angels

Joshua Reid


Ashleigh Marable


Victoria Sandipher

Certified Doula

Yelitsa Jean-Charles

Healthy Roots Dolls

Jim Salters


Megan Sullivan

With Grace B. Bold

Eric Weissmann


Desiree Harrison-Brown

Nostalgia Wine & Jazz Lounge

Jan Rosenbaum


LaMarque' Ward, Sr., M.Ed

Dream Builders University

Tarita Preston

Performance Coach

Jocile Ehrlich

CEO Cincinnati BBB

Tom Gelehrter

4th Floor Creative

Laura Hughes


Jake Strickler

Miami University Student

Erin Wagner

Miami University Student

Carolette Norwood

University of Cincinnati

Antony Seppi - HCDC Business Center - A Top 10 Incubator


Alex Schutte


chris mann

EO - Entrepreneur's Organization

Stacey Browning


Scott Edwards

Drop Water - Founder

Matt Scherocman

EO - Entrepreneur's Organization

Stacey Browning


Valerie Hardcastle

Northern Kentucky University

Kara Willis

SoCap Accelerate

Jules Zimmerman

Miami University Student

Sydney Ignet

Miami University Student

Artie Kuhn

Miami University

Frances Kern Mennone

Cross Street Partners

Kelly Kolar

Kolar Design

Kendra Ramirez

Reset Co., Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency

Scott Roth

Hive Networks

Don Wright


Paul Fisher


Carl Labanz


Tim Donovan

Donovan Energy

Jason Hauer

The Garage Group

Amy Beckley


Timothy Warren

Helium SEO

Kelly Bonnell

Main Street Ventures

Mike Hooven

Enable Injections

Sean Lee


Nancy Aichholz


Christine Fisher


Bob Gilbreath



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