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Start:up Alpe-Adria Summit

Start:up Alpe-Adria Summit is a two-day meeting of Slovenian and Austrian actors of the cross-border startup ecosystem and international guests with the aim to strengthen cooperation, to reflect together on possible ecosystem improvements and possible measures for improvement as well as to promote a common vision at EU and global level. As part of this effort, the event will serve as a vehicle for public revelation and promotion of the Alpe-Adria Startup and Scaleup Manifesto

The event will contribute to the shared vision of a cross-border start-up ecosystem that can compete with leading startup ecosystems at global level, and will also highlight the importance of startup companies and entrepreneurial talent in creating new high quality jobs.
Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, the program will be streamed from the main venue in Klagenfurt as well as from secondary venues in Ljubljana and Maribor.
Start:up Alpe-Adria Summit is organized in the framework of the project Startup-up AA co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the frame of the Cooperation programme INTERREG V-A SI-AT.

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· Stage
Start:up AA Studio: Walk through the Start:up Alpe-Adria Summit
Urban Lapajne Mojca Cvirn Dejan Jovicevic Jürgen Kopeinig Matej Rus
· Stage
Start:up AA Studio: Opening of the Start:up Alpe-Adria Summit
Michael Altrichter Zdravo Počivalšek Gaby Schaunig
· Stage
Fireside chat: Highlights of the Start:up Manifesto Alpe-Adria
Dejan Jovicevic Kirsten Tangemann
· Stage
Panel: Opportunities and challenges of the Startup Alpe-Adria Ecosystem: The Policymaker perspective
Urban Lapajne Markus Raunig Michael Altrichter Alenka Marovt Dejan Jovicevic Jürgen Kopeinig Martin Krch
· Stage
Keynote: Joining cross border forces: Greater Copenhagen case
David Munis Zepernick
· Stage
Fireside chat: Why cooperation matters?
David Munis Zepernick Mariana Kühnel Rok Huber Dejan Jovicevic
· Stage
Panel: Cooperation in the Alpe-Adria startup ecosystem: The Ecosystem Builder Perspective
Andreas Niederl Jernej Pintar Ana Anzej Dejan Jovicevic Robert Gfrerer Martin Mössler
· Stage
Fireside chat: Champions of the cross-border cooperation
Marcus Hassler Dejan Jovicevic Matej Guid
· Stage
Panel: Challenges and opportunities of being a startup in the Alpe-Adria region?
Ines Ganner Ajda Mrzel Kaluža Marcus Hassler Dejan Jovicevic Matej Guid Anja Silberbauer
· Stage
Panel: 3 Key Startup challenges, 3 Mega workshops introduction
Francois Marmion Francois Mazoudier Urban Lapajne Dejan Jovicevic
· Sessions
Networking Meetup: Corpos cooperating with start-ups & Clusters and other supportive networks
Lukas Bürger Jernej Dvoršak Branko Drobnak
· Stage
Start:up AA Studio: Start:up Alpe-Adria Summit Day 1 Wrap-up
· Sessions
Networking Meetup: Science and Tech parks & Incubators and coworking places
Vlado Begović Martin Krch Christopher Lange Sabrina Schifrer
· Sessions
Networking Meetup: Startup funding sources & Accelerators
Karl Biedermann Nina Urbanič Jürgen Kopeinig
· Sessions
Networking Meetup: Universities and other R&D institutions
Andreas Niederl Wolfgang Lattacher Anton Habjanič
· Sessions
Workshop: Robin Wauters - How to best leverage European startup media
Learn from Robin Wauters, one of the top tech insiders and editors, to get the media coverage your business deserves.
· Sessions
Workshop: Francois Marmion - Lateral future focus
Use 360 degree scope to identify new business opportunities and to take advantage of the trends and environment surrounding your business.
Francois Marmion
· Sessions
Workshop: Francois Mazoudier - How to effectively raise funds
Get the inside track on the world of venture capital with Francois Mazoudier, CEO of South London's Nº1 coworking space.
Francois Mazoudier


Francois Marmion


Francois Mazoudier


Urban Lapajne

Start:up Slovenia

Vlado Begović

Technology park Ljubljana

Lukas Bürger

Junge Wirtschaft Kärnten & Gründerservice Kärnten

Mojca Cvirn

Technology park Ljubljana

Ines Ganner

NeedNect Solutions

Markus Raunig


Andreas Niederl


Ajda Mrzel Kaluža


Marcus Hassler


David Munis Zepernick

Medicon Valley Alliance

Jernej Pintar

Technology park Ljubljana

Mariana Kühnel

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Alenka Marovt

Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

Rok Huber

Slovene Enterprise Fund

Michael Altrichter

Startup Commissioner Austria

Zdravo Počivalšek

Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

Gaby Schaunig

Carinthian regional government, Austria

Wolfgang Lattacher

Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

Nina Urbanič

Slovene Enterprise Fund

Karl Biedermann

aws Austria Wirtschaftsservice

Ana Anzej

SAŠA Inkubator

Branko Drobnak

Business Angels Slovenia

Jernej Dvoršak


Anton Habjanič

Tehnocenter at the University of Maribor

Sabrina Schifrer

Alpe-Adria Coworking

Christopher Lange

build! Gründerzentrum Kärnten

Matej Guid


Martin Mössler

Science Park Graz

Robert Gfrerer

build! Gründerzentrum Kärnten

Martin Krch

Lakeside Science & Technology Park

Kirsten Tangemann

project Start:up Alpe-Adria

Matej Rus

Start:up Slovenia

Jürgen Kopeinig

KWF Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds

Dejan Jovicevic

Der Brutkasten

Anja Silberbauer

Harmony & Care

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Start-up Alpe Adria

Start-up AA is a project of Tovarna podjemov, LSTP, TPLJ and KWF and co-financed by ERDF in the frame of the Cooperation programme INTERREG V-A SI-AT.

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