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SmartRail Week

SmartRail Week is a free-to-attend online event which brings the rail and metro industry together to discuss the latest trends and technological evolution.  Senior-level speakers from across the world will share their expertise via presentations, Q&A's and roundtable discussions. Each day will focus on a particular topic so you can tune in to the presentations that are most relevant for you.

The schedule will be:

Signalling Technology - PTC & ERTMS - Monday 7th December / Headline Sponsor: Piper Networks
  • Discussing the benefits of PTC and ERTMS signalling technology when compared to one another
  • Assessing how the two forms of signalling could be more suited to difference locations
  • Understanding where improvements in signalling could be made and where the industry needs to go further
  • Discussing the latest signalling technology available and how these can be fitted/retrofitted successfully
Adapting To A Modern Day Threat - COVID-19 - Tuesday 8th December
  • Understanding the business continuity procedures in place to the rail industry
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Discussing ways the industry can become more resilient to pandemics/other events that could occur
  • Discussing both the temporary and permanent effects of the pandemic on the rail industry and ways to recover
The Future Of Transport - Providing A More Integrated Service - Wednesday 9th December
  • Analysing success stories where places are providing well integrated transportation services  - such as Helsinki
  • How can a more integrated transportation infrastructure be implemented in certain urban/more remote areas?
  • Discuss the challenges associated with getting services to work more closely together and ways to overcome these
  • Discuss the benefits of MaaS from both an operational and passenger experience perspective
Improving Safety & Security Strategies - Thursday 10th December
  • Understand the ways in which threats from hostile persons or nations are adapting and the importance of staying ‘ahead of the game’
  • Understand the devastating effects of security/safety breaches at an operational and human level
  • Discuss examples of strategies and procedures operators are implementing to increase safety and security, eg Denver
  • Assess the latest security technologies and strategies available to transit companies
Modernised Communications To Improve Operations & Customer Interaction - Friday 11th December
  • Discuss the benefits of communications technology when concerning operations – getting messages from trains, to stations, to control centres
  • Understand how connecting with the customer can increase efficiency and safety through notifications and service alerts
  • Discuss the modern requirement and expectation of providing WiFi technology – meeting the needs of the modern passenger
  • Understand how instant live communications can drastically increase service efficiency and, in turn, maximise capacity
  • Analyse the latest communications technology available to the rail industry

Proudly Supported By


Danny Gonzalez

Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, London North Eastern Railway

Stephane Callet

CBTC Engineer and Project Manager, SNCF

Frédéric Jans-Cooremans

Project Manager & Radio Spectrum Mngt, STIB Brussels Transport Operator

Garazi Carranza

Head of Innovation, MAFEX

Robert Nisbet

Director of Nations, Rail Delivery Group

Mark Newton

Head of Policing & Security, Rail Delivery Group

Johannah Randall

Board Member, Rail Innovation Group

Liam Henderson

Founder, Rail Innovation Group

Attilio Framarini

Senior Cyber Security Analyst, Denver RTD

Martin Fleetwood

Board Member, UK Tram

Michael Ruffer

Chief Technology Officer, Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt

Emil Frodlund

Management Board, European Passenger Commission


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