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Cybersecurity Symposium for Smart Cities 2020

Together we build a smart secure future; In silos we stagnate.  #SmartSecureCities

Leaders across Governments, Small Businesses /Nonprofits, and Industry 
  • re-discover pressing needs of our time 
  • re-envision strategies and 
  • re-connect to share the latest resources, innovations, and success stories

Did you know the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working on a Smart Cities and Communities Framework (SCCF)? Register to find out how you can help define our future.  Event organizers' website has more on speakers, schedule, exhibitors and sponsors. 

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· Stage
Welcome Opening from Organizers
A warm welcome from organizers representatives Lan Jenson, Rob Lloyd, Raimundo, David Cortese, Jon Walton, David Witckowski
Lan Jenson
· Stage
Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Overview and Killer Apps
GCTC: Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Overview and Killer Apps
Jon Walton Tony Batalla Jean Rice Limor Schafman Lan Jenson Sokwoo Rhee
· Stage
Tech Visionary's Remarks - Scott McNealy
Scott McNealy, Co-Founder, and Board Member, Curriki; Co-Founder, Former Chairman of the Board, and CEO, Sun Microsystems, Inc.​
Scott McNealy
· Stage
Welcome Keynote - Smart Secure Cities and Communities Revisited by Sokwoo Rhee, NIST
Smart Secure Cities and Communities Revisited
Sokwoo Rhee
· Stage
Keynote #1: 2020: What Have We Learned? (Part I)
Sean Martin /Marco Ciappelli (ITSP), Jessica Santos (Brandeis University), Raimundo Rodulfo (City of Coral Gables), Ann Dunkin (Dell State and Local Government)
Marco Ciappelli Ann Dunkin Raimundo Rodulfo
· Sessions
Round Table B Resilience Against Ransomware
Resilience Against Ransomware - Insurance and Ransom Retrieval
David Balenson Davis Hake Pamela Gupta
· Sessions
Round Table A How A City Addressed Cybersecurity and Privacy in the DNA of its Smart Transportation Zero-Cost Testing Facility
The City of Peachtree Corners, GA baked in cybersecurity in Curiosity Lab & found funding
Jared Mondschein
· Sessions
Round Table C It's Connectivity, Stupid! Resources & What Worked
Experts, Local government and federal agency share challenges, tips and resources
Benny Lee
· Stage
Keynote #2: 2020: How Do We Leverage Our Learning to Build a More Resilient and Smart Normal? (Part II)
Lessons to leverage to build a more resilient and smart normal
Zafer Sahinoglu Jon Walton Lan Jenson
· Sessions
Grow with Google Webinar
Make Better Business Decisions with Analytics
Matt Weber
· Expo
EXPO & Training | Job Fair
EXPO & Training | Job Fair | Keynotes Birds-of-a-Feather
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Mayors Panel: Help the Leaders Lead: Innovations & Investments for Smart Secure Cities
Michael Sherwood (Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas), Lily Mei (Mayor, Fremont), Chappie Jones (Vice Mayor, City of San Jose), Unisys
Michael Sherwood Lily Mei Chappie Jones
· Stage
Fireside Chat: Techniques to Fall in Love with Your City Again
Jonathan Reichental (Human Future Founder & CEO; Author, Smart Cities for Dummies), Rob Silverberg (Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Dell Digital Cities)
Rob Silverberg Jonathan Reichental
· Stage
Welcome Opening from Organizers & MC Opening
A video from organizers
Deidre Diamond Lan Jenson
· Sessions
Cybersecurity and Privacy Professional Social with Prizes
Moderators: Matthew Rosenquist, Deidre Diamond Guests: Zulfikar Ramzan, Prashant Venkatesh, Noureen, Jimmy S, John McInnis, Chris C, Yusuf A...
John MacInnis Prashant K Zulfikar Ramzan Noureen  Njoroge Jimmy Sanders Yusuf Abdul-Qadir Matthew Rosenquist Chris  Church Deidre Diamond
· Stage
Welcome Keynote Stewarding Data Entrusted to Us: The Critical Need for Protecting the Security and Privacy of Data by CISA
Dan Sutherland (DHS CISA Chief Counsel), James Burd (DHS CISA Acting Chief Privacy Officer)
Dan Sutherland James Burd
· Stage
Keynote #1: Security and Privacy After 2020
Matthew Rosenquist (Cybersecurity Strategist), Dr. Marcelo Peredo (CISO, City of San Jose), Zulfikar Ramzan (RSA CTO)
Zulfikar Ramzan Marcelo Peredo Matthew Rosenquist
· Sessions
Round Table A1 Data Privacy: Key Practices That Increase Awareness and Reduce Risk
Scott Gallant (EdSpex), Debbie Reynolds (President, Debbie Reynolds Consulting), Katrina Destree (Director of Privacy, KUMA)
Katrina Destrée
· Sessions
Round Table B1 Cloud Security: Everyone's Needs
Nathan Chung (Ernst & Young), Lee McKnight (Professor, Syracuse University), Scott Tousley (Splunk)
Scott Tousley Lee McKNIGHT Nathan Chung
· Sessions
Round Table C1 CMMC Strategy /Implementation /Monitoring
Marcela Denniston (President and Co-Founder, Digital Lantern Commercial Solutions), Paul Wertz (President, AFCEA Atlanta Chapter)
Paul Wertz Marcela Denniston
· Stage
Keynote #2: Security & Privacy Adoption Innovations
Keith Clement (Chair, Workforce Development/Education Subcommittee of CA Governor's Cybersecurity Task Force), Jon Walton (CIO, San Mateo County), Kyla Guru
Keith Clement Jon Walton Lan Jenson Kyla G.
· Expo
EXPO & Training | Job Fair
EXPO & Training | Job Fair | Keynotes Birds-of-a-Feather
· Sessions
Round Table B2 Innovations for Talent Pipeline & Diversity
Deidre D (Founder & CEO, CyberSN, SecureDiversity), Carmen M (CEO, Inteligenca), Niloufer T (Cybersecurity Career Talk), Steve N (City College of SF)
Steven Nelson Niloufer Tamboly Carmen Marsh Deidre Diamond
· Sessions
Round Table C2 Critical Infrastructure & Supply Chain Contracts
Jacob Margolis (CISO, Southern California Metropolitan Water District), Carter Schoenberg (EVP, IPKeys), Karen Jensen (Saaby Consulting)
Karen Jensen Jake Margolis Carter Schoenberg
· Sessions
Round Table A2 AI vs. AI: Building Ethical AI Systems with Trust and Purpose
Pamela Gupta (President, OutSecure), Matthew Bailey (Author, Artificial Intelligence for Humanity), Michael Melore (IBM)
Matthew Bailey Michael Melore Pamela Gupta
· Stage
Fireside Chat: Collaboration Areas for Cybersecurity and Privacy Wins
Jonathan Nunez (Commander, Cal-CSIC, Homeland Security Division, Cal OES), Nick Rossmann, Intelligence Research and Operations Lead, IBM X-Force IRIS
Jonathan  Nunez
· Sessions
Cybersecurity Capture-the-Flag (CTF) with Prizes
Rod Soto (Founder, Pacific Hackers Conference), Chloé Messdaghi (Co-Founder, WoSEC; VP of Strategy, Point3 Security)
Rod Soto Chloe Messdaghi
· Stage
MC Welcome Remarks
MC: Kevin McClelland
Kevin McClelland
· Stage
Welcome Keynote Small Business Recovery - Road to Innovation
Julie Clowes (SBA District Director)
Julie Clowes
· Stage
Keynote #1 Small Business Innovations: Game Changer - Secure eCommerce
Kansen Chu (CA Assemblymember), Dhez Woodworth, Julian Perez, Pamela Vavra, Jesse Lin
Dhez Woodworth Pamela Vavra Julian H. Perez, AICP, CFM Kansen  Chu Jesse Lin
· Stage
Keynote #2 Closing the Digital Divide and Upskilling Communities for Smart Secure Cities
San Francisco showcases programs bridging digital divide: apprentice program, tech ecosystem, public fiber, intergenerational program
Judy Kuang Alex Banh Preston Rhea Orrian Willis
· Expo
EXPO & Training | Job Fair
EXPO & Training | Job Fair | Keynotes Birds-of-a-Feather
· Sessions
Grow with Google Webinar
Get Your Local Business on Google Search and Maps
Matt Weber
· Stage
MC Welcome Back Remarks
Afternoon Session Highlights
Kevin McClelland
· Stage
Keynote #3 Can I Afford Secure eCommerce?
Dennis King (SBDC SV), David Cortese (County of Santa Clara), Carolyn Rodz (Co-Founder, Hello Alice), Sara Rushinek (Professor, University of Miami)
Dave Cortese Dr. Sara Rushinek Dennis King Carolyn Rodz
· Stage
ADA Award Ceremony & Looking Ahead
Mei Lin Fung (People Centered Internet Co-Founder), Marsali Hancock (EP3 Foundation President and CEO)
Marsali Hancock Mei Lin Fung
· Stage
Post Event Attendee Sharing
Attendee coming on stage to share their experience and feedback about this event


Marsali Hancock

Distinguished Scholar, MediaX, Stanford University; Board Chair, Adaptable Security; President and CEO, EP3 Foundation

Chloe Messdaghi

Co-Founder, WoSEC; VP of Strategy, Point3 Security

Rod Soto

Founder, Pacific Hackers Conference

Pamela Vavra

Co-Chair, Silicon Valley SCORE

Dhez Woodworth

Economic Development Officer, San Jose City

Dave Cortese

Board of Supervisor, County of Santa Clara

John MacInnis

President, ISC2 SV

Prashant K

Lead, OWASP SV Chapter

Keith Clement

Prof of Criminology, CA State U, Fresno; Chair, Workforce Dev/Edu Subcommittee of CA Governor's Cybersecurity Task Force

Scott Tousley

Senior Executive, Cyber Programs, Splunk

Michael Melore


Steven Yang

David Rhodes

Attorney, City of Peachtree Corners, Georgia

Sean Martin


Jessica Santos

Lecturer and Scientist, Brandeis University

Matthew Bailey

Author, Artificial Intelligence for Humanity, Board Director,

Andreas Kuehn

Eastwest Institute

Margaret Jackson

Small Business Development Center Program Director, Ohlone College Tri-Cities Career Center

Julian H. Perez, AICP, CFM

Economic Development Director, City of Coral Gables

Tony Batalla

CTO & Head of IT, City of San Leandro

Jean Rice

NITRD Computing-Enabled Networked Physical Systems Interagency Working Group and Federal Fast Track 5G Committee, NTIA

Carter Schoenberg


Paul Wertz

President, Atlanta Chapter, AFCEA


Professor, Syracuse University

Noureen Njoroge

Cybersecurity Mentors

Zulfikar Ramzan

Chief Digital Officer, RSA

Jonathan Nunez

Commander, California Cybersecurity Integration Center (Cal-CSIC), Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)

Justin Daniels

General Counsel, Cybersecurity /Data Protection SME, Baker Donelson (Curiosity Lab Enabler)​

Julian H. Perez, AICP, CFM

Economic Development Director, City of Coral Gables

Julie Clowes

SBA District Director

Dr. Sara Rushinek

Professor, University of Miami Business School

Jimmy Sanders

President, SF Bay Area ISSA

Carmen Marsh

CEO, Inteligenca

Kevin McClelland

SMB Expert

Limor Schafman

Keystone Tech Group; Smart Buildings

Marco Ciappelli


Judy Kuang

Chinatown Community Development Center

Niloufer Tamboly

Cybersecurity Career Talk

Jon Walton

CIO, San Mateo County

Zafer Sahinoglu

General Manager at MELIC (Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center)

Lily Mei

Mayor, City of Fremont

Benny Lee

SMC Public WiFi Program Director, County of San Mateo

Dan Sutherland

Chief Counsel, CISA, DHS

Dennis King

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and SBDC Silicon Valley Executive Director

Michael Sherwood

Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas

John David

CEO, Amnick

Victor Fang, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO, AnChain

Matt Weber

Speaker, Grow with Google;

James Burd

Acting Chief Privacy Officer, CISA, DHS

Matthew Rosenquist

CISO, Inc.; Formerly Intel Corp Cybersecurity Strategist

Nathan Chung

Ernst & Young

Kyla G.

Stanford University Student, Founder/CEO of Bits N' Bytes Cybersecurity Education & Co-Founder of GirlCon Chicago

Jesse Lin

COO, Qathena /Order Guru

Marcelo Peredo

CISO, City of San Jose

Katrina Destrée

Director of Privacy, KUMA

Yusuf Abdul-Qadir

Director at New York Civil Liberties Union

Kansen Chu

Assemblymember, California

Kansen Chu

Assemblymember, California

Jake Margolis

CISO, Southern California Metropolitan Water District

Steven Nelson

City College of San Francisco

Chappie Jones

Vice Mayor, City of San Jose

Mei Lin Fung

Co-Founder, People Centered Internet

Orrian Willis

City and County of San Francisco's Office of Workforce Development

Preston Rhea

Director of Engineering, Policy Program, Monkeybrains

Alex Banh

City and County of San Francisco's Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development

Davis Hake

Co-Founder and VP of Business Development,

David Balenson

SRI International

Karen Jensen

Saaby Consulting

Carolyn Rodz

Co-Founder, Hello Alice

Pamela Gupta

CEO, OutSecure; GCTC CPAC COVID-19 Task Force Lead

Jared Mondschein

Rand Corporation

Chris Church

Senior Forensics Specialist, INTERPOL

Scott McNealy

Silicon Valley Legend; Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems

Raimundo Rodulfo

Chief Innovation Officer /Director of Information Service, City of Coral Gables

Ann Dunkin

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Dell State & Local Government

Rob Silverberg

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Digital Cities, Dell

Jonathan Reichental

Founder & CEO, Human Future; Author of Smart Cities for Dummies (July 2020)

Marcela Denniston

Co-Founder & President, Cyber Lantern

Sokwoo Rhee

Associate Director, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Innovation, NIST, Department of Commerce

Lan Jenson

CEO, Adaptable Security Corp; Co-Chair, CPAC for GCTC-Smart Secure Cities and Communities Challenge

Damien Thwaites

Client Director, Adaptable Security

Deidre Diamond

Founder and CEO, CyberSN and

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