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Smart Mobility Institute - 29 Oct.

17 people attending
The Smart Mobility Institute (SMI) is an organisation of Nexus Communication in collaboration with corporate opinion leaders. Its mission is to accelerate the development of smart mobility management within companies.
The SMI is the first cross functional networking group of international buyer profiles willing to share best practices, explore new possibilities, benchmark with suppliers and inspire each other with real mobility best practices.

This 3 Hours Power Event will focus on:


Since years bike mobility is gaining interest, and the current pandemic is only accelerating the appetite for corporate bike mobility as it is escaping from the sanitary and health concerns public and shared transport are facing.  

Including bikes in a fleet and mobility management programme is a relatively easy and cost-friendly option. One that appeals to people living and working in urban cities and to the new employee generations.  But its asks for a clear policy and an infrastructure that enables comfort and ease-of-use with the employee. 

In this session of the Smart Mobility Institute you will learn how to introduce a corporate bike programme in your mobility strategy, with tip and do’s and don’ts from peers and industry experts. You will also have the chance to discover innovative solutions and services of industry players.  

This event is strictly reserved to our partners and to "buyers profile", meaning stakeholders of corporate mobility, that are international decision makers within Fleet, Travel, HR (Rewards & Benefit), Facility & Finance. If your profile does not match this description, you will not be allowed to join this event. 

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Expert Power Talks
Bike Mobiity: The HR perspective
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Expert Power Talks
Bike Mobility in practice
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The taxation and insurance picture
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Q&A with Expert Power Talk presenters
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Networking with members & partners
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Meet the Sponsors
Discover how to integrate two-wheel mobility solutions with Arval and CMaaS
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How to make bike mobility fit my programme


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