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Smart Kitchen Summit 2020

The Smart Kitchen Summit {SKS} is the leading foodtech event in North America. Back for its sixth year, SKS is going virtual! This global online event will be better than ever as it brings together leaders across the food and cooking ecosystems to discover new technologies, explore solutions and models that are working and catalyze partnerships and collaboration across the food value chain. 

EXPERIENCE: SKS Virtual will be experiential! Learn from those building the future of food and cooking. Watch meat being printed, visit the Modernist Cuisine kitchen, check out the latest food robots. 

NETWORKING: Interact with executives and entrepreneurs leading the food tech revolution. SKS Virtual will have networking so you can find your next superstar employee, an investor for your startup or connect with your next strategic partner.

DEEP DIVE TALKS: Learn from leaders of Shipt, Impossible, GE, Sweetgreen, JUST and more about how their they are navigating the new food tech landscape.

For the full speaker list with bios, please visit the Smart Kitchen Summit website here.

All ticket purchasers get an annual subscription to Spoon Plus, the Spoon's food tech intelligence research and virtual events community. 

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· Stage
Welcome to SKS 2020
SKS Founder Michael Wolf welcomes everyone to SKS 2020.
Michael Wolf
· Stage
Embracing Innovation in Food Tech During in Chaotic Times
2020 has changed all of our plans and all of our assumptions. How do we embrace innovation to navigate towards a better food system in the future?
Peter Bodenheimer Michael Wolf Riana Lynn Ali Bouzari
· Stage
The Changing Consumer Kitchen in the Era of COVID
Everyone started cooking at home more during COVID, but what are the long-term behavior changes in the kitchen?
Susan Schwallie Eve  Turow-Paul Michael Wolf Lisa McManus
· Expo
Check out the products and talk with innovators at our Expo area!
· Networking
Network with other SKS attendees!
· Sessions
Data-Driven Personalization in Food & Cooking
In this session we explore how data and AI will create more personalized meal choices from the restaurant to the home kitchen.
Nick  Holzherr Victor Penev Stacey Higginbotham
· Sessions
Building a Cell-Based Meat Startup
Hardware is hard. But we're willing to bet those on the front lines of reimagining protein using biotechnology is a whole new level of challenging.
Benjamina Bollag Justin Kolbeck Brian Frank
· Sessions
Future Fresh: Rethinking The Vending Machine
In the era of COVID, contactless, smart vending is more important than ever. We talk to two CEOs rethinking the future of smart vending.
Chris Albrecht Megan Mokri Chloe Vichot
· Sessions
Future Kitchen Demo: The Millo Smart Table
Last year's Startup Showcase winner shows off their smart table and blender
Ruslanas Trakšelis Michael Wolf
· Stage
The Smart Kitchen Landscape 2021
What is the state of the tech-powered consumer kitchen? A conversation about the current landscape of the smart kitchen market.
Kevin Yu Michael Wolf David Rabie Ben Harris
· Stage
Headline Sponsor Keynote from GE Appliances: The Second Digital Kitchen Revolution
GE Appliances' Shawn Stover talks about the future of food and cooking.
Shawn Stover
· Networking
Network with other SKS attendees!
· Expo
Check out the products and talk with innovators at our Expo area!
· Sessions
Table Talk: Food Robotics
Let's talk food robots! Join experts, network with others and jump into the conversation yourself about the world of food robots.
Glenn Mathijssen Chris Albrecht Sean Hsu
· Sessions
Table Talk: Food Tech Investment Landscape
Join experts, network with others and jump into the conversation yourself about food tech investment.
Brita Rosenheim Brian Frank Surj Patel
· Sessions
Product Demo: Meet the PizzaBot 5000
Middleby/Lab2Fab will debut its PizzaBot 5000 in this live interactive session at SKS!
Chris Albrecht Shawn Lange
· Sessions
Workshop: Hacking Your Way to the Next Great Kitchen Product
Join the inventor of the consumer sous vide circulator, Scott Heimendinger (aka Seattle Food Geek), as he talks building kitchen products.
Michael Wolf Scott Heimendinger
· Stage
Startup Showcase 2020 Pitch Session
Hear as the finalists for the SKS Startup Showcase pitch their big idea in 5 minute pitches.
Michael Wolf
· Networking
Early Morning Networking Time
Network with your fellow attendees before the day's programming starts.
· Stage
Welcome to Day Two
Day one recap, welcome to day two.
Jenn Marston Michael Wolf
· Stage
Panel: Using Innovation To Reduce Food Waste
A conversation about reducing food waste from farm to fork.
Chiara Cecchini Jenn Marston James Rogers Alexandria Coari
· Stage
Doing The Impossible: In Conversation with Pat Brown
Listen in and ask a question as Washington Post food and culture writer Maura Judkis talks about the future of food with Pat Brown
Maura Judkis Patrick O Brown, M.D., Ph.D.
· Stage
Let's Print Some Meat!
Novameat CEO Guiseppe Scionti demoes his 3D meat printer.
Michael Wolf Giuseppe Scionti
· Expo
Check out the products and talk with innovators at our Expo area!
· Networking
Network with other SKS attendees!
· Sessions
Fermentation: The Next Frontier for Foodtech
GFI called fermentation the next big thing in the future of food. Brian Frank and Thomas Jonas talk about fermentation revolution.
Brian Frank Thomas Jonas
· Sessions
From The Reviewer: What Makes A Good - or Bad - Tech-Powered Kitchen Product?
How can technology be used to make our lives easier in the kitchen? Conversely, can tech be used poorly with new products? Two kitchen pros discuss.
Michael Wolf Lisa McManus Joe Ray
· Sessions
How AI is Reshaping Food Development
AI is changing the way companies big and small bring food products to market.
Chris Albrecht Riana Lynn Oliver Zahn
· Stage
Building The New Food Platforms
Food tech is a building block. Watch as Motif CTO Michael Leonard discusses how companies like Motif creating platforms for the future of food.
Michael Leonard Catherine Lamb
· Stage
Creating a Multi-Product Future Food Company
Josh Tetrick has looked to leverage innovation in numerous ways to build the future of food. We discuss lessons learned and look toward the future.
Jenn Marston Josh  Tetrick
· Networking
Network with other SKS attendees!
· Expo
Check out the products and talk with innovators at our Expo area!
· Sessions
Startup Showcase: Show & Tell
Part Two of the Startup Showcase where the finalists show what they are building, share their ideas, and take questions.
· Sessions
Workshop: Building a Connected Kitchen Product
Join Microsoft IoT engineer as he walks through how to build a connected kitchen product.
Larry Jordan
· Sessions
The Next-Gen Microwave: AI, Precision, Personalized
What will the next-generation microwave look like? More importantly, what new business models will it unlock in the kitchen?
Michael Wolf Steve Drucker
· Sessions
Meet The Authors: Decoding the World with Po Bronson & Arvind Gupta
An online book chat with the authors of Decoding The World. Meet Po Bronson (head of IndieBio) and Arvind Gupta (Founder, Genesis Consortium)
Arvind  Gupta Po Bronson Catherine Lamb
· Expo
· Sessions
Table Talk: Cell-Ag and Cultured Meat
Join this networking and group conversation about cell ag & fermentation based future food, featuring Better Meat Company CEO Paul Shapiro.
Michael Wolf Paul Shapiro
· Sessions
Table Talk: Product Innovation in the Future Kitchen
Jump and join a conversation about building innovative products for the kitchen that consumers will use and love.
Jane Freiman Surj Patel
· Stage
The Asia Future Food Market
We talk with Bits x Bites' Winnie Leung and Michal Klar of Future Food Now about the Asia cell-based, fermented and plant-based food landscape.
Michal Klar Michael Wolf Winnie Leung
· Stage
The Japan Food Tech Revolution
We hear about the highly dynamic and totally unique food tech scene in Japan from Akiko Okada, cofounder of Smart Kitchen Summit Japan.
Akiko Okada
· Stage
Pre-Day 3 Bonus: A Chat With Harold McGee
We are debuting Mike's recorded conversation with molecular gastronomy legend, Harold McGee, about his new book and the state of cooking innovation.
Michael Wolf
· Stage
Welcome to Day Three
Michael Wolf welcomes everyone to day three.
Chris Albrecht Michael Wolf
· Stage
Same-Day Delivery’s Role in the Modern Kitchen, Grocery Store and Beyond
Wall Street Journal's Wilson Rothman talks with Shipt CEO Kelly Caruso about the growth of same-day delivery for grocery.
Kelly Caruso Wilson Rothman
· Stage
The Tech-Powered Grocery Store
The founder of Pandora is trying to reinvent the grocery store. Will Glaser talks about building the tech-powered grocery store of the future.
Chris Albrecht Will Glaser
· Stage
Building Resilient Restaurants With Tech in the COVID Era
COVID-19 accelerated the digital transformation of restaurants as the adapted new models to survive. A conversation about the new landscape.
Christine Schindler Kristen Hawley Chris Carr Ian Christopher
· Expo
Check out the products and talk with innovators at our Expo area!
· Networking
Network with other SKS attendees!
· Sessions
Food Service: Digital Transformation & Disruption in the COVID Era
Daniel Khachab Michael Wolf Scott Wu
· Sessions
The CRISPR Revolution
CRISPR gene editing techniques could change the game for food. Pairwise's Tom Adams talks this revolutionary technology.
Tom Adams Brian Frank
· Sessions
Off-Premise Disruption: Restaurant Delivery & Virtual Restaurants Change The Game
COVID-19 changed off-premise forever. Let's talk delivery & virtual restaurants with DoorDash's Chief Revenue Officer.
Brita Rosenheim Tom  Pickett
· Sessions
Designing Consumer-Centered Products For The Kitchen
We talk with product builders and consumer cooking experts to understand how to put consumers at the center of the kitchen tech design process.
Nicole Papantoniou Evan Dash Jane Freiman
· Stage
Ghost Kitchen Strategies for the New Restaurant Landscape
In the era of app-powered food delivery, the ghost kitchen market has emerged. Learn about this fast-changing market from our panel of experts.
Michael Schaefer Nick Avedesian Jenn Marston Ashley Colpaart
· Stage
I, Restaurant: Let's Talk Restaurant Robots
Back of house, front of house or fully automated restaurants, robots are changing the restaurant business.
Linda Pouliot Chris Albrecht Clayton Wood John Ha
· Expo
Check out the products and talk with innovators at our Expo area!
· Networking
Your final chance to network with other SKS attendees!
· Stage
Announcement: Winner of Startup Showcase
Join us as we announce the winner of the SKS 2020 Startup Showcase on the mainstage!
Jenn Marston Chris Albrecht Michael Wolf
· Sessions
Table Talk: Fermentation: The next big wave in future food?
Is fermentation the next wave in the future of food? Let's get together, network and map out how this powerful food platform is changing the future.
Tim West Miller Tran
· Sessions
Table Talk: Home Cooking Marketplaces
Jump into a conversation about the rapidly changing market space for home cook and chefs online marketplaces. .
Akshay Prabhu Chris Fung Surj Patel
· Sessions
Table Talk: Virtual Restaurants
Michael Wolf Kristen Hawley Lawrence Vavra
· Stage
Into the Modernist Cuisine Kitchen
Let's head into the kitchen where Modernist Cuisine, Modernist Bread and Modernist Pizza were born. A tour with head chef Francisco Migoya.
Francisco Migoya Michael Wolf
· Stage
The Home Food Robot: From Rotimatic to Rosie the Robot
Today's home food robots are different from what we'll see in 10 years. From evolution of unitaskers to the full-robotic chefs over the next decade.
Khalid Aboujassoum Michael Wolf Pranoti Nagarkar
· Stage
Thank You and Goodbye
Michael Wolf Jenn Marston Chris Albrecht


Chiara Cecchini

Future Food Institute

Daniel Khachab

CEO, Choco

Glenn Mathijssen

CEO, Alberts

Akiko Okada

Smart Kitchen Summit Japan

Ruslanas Trakšelis

CEO, Millo

Greg Fish

VP, Product Development, SharkNinja

Francisco Migoya

Head Chef, Modernist Cuisine

Akshay Prabhu

CEO, Foodnome

Michael Leonard

CTO, Motif

Maura Judkis

Writer, Washington Post

Surj Patel


Miller Tran

Vice President of Research and Development at Triton Algae Innovations

Tim West

Global Ambassador, Future Food Institute

Sean Hsu

CEO, Botrista

Michal Klar

Future Food Now

Shawn Stover

Vice President, Smart Home, GE

Chris Fung


Nicole Papantoniou

Senior Testing Editor & Producer, Good Housekeeping Institute

Kevin Yu

CEO, SideChef

Shawn Lange

President, Lab2Fab

Michael Schaefer

Head of Food & Beverage, Euromonitor

Khalid Aboujassoum

CEO, Else Labs

Steve Drucker

CEO, Droaster Laboratories

Christine Schindler

CEO, PathSpot

Linda Pouliot

CEO, DishCraft

Tom Pickett

Chief Revenue Officer, DoorDash

Wilson Rothman

Editor, Wall Street Journal

Kelly Caruso

CEO, Shipt

Lawrence Vavra

CEO, Family Style

Arvind Gupta

Founder, Genesis Consortium

Jane Freiman

Founder, Smart Kitchen Insights

Paul Shapiro

CEO, Better Meat Company

Winnie Leung

VP, Bits x Bytes

Ian Christopher

CEO, Galley Solutions

John Ha

CEO, Bear Robotics

Eve Turow-Paul


Nick Holzherr

CEO, Whisk

Scott Heimendinger

Founder, Seattle Food Geek

Peter Bodenheimer

Director, Food-X

Justin Kolbeck

CEO, Wild Type

Benjamina Bollag

CEO, Higher Steaks

Stacey Higginbotham

Publisher, Stacey on IoT

Victor Penev

CEO, Edamam

Susan Schwallie

Head of Food Research, NPD

Catherine Lamb

Food Tech Journalist

Oliver Zahn

CEO, Climax Foods

Po Bronson

Managing Director, IndieBio

Thomas Jonas

CEO, Nature's Fynd

Clayton Wood

CEO, Picnic

Brian Frank

Partner, FTW Ventures

Scott Wu

CTO, Compass Digital Labs

Ashley Colpaart

CEO, The Food Corridor

Chris Carr

COO, sweetgreen

Ali Bouzari

Founder, Pilot R&D

Chloe Vichot

CEO, FreshBowl

Brita Rosenheim

Partner, Better Food Ventures

Tom Adams

CEO, Pairwise

Nick Avedesian

CEO, Bolt Kitchen

Josh Tetrick


Giuseppe Scionti

CEO, Novameat

Larry Jordan

Kitchen Tech Maker

Kristen Hawley

Founder & Publisher, Expedite

Alexandria Coari

Director, Capital & Innovation, ReFED

Evan Dash

CEO, StoreBound

Patrick O Brown, M.D., Ph.D.

CEO, Impossible Foods

James Rogers

CEO, Apeel

Joe Ray

Writer, Wired

Will Glaser

CEO, Grabango

Ben Harris

CEO of Drop

Riana Lynn

CEO of Journey Foods

David Rabie

CEO of Tovala

Megan Mokri

CEO of Byte Foods

Pranoti Nagarkar

Inventor of the Rotimatic

Lisa McManus

America's Test Kitchen

Chris Albrecht

The Spoon

Jenn Marston

The Spoon

Michael Wolf

The Spoon

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