Sing for Justice


Singing together is a beautiful way to and create joy and healing while exercising our activism.

Join us as we sing for justice along with incredible guest vocalists from all around the Bay Area. We're coming together to lift our voices because we believe in the power of song to bring about change and healing to our communities. You'll be inspired as we sing our way through some of the greatest African American Spirituals that have served as a cornerstone in racial justice movements led courageously by the African American community.

Enjoy musical performances from these stellar vocalists:

Extraordinary special guest:
  • Pastor Mike McBride, Director of Faith in Action and LIVE FREE - Masks For The People campaign. Masks For The People is a humanitarian campaign, launched by Pastor Mike McBride and comedian W. Kamau Bell, in response to the disproportionate impact COVID-19 is having on underserved, minority communities, to ensure people have free access to lifesaving personal protective equipment (PPE) and preventive care. 


We encourage you to learn more about the beautiful tradition of African American Spirituals starting with a powerful quote from W.E.B. Dubois: 

'And so by fateful chance the Negro folk-song -- the rhythmic cry of the slave -- stands to-day not simply as the sole American music, but as the most beautiful expression of human experience born this side the still remains as the singular spiritual heritage of the nation and the greatest gift of the Negro people. They are the music of an unhappy people, of the children of disappointment; they tell of death and suffering and unvoiced longing toward a truer world, of misty wanderings and hidden ways. ' - W.E.B. Dubois from "Souls of Black Folk" (1903) Chapter 14 Of The Sorrow Songs

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Your donations benefit our mission to enable activism by hosting events (Spiritualing pop-ups) which bring people together to sing spirituals in resistance to racial injustice while supported by uplifting musical performances, nourishment from local establishments, and essential rest facilities at protests.

Sing for Justice is brought to you thanks to the kind sponsorship of the Marin Interfaith Council and Interfaith Council of Metropolitan. Washington and Interfaith Council of Sacramento.

Spiritualing intentionally evokes the tradition of African American Spirituals to inspire and empower justice with culture; rejuvinating the mind, body and soul of activists. We are a project of fiscal sponsor Independent Arts and Media based in San Francisco, CA.


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We sing for justice by bringing people together at Spiritualing pop-ups which serve as a place of inspiration for citizen activists.