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Welcome to SET Week Online 2020!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the first virtual edition of our annual Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Tech Festival & Award. Join us from the convenience of your office, lab, or sofa as we host a vibrant array of online sessions and impactful speakers. Gathered from all corners of the globe, we will explore the most pressing challenges of the ongoing energy transition and the opportunties that innovation can bring to our carbon-neutral future.

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· Networking
Networking - Breaking the ice
Get to know other attendees from all over the energy sector here, while awaiting the start of the SET Week opening ceremony.
· Stage
Welcome Address
Live from the Jury Meeting, with: Andreas Kuhlmann (dena), Dr. Angela Wilkinson (WEC), Jon Dee (Do Something Foundation)
Angela Wilkinson Jon Dee Andreas Kuhlmann
· Stage
Accelerating the Energy Transition: The 100% RES strategy of 50Hertz
Keynote: Stefan Kapferer, CEO of 50Hertz (Part of Elia Group)
Stefan Kapferer
· Stage
Innovation - the gamechanger in the energy industry
Keynote: Thomas Birr, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer E.ON
Thomas Birr
· Expo
Start your Energy Business I with AXEL – The Energy Accelerator
powered by: AXEL – The Energy Accelerator (Expo-Area) with: Hilabs, theSARMproject, Greenfluidics
· Expo
Skolkovo Softlanding Program
Skolkovo is pleased to announce that the dates of the next Softlanding Program (Expo Area)
Daria Smirnova
· Stage
SET Success Stories powered by: Inven Capital
with: Daniel Teichmann (Hydrogenious), Charlotta Holmquist (Blixt), Adriano Desidieri (Solho) and Petra Sokolová (Inven)
Petra Sokolova Charlotta Holmquist adriano desideri Daniel Teichmann
· Expo
Bridging the startup/corporate relationship
powered by: Equinor & Techstars Energy Program (Expo-Area)
· Sessions
One-slide Start-up Pitches Round 1
Start-up list: LiveEO, Uptime Analytics, uHoo, NiveauUp, KRAFTBLOCK, EnergyX Solutions Inc., SOLARLATAM, EcoEnergy, ePAVE, JumpWatts, WePower
Nikolaj Martyniuk Faez Shakil Julia Padberg Martin Schichtel NIshaant Sangaavi BJ Perng Dustin  Onghanseng Alex Bril Klara Moradkhan Bryan Ovalle Oscar Hoyos
· Stage
SET Talk: Google
SET Talk: Neha Palmer, Head of Energy Strategy, Global Infrastructure at Google Inc.
Neha Palmer Sven Egenter
· Sessions
One-slide Start-up Pitches Round 2
Start-up list: BeON Energy, Distributed Energy, DENKweit GmbH, KEYOU, Future Grid, Eco Wave Power, Adaptricity, TwingTec, gridX GmbH
Nicolas Lerch Mathew Mazhuvanchery Rui Rodruiges Dominik Lausch Robin Zalwert Chris Law Matias Sigal Rolf Luchsinger Tommaso Miori SILA BOZOK
· Stage
Emerald Energy Transformation Insights
with: Dr. Christoph Frei (Emerald), Dr. Philipp Hasler (Emerald), Frank Balas (Emerald), Tim Heal (Octopus Energy), May Liew (Singapore Power Group)
Tim Heal Frank Balas May Liew Philipp Hasler Christoph Frei
· Sessions
Relevant ecosystems for energy and cleantech startups: the Berlin example. Powered by: Berlin Partner
with: Dr. Karina Rigby (Siemens), Sebastian Schroeer (perto), James Kong (ALP Technologies), Fabian Sacharowitz (InnoEnergy), Janis Gummersbach & Wolfgang Korek
Dr. Karina Rigby Sebastian Schröer Janis Gummersbach Fabian Sacharowitz James Kong Wolfgang Korek
· Expo
Get to know: Liter of Light
Booth: SET Category: Special Prize: Quality Access & SDG-7
Ami Valdemoro Ami Valdemoro
· Stage
SET Success Stories: Planet Ark Power enabling IKEA Australia to transform into a Clean Energy Generator
IKEA's project, to install Australia’s largest grid-connected microgrid, is being developed in partnership with SET 2019 award winner, Planet Ark Power
jan gardberg Jonathan Ruddick
· Expo
Australian Energy Market Opportunities for Startups plus Office Hours with Australian Energy Executives
powered by: Startupbootcamp Australia (Expo-Area)
Abs Bulbuliya Richard Celm Trevor Townsend
· Expo
Ask me anything - Berlin Parter
Ask me anything session with: Berlin Partner (Expo)
Janis Gummersbach
· Stage
Panel: Tech vs. Nature - the Carbon Neutrality Paradigm
with: Dr. Lin Li (WWF), Prof. Dr. Charlotte Streck (Climate Focus), Diego Saez Gil (Pachama), Ulrich Seitz (BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures) and Pia Dorfinger (dena)
Lin Li Ulrich Seitz Diego Saez Gil Pia Dorfinger Charlotte Streck
· Sessions
GTAI Workshop: Startup incentives and market entry in Germany
with: Robert Compton, Tobias Rothacher, Madeleine Tischer (Germany Trade and Invest)
Robert Compton Tobias Rothacher Madeleine Tischer
· Expo - flattening the climate curve
Insights into the Dutch startup ecosystem and its high potential tech companies with (Expo-Area)
· Expo
Get to know: instagrid
Booth: SET Category: Renewable Energies & Materials
· Stage
SET Talk: Carbon Capture Tech (Climeworks)
SET Talk: Christoph Beuttler (CO2 Removal Manager at Climeworks)
Emma Krause Christoph Beuttler
· Expo
Investing in sustainable energy innovations
Ask me anything session with EIT InnoEnergy (Expo-Area)
· Networking
· Expo
Get to know: BluWave-ai
Booth: SET Category: Digital Energy Systems
· Stage
Panel: In Good Company - The Role of Big Companies committed to a zero-emission future
with: Kingsmil Bond (Carbon Tracker), Vanessa Miler (Microsoft), Sophia Nadur (BP) and Andreas Kuhlmann (dena)
Sophia Nadur Vanessa Miler Fels Andreas Kuhlmann Kingsmill Bond
· Networking
Networking - Breaking the Ice
Get to know other attendees from all over the energy sector here.
· Expo
Get to know: TFE Energy / Village Data Analytics
Booth: SET Category: Special Prize: Quality Access & SDG-7
· Stage
Fireside Chat: 24/7 for Future, Energy Edition
with: Lubomila Jordanova (PlanA) and Anika Nicolaas Ponder (IKEM)
Lubomila Jordanova Anika Nicolaas Ponder
· Stage
Panel: For a Connected World- The Digital Exchange of the Energy Transition
with: Alexandre Torellee (re.Alto), René Fassbender (OmegaLambdaTec), Christoph Berger (vilisto) and Fadwa Ouardani (Merantix Labs)
Rene  Fassbender Christoph Berger Fadwa Ouardani Alexandre Torreele
· Expo
Emerging Hydrogen Opportunities in Australia
powered by: Startupbootcamp Australia (Expo-Area)
· Sessions
Giving EV batteries a second life - Successfully linking energy and mobility transition
powered by: PEM Motion, with: Dr. Sarah Fluchs
Sarah Fluchs
· Sessions
One-slide Start-up Pitches Round 3
Start-up list: Gilytics, HYGEN, Solar Earth Technologies, Klimate, Swobbee,, GreenPocket, Carbon Upcycling Technologies, BeOn.
Thomas Goette Rui Rodruiges Felix Krause Ludwig Speidel Thomas Goette Andres Anijalg Heather  Clark Peter Zhou Michael Whitwick Katja Grothe-Eberhardt
· Stage
Plug & Play Hydrogen Roundtable
with: Jens Müller-Belau (Shell), Craig Knight (HYZON Motors), Mark Freymueller (Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility) and Claudius Laskawy (PlugAndPlay)
Mark Freymüller Claudius Laskawy Jens Mueller-Belau Craig Knight
· Expo
Start your Energy Business II with AXEL – The Energy Accelerator
powered by: AXEL – The Energy Accelerator (Expo-Area) with: Pionierkraft, BRC-Solar, Eavy-Systems
· Expo
Ask me anything - Berlin Parter
Ask me anything session with: Berlin Partner (Expo)
Janis Gummersbach
· Expo
Rockstart Energy Fund & Portfolio
powered by: Rockstart (Expo-Area)
Freerk Bisschop
· Expo
Get to know: Blue Box Air, LLC
Booth: SET Category: Energy Efficiency Solutions
Jim  Metropoulos
· Expo
Get to know: EnergyNest
Booth: SET Category: Renewable Energies & Materials
Nils Høivik
· Stage
Panel: Repair and prepare for the next generation Panel
with: John Loughhead (Mission Innovation Steering Committee), João Galamba (Energy Portugal), Thomas Osdoba (Climate-KIC) and Sara Moarif (IEA)
João  Galamba Sara Moarif Thomas Osdoba John  Loughhead
· Stage
Panel: The power of tech transfer to spark innovation in emerging markets
with: Fernando Sandoval, Manager Enel Innovation Hub Europe, Dominic Mellor (ADB Ventures), Saraansh Dave (CLP), and Jane Wu (Venture Cup)
Saraansh Dave Fernando Sandoval Dominic Mellor Jane Wu
· Stage
Video Message: Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy
Video Message: Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy
Pia Dorfinger
· Stage
Video Message: Robert Andrén, Director General Swedish Energy Agency
Video Message: Robert Andrén, Director General Swedish Energy Agency
Pia Dorfinger
· Sessions
Deep Dive on Quality Access & SDG-7
Co-creating solutions for a sustainable future. Powered by: GIZ
Heloise Le Masne Illac Diaz OLUGBENGA OLUBANJO Ami Valdemoro Nabin Raj  Gaihre Sascha Stremming
· Expo
Showcasing Energy Startups in Australia
powered by: Startupbootcamp Australia (Expo-Area)
Abs Bulbuliya Richard Celm Trevor Townsend
· Expo
Meet Imagine 2030
powered by: Sharkbite (Expo-Area)
Tristen  Mueller
· Stage
Creating an Ecosystem of Solutions with Project Drawdown
Creating an Ecosystem of Solutions with Project Drawdown with Chad Frischmann, Vice President & Research Director
Alex Khripko
· Sessions
One-slide Start-up Pitches Round 4
Start-up list: Thermosolar, Mango Solar, Sagar Energy Solutions, Ineratec GmbH, Bandora Systems, Nowi B.V., Elestor BV, Asperitas, Leyden-Jar, HydroPlat
Laurence Green Simon van der Jagt Aidana Toleshova Rebecca Bregant Andreas Ostrovsky Marcia Pereira Maikel Bouricius Jean-Marc (Thermosolar) Coulon Guido Dalessi Philipp Engelkamp
· Stage
Panel: Impact investing for the energy transition
with: Matthias Dill (EIP), Livia Toth (PlugandPlay), Mark Hartney (Breakthrough Energy Ventures), TJ Vapola (Helen Vetures) and Rokas Peciulaitis (Contrarian)
Matthias  Dill Mark Hartney Livia Toth Terhi Vapola Rokas  Peciulaitis
· Expo
Plug & Play Masterclass
powered by: Plug and Play (Expo-Area)
Sallar Faridi
· Stage
Panel: Innovation Underway: Energy Leaders Roundtable
with: Massamba Thioye (UNFCCC), Brian Dean (SEforAll), Patrick Child (Euroean Commission) and Ifeoma Malo (Clean Tech Hub Nigeria)
Ifeoma  Malo Massamba Thioye Patrick CHILD Brian Dean
· Stage
Live from the EUREF Campus/Gasometer Berlin


Alex Khripko

SET / dena

Matthias Dill

Managing Partner EIP

Saraansh Dave

Head of New Business Development, CLP

Trevor Townsend

Startupbootcamp Australia

Richard Celm

Startupbootcamp Australia

Abs Bulbuliya

Startupbootcamp Australia

Tristen Mueller

Sharkbite International

Christian Rood

CEO & Co-founder of Leyden-Jar

Laurence Green

Project Manager, dena

Ifeoma Malo

CEO, Clean Tech Hub Nigeria

Heloise Le Masne


Simon van der Jagt

CEO of Nowi

Dominic Mellor

Principal Investment Specialist at the ADB Ventures, Asian Development Bank

Fernando Sandoval

Manager Enel Innovation Hub Europe

João Galamba

State Secretary Portugal

Nils Høivik


Jim Metropoulos

Blue Box Air

Mark Freymüller

CEO - Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG

Thomas Goette


Illac Diaz

Founder, Liter of Light

Nabin Raj Gaihre

TFE Energy / VIDA

Ami Valdemoro

Liter of Light



Sara Moarif

Head, Environment and Climate Change Unit at IEA

Thomas Osdoba

Senior Cities Advisor Climate-KIC

James Martin


Freerk Bisschop

Program director Smart Energy - Rockstart

Sascha Stremming


Rene Fassbender

CEO, OmegaLambdaTech

jan gardberg

CEO - IKEA Australia

Lin Li

Director of Global Policy and Advocacy WWF International

Sophia Nadur

Global eMobility Innovation Director, bp

Ulrich Seitz

Managing Director, BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures

Ami Valdemoro

Liter of light

Tim Heal

Director of Strategy, Octopus Energy

Nikolaj Martyniuk

CEO & Co-Founder, WePower

Jane Wu

Director - Venture Cup China (USWC)

Petra Sokolova

Investment Manager, Inven Capital

Frank Balas

Sector Specialist - Energy, IoT, Transportation, Emerald Technology Ventures

Faez Shakil

Data Architect at EcoEnergy

May Liew

VP, Innovation, Singapore Power Group

Vanessa Miler Fels

Director of Energy Innovation and Impact at Microsoft

Thomas Birr

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer E.ON

Dr. Karina Rigby

Vice President at Siemens AG “Siemensstadt 2.0“

Sebastian Schröer

Founder, perto GmbH

Emma Krause

Project Manager, adelphi and Secretariat of the International Carbon Action Partnership

Aidana Toleshova

CEO of HydroPlat

Nicolas Lerch

Senior Sales Manager at gridX

Mathew Mazhuvanchery

Chief Executive Officer at Distributed Energy

Julia Padberg

Principal at SET Ventures

Philipp Hasler

Investment Director at Emerald Technology Ventures

Angela Wilkinson

Secretary General & CEO, World Energy Council

Claudius Laskawy

Innovation Manager at Plug & Play Tech Center

Daria Smirnova

Head of International Startups Relations, Skolkovo

Marcia Pereira

CEO & Co-Founder, Bandora

Andreas Ostrovsky

Co-Founder, CEO at Sagar Energy Solutions

Rebecca Bregant

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder, mango solar

Thomas Goette

CEO, GreenPocket

Ludwig Speidel

CFO, Swobbee

Robin Zalwert

Market Development, Funding & Legislation, KEYOU GmbH

Dominik Lausch

CEO, DENKweit GmbH

Rui Rodruiges

BeON Energy

NIshaant Sangaavi

Co-Founder & CEO at EnergyX Solutions Inc.

Martin Schichtel

CEO and Founder at KRAFTBLOCK

Charlotta Holmquist

Co-Founder of BL!XT

Chris Law

CEO & Co-Founder, Future Grid

Katja Grothe-Eberhardt

Founder Klimate

Michael Whitwick

CTO at Solar Earth Technologies Ltd.

Matias Sigal

Business development at Eco Wave Power

Tommaso Miori

International Business Developer at Adaptricity AG

Bryan Ovalle

Co-Founder, COO -JumpWatts

Klara Moradkhan

Co-Founder at ePAVE, LLC

Alex Bril

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development at SolarLatam

Dustin Onghanseng

Co-Founder and CEO of uHoo

Madeleine Tischer

Senior Manager. Marketing, GTAI

Tobias Rothacher

Senior Manager, Energy Storage, GTAI

Robert Compton

Manager, Energy Efficiency, GTAI

Sarah Fluchs

Director Remanufacturing & Sustainability, PEM Motion

Christoph Berger

Founder and CEO - vilisto GmbH

Jon Dee

Co-Founder and Managing Director, DoSomething Foundation

Peter Zhou

Special Project Manager - Polymers at Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Fadwa Ouardani

AI Project Manager, Merantix Labs

Rolf Luchsinger

Co-Founder and CEO of Twingtec

Oscar Hoyos

Co-Founder & CEO at Uptime Analytics

Philipp Engelkamp

Founder of Ineratec

Guido Dalessi

CEO of Elestor

Jean-Marc (Thermosolar) Coulon

Founder of Thermosolar

Mark Hartney

Principal, Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Heather Clark

Co Founder of Gilytics

Maikel Bouricius

Marketing Manager at Asperitas

Andres Anijalg

Co-founder & COO of Roofit Solar Energy

Sallar Faridi

Director of Plug and Play Tech Center

Massamba Thioye

Manager, Sustainable Development Mechanism Program at UNFCCC

Neha Palmer

Head of Energy Strategy, Global Infrastructure at Google Inc.

Pia Dorfinger

Project Director Start Up Energy Transition, dena

Stefan Kapferer

CEO of 50Hertz

Fadwa Ouardani

AI Project Manager, Merantix Labs

Diego Saez Gil

Co-founder, CEO - Pachama

Rokas Peciulaitis

Founding and Managing Partner Contrarian Ventures

Jonathan Ruddick

Chief Operating Officer at Planet Ark Power

Felix Krause

Investment Partner innogy Ventures

Wolfgang Korek

Head of Unit Energy Technologies at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

James Kong

Director and Founder at ALP TECHNOLOGIES LTD

Craig Knight

Co-Founder and CEO, HYZON Motors Inc.

Jens Mueller-Belau

Energy Transition Manager Germany, Shell

Brian Dean

Head of Energy Efficiency and Cooling at Sustainable Energy for All

Terhi Vapola

VP of Helen Ventures

Livia Toth

Ventures Director, Plug and Play

Christoph Frei

Partner, Global Energy Transformation – GETalliance, Emerald

adriano desideri


Alexandre Torreele

CEO of re.alto

Daniel Teichmann

Founder and CEO of Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies

Charlotte Streck

Co-Founder and Director of Climate Focus

Fabian Sacharowitz

Investment Director at EIT InnoEnergy Germany

BJ Perng

Founder and CEO of NiveauUp Inc.

Anika Nicolaas Ponder

Team Leader, Sustainability & innovation at IKEM

Lubomila Jordanova

CEO & Founder, PlanA.Earth

Janis Gummersbach

Senior Project Manager at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

Sven Egenter

Editor-in-Chief of Clean Energy Wire


Senior Operations Specialist at Shell Enerji

Christoph Beuttler

CO2 Removal Manager at Climeworks

Kingsmill Bond

Energy Strategist at Carbon Tracker

John Loughhead

Chair of Mission Innovation Steering Committee

Maurizio Bezzeccheri

Head of Latin America Enel

Patrick CHILD

Deputy Director General in DG Research and Innovation at the European Commission

Andreas Kuhlmann

Chief Executive, German Energy Agency (dena)

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Start Up Energy Transition

Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is a global innovation platform supporting innovation in energy transition.

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The finalists of the SET Award 2020 Category: Digital Energy Systems

BluWave-ai - Canada, Sterblue - France, SwitchDin -Australia

The finalists of the SET Award 2020 Category: Energy Efficiency Solutions

Blue Box Air - United States, Enerbrain - Italy, Enjay AB - Sweden

The finalists of the SET Award 2020 Category: Renewable Energies and Materials

instagrid - Germany, VoltStorage - Germany, EnergyNest - Norway

The finalists of the SET Award 2020 Category: Smart Mobility

EcoG - Germany, Ponera Group - Switzerland, TRANSITION-ONE - France

The finalists of the SET Award 2020 Category: Special Prize Quality Access & SDG-7

Liter of Light - Philippines, Reeddi - Nigeria/Canada, TFE Energy / Village Data Analytics - Germany

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AXEL - The Energy Accelerator

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Plug and Play Tech Center

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Rockstart Energy is a domain-focused accelerator-VC with follow-on growth funding which will invest in early stage businesses contributing to the energy transition.

Sharkbite – Imagine 2030

Imagine the world in 2030


The next Softlanding Program has been confirmed - March, 15-19

Startupbootcamp Energy

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Techleap is a non-profit publicly funded organisation helping to quantify and accelerate the tech ecosystem of the Netherlands.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

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Third Derivative (D3)

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