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Staking and Baking on Tezos with Kiln

Curious about staking on Tezos? Token holders that are interested in taking a more active role in the network can get started with baking, the Tezos term for block creation. This allows them to participate in the governance structure and to have a hand in deciding the future of the protocol. In an effort to enhance the experience for new and experienced bakers alike, Kiln was created. 
At the next TQuorum Session, we will explore the features of Kiln, including the recent release of Kiln for MacOS. Other features of the application include the ability to monitor nodes and bakers, as well as offering users a convenient UI to set up a node. 
This Session will feature speakers from various teams across the Tezos ecosystem as they preview the upcoming roadmap on the next stages of updates and answer your questions on getting involved with baking on Tezos. 
Whether you’re an experienced baker or are looking to get started, this Session will provide you with a vital resource to stay involved. 
Featured speakers from the Kiln consortium: 
  • Iryna Gerasymova, Director of Product Management, TQ Tezos 
  • Corey Soreff, Technical Project Manager, Tezos Commons
  • Michael Zaikin, Developer Relations, Baking Bad

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