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Self-Employment Productivity Summit


Does it seem impossible to get everything done when it comes to your business?

From freelance creatives to entrepreneurs the struggle to achieve your goals is real.

In the Self-Employment Productivity Summit we map out strategies for goal setting and prioritizing, tracking progress, and tools that make life easier for anyone managing their own workflow.

This event was inspired by those who responded to weekly productivity posts online by John Edward Lawson, co-founder of the award-winning publishing company Raw Dog Screaming Press, featuring his regular word count tallies of 32,000 words, 58,000 words, and even 130,000 words (the average novel is 80,000 words and takes months to write). The responses ranged from support to disbelief, and the overwhelming question: "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?"

Now you can learn how does that, while also managing AllAccessCon and Broadkill Writers Resort, in this live event experience, to be followed by a productivity course offered to a limited number of participants. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Have Fun

This online event features a main stage where experts will lead the event. You can interact with the onscreen presenters, other attendees, and event staff through the chat area, and take polls as they pop up there as well. After the presentations, you can explore other areas of our virtual event space.

The Expo area features vendors just like at a convention. Here you will find publishers, authors, other workshops, and more.
In the Networking area, you can meet other attendees in speed networking sessions of 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length. If you want to maintain this connection you can exchange contact info that will be stored in your Hopin profile for later reference, just like exchanging business cards at an in-person event. The system introduces you to other attendees at random.

COVID-19 Relief

We understand times are tough in 2020. That's why we're giving away live access to this event for 250 attendees, and making vendor space available free of charge.

Likewise, Broadkill Writers Resort will be donating 25% of the revenue from its productivity course to support our local communities through Food Bank of Delaware and Fuel Fund of Maryland.
All you need to join us is:

  1. a Hopin account
  2. a ticket to the event
  3. a strong internet connection

At this time our events are not compatible with the Safari web browser. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

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· Stage
Introduction and Orientation
John Lawson
· Stage
Staying Home, Staying Creative
Replay of the discussion featuring editors and authors D. Harlan Wilson, Jason Jack Miller, Heidi Ruby Miller, Matt Betts, and John Edard Lawson.
· Networking
Lunchtime Mixer
Meet other freelancers and entrepreneurs in the Natworking area for brief 30 second to 3 minute sessions.
· Expo
Meet the Vendors
Our vendors and sponsors offer a wide range of products and services you can benefit from. Stop in to get familiar with them.
· Stage
Getting Words Instead of Counts
Tips and tricks for massively boosting your writing output.
John Lawson
· Stage
Extra Productivity Tips
John Lawson
· Sessions
Ask Me Anything
Have any other questions or concerns that haven't been addressed? Check in with the experts during this chat in the Sessions area.
· Expo
Last Call
Your last chance to grab time-saving tools discussed during the presentations.
· Networking
Emergency Party
Is 2020 trying to derail the productivity of this event? While we figure that out you can hang out over in the Networking area.
· Stage
Interview with Artist Lynne Hansen
Cover artist Lynne Hansen joins us to talk artistic process balanced with the business of being a freelancer, with time for questions from the audience..
John Lawson Lynne Hansen
· Stage
Interview with author Jeff Strand
Jeff Strand joins us for a frank discussion of being a freelance author in 2020, followed by audience Q&A.
John Lawson Jeff Strand
· Stage
Everything is on Fire and Time is Irrelevant
Replay of the workshop presented by prolific author Matt Betts.


Jeff Strand


Lynne Hansen

Cover Artist

John Lawson


The event is over

Hosted by

John Edward Lawson

Creating events in the arts space for those who cannot attend traditional conferences, workshops, and more.

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