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SciX 2020 Hop In rooms

52 people attended
You must be a registered SciX attendee to participate in Hop In Rooms, but no additional fee is required to participate in Hop In Rooms.

Register and create an account; this log in information is SEPARATE from your virtual meeting log in information. This is an entirely separate platform designed to be a supplement to the main event. 

Since we don't have coffee breaks and receptions for bumping into other attendees, try out one of the themed SciX Hop In Rooms! Included in your registration, you can access Hop In Rooms by clicking the link below and creating an account on the website (separate from your virtual meeting website login). There you can choose a topic of interest and hop in!

Hop In Rooms allow up to 20 people to video chat at a time, with additional participants able to watch/listen/chat. You can also leave notes/messages for others in the chat - the chat stays visible throughout the meeting.

There is no set structure: rooms are open 8 am - 8 pm EDT daily, Tuesday-Thursday. These rooms are driven by chance - you never know who you'll bump into! (Hint: try logging in during break times in the main program.) All rooms are monitored for inappropriate behavior and anyone found violating the SciX Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.

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