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Rural Site Configuration PlugFest Workshop

345 people attended
This three day workshop will consist of a private PlugFest results reveal, (4) live panels, each one focused on a rural site deployment theme and several virtual booths where partner companies will showcase their rural site solutions. 

Day 1 will be held on October 20th in GoToWebinar and is open only to PlugFest members. If you have not yet received the invite, and you're interested in joining, then you need to join PlugFest. Once the TIP Organizational Admin from your company signs the PlugFest charter, then please login to your TIP Hub Account and go to "My Project Groups" to join PlugFest. Once you join, an invite to Day 1 will be extended. If you need help, contact Rebecca Naus at [email protected] 

Days 2 and 3 will be held on October 21st and 22nd in Hopin and are open to the general public. Day 2 panels will cover Rural Site Total Cost of Ownership and Rural Site Deployment Challenges. Day 3 panels will cover Rural Site Deployment Best Practices and Rural Site Maintenance & Monitoring. 

Partner company virtual booths will be open in Hopin to visitors the entire 3-day period. Each booth contains an in-depth custom video specifically created for this event presenting each company's rural deployment solutions.

This event is proudly sponsored by: Morningstar, Tecore & Atrinet

Proudly Supported By


· Booths
Expo Booths Open
Visit the expo booths to learn more about the Rural Site Solutions of our partner companies.
· Booths
Expo Booths Open
Visit the expo booths to learn more about the Rural Site Solutions of our partner companies.
· Panels
Panel 1: Rural Site Total Cost of Ownership
Moderated by Telecom Infra Project
Tyler McCue Suresh Koppolu Vishal Mathur Semir Hassanaly Sridhar Kadambala
· Panels
Panel 2: Rural Site Challenges
Moderated by Tecore
Suresh Koppolu Sridhar Kadambala Tim Smith Jay Yap Art Napor
· Booths
Expo Booths Open
Visit the expo booths to learn more about the Rural Site Solutions of our partner companies.
· Panels
Panel 3: Rural Site Best Practices
Moderated by Morningstar
Christophe Chevallier Semir Hassanaly Jay Yap Jim McGrath Brad Berwald Ben Ealey Rajesh Mishra
· Panels
Panel 4: Rural Site Maintenance & Monitoring
Moderated by Atrinet
Christophe Chevallier Brad Berwald Roei Avraham Alex Saucedo Roy Silon


Tyler McCue

CTO of coreNOC

Roy Silon

VP of Technologies, Atrinet

Alex Saucedo

Director of Sales, Americas, GenCell Energy

Roei Avraham

Customer Care and Presale Manager, Atrinet

Rajesh Mishra

CTO, Parallel Wireless

Ben Ealey

CIO, coreNOC

Brad Berwald

Product Manager, Morningstar

Jim McGrath

Director of Sales & Business Development, Morningstar

Art Napor

CIO, Tecore

Jay Yap

Senior Director, Intelsat

Tim Smith

Vice President of Business Development, Tecore

Sridhar Kadambala

Director of Product Management, Vanu

Semir Hassanaly

Head of Mobile Backhaul and Trunking, ST Engineering iDirect

Vishal Mathur

Global Head of Engagement, Telecom Infra Project

Suresh Koppolu

Technical Program Manager, Facebook

Christophe Chevallier

PlugFest Chair, Telecom Infra Project

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Telecom Infra Project

Accelerating the development & deployment of open, disaggregated, standards-based solutions – to deliver high quality connectivity globally.

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