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Wear It Live on Fitness and Tech: Run. Lift. Track. Repeat.

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Wear It Live is more than a virtual conference. Besides an industry expert panel discussion, we are looking forward to exciting pitches and a unique 1on1 networking session where you can meet our speakers, as well as experts and game-changers in the field.


Wear It Live is a global series of virtual events focused on wearable and close to body technology.

Hosted by Wear It Innovation Summit, Europe's leading conference on wearable technology it brings together the worlds leading experts and decision makers on the hottest topics in the wearable technology sector. 

Wear It Live is designed as a virtual open innovation platform, that will be concluded in the Innovation Summit 2021 which will take place as a physical event in Berlin.


How wearables and close to body technology products transform the perception of a fitness lifestyle? 

In our fast pace of digitization, the world of workout and performance enhancement is getting revolutionised by close to body tech solutions.

Fitness is a healthy addiction for people who are looking for better life quality. Whether it is as a hobby or professional competition, results depend on health metrics, and with wearables, we have an opportunity to push the body limits and to improve the efficiency of workouts.

We will discuss the role of close to the body tech in the fitness industry and how it is changing the way people exercise. We will have have a look on what the future of fitness might bring us and what kind of technology regarding our health and wellbeing should we expect in our daily life. 

In this edition of “Wear It Live” we invite experts from all related fields to discuss new alternative ways and strategies of the fitness industry and what kind of improvements could be done in already existing smart tech.

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· Stage
Panel Discussion: Wearables as a right tool to personalise workout
Beyond classical fitness: a new approach to the sport and fitness lifestyle with real-time health metrics; Most promising trends for the fitness industry
· Stage
Startup Pitches
· Expo
Meet the Startups: Vi
Meet the partners' virtual company booths, and network in real time.
· Expo
Meet the Startups: ScorerBoots Technology
Meet the partners' virtual company booths, and network in real time.
· Expo
Meet the Startups: Evomo UG
Meet the partners' virtual company booths, and network in real time.
· Networking
One-On-One Networking
Exchange insights and network with industry leaders in Fitness Tech.


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Scorerboots Technology

The future of shoes for professional athletes.

Evomo UG

We make strength training trackable.


Digitization in wellness through personalized real-time coaching