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The Investment Diversity Exchange (TIDE) connects and engages movers and shakers to promote diversity and inclusion within the investment industry.

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Recording or disseminating any portion of the The Investment Diversity Exchange (TIDE) Virtual Conference is strictly prohibited. Access to the virtual conference is solely for the registered ticketholder and cannot be shared or transferred.

The TIDE Virtual Conference implements Chatham House Rule, whereby participants are asked to not identify or affiliate statements to specific speakers.

Information presented at the virtual conference is general in nature and does not take into account any investor’s particular circumstances. The information is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, an interest in any investment product. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  

Information presented at this virtual conference has been prepared for illustrative purposes only and does not purport to be complete. 

All alternative investments are speculative and involve a high degree of risk (including the possible loss of the entire investment).  

All forward-looking statements discussed may prove to be materially inaccurate. Factors that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from such forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, volatility in financial markets, fluctuations in currency exchange rates and interest rates, tax consequences, changes in the law, and other risks. TIDE and its affiliates hereby disclaim any duty to provide any updates or changes to the information presented at this virtual conference.


By signing up for a registration pass and attending the event, you agree to grant TIDE and its authorized representatives permission to record your participation on photography, video, or audio. Any or all of the material recorded or photographed may be used, in any form, as part of any future publications used to promote TIDE. Such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.

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· Stage
Welcome Remarks
Grace Reyes
Grace Reyes
· Stage
Introduction of Daniel D'Aniello, Co-Founder and Chairman of The Carlyle Group
Charina Amunategui, MUFG Investor Services
Charina Amunategui
· Stage
Keynote Speech & Audience Q&A
Daniel D'Aniello, Co-Founder and Chairman of The Carlyle Group
Daniel D'Aniello
· Expo
· Sessions
Adiam Kiflom Ron Falls Tamara Larsen Mika Malone Stacie Olivares Wendy Pulling
· Sessions
Unique, Off-the-Run Strategies
David York Shannon Zoller david  fann Bryan Fujita Marvin Tong Reginald Tucker
· Expo
· Stage
Emerging Manager Panel
Renae Griffin Chavon Sutton Sam Austin Jose Fernandez Kirk Sims
· Stage
Welcome Remarks
Grace Reyes
· Stage
Introduction of Scott Chan, CalSTRS & Clark Cheng, Merrimac Corp
Reyda Van, DealCloud
Reyda Van
· Stage
Fireside Chat featuring Scott Chan interviewed by Clark Cheng
Scott Chan, CalSTRS & Clark Cheng, Merrimac Corp
Scott Chan Clark Cheng
· Stage
Endowments & Foundations
Susan Soh Bei Saville Susanne Gealy Brian O'Neil
· Expo
· Sessions
Venture Capital
Susan  Lee Ruchi Dana Tina Pham Vishnu Amble Christian Cruz Priscilla Guevara
· Sessions
Public Markets
Molly Shannon Evril Clayton Jr. Yinh Hinh Alissa Shipper Margaret Jadallah Cindy Lau
· Sessions
Private Credit
Nneka Madus Mark Tsang Pranjul Srivastava Terrance Davis Constance Sng
· Expo
· Stage
Elevating the Role of Women & Minorities in the Investment Industry
Judy Wade Daniel Miller Jasmine Richards June Kim Renaye Manley
· Stage
Welcome Remarks
Grace Reyes
· Stage
Introduction of Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge & Patrick Tsang, Tsangs Group
Tiffany Hart, World Economic Forum
Tiffany Hart
· Stage
Fireside Chat & Audience Q&A
Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge & Patrick Tsang, Tsangs Group
Anthony Scaramucci Patrick Tsang
· Stage
Introduction of Marcie Frost, CEO of CalPERS & Andrew Junkin, CIO of State of Rhode Island
Mare Yu -  Backstop CMO
· Stage
Fireside Chat featuring Marcie Frost interviewed by Andrew Junkin
Marcie Frost Andrew Junkin
· Expo
· Sessions
Private Equity
Sandra Bosela Quyen Tran Bill Bracamontes Brian Dixon Neil Malik Suzanne Wong
· Sessions
Real Asset
Diem Tran Tingting Peng Cecelia Chen Barbara Jesuele Eddie Lewis
· Sessions
Hedge Funds
C. Penn Redpath Dolores Munoz David Francl Andrew Chen Nick Hartnett Abhi Kane
· Expo
· Stage
CIO Panel
John Sergides Marcus Frampton Andrew Junkin Sona Menon Craig Slack


Priscilla Guevara


Bei Saville


Susan Soh

Two Sigma

Scott Chan


Susanne Gealy

CommonSpirit Health

Renae Griffin

GCM Grosvenor

Molly Shannon

Wellington Management

Brian O'Neil

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

C. Penn Redpath

Lombard International

Mare Yu - Backstop CMO

Backstop Solutions

Judy Wade

CPP Investments

Susan Lee

The Broad Foundation and Family Office

Evril Clayton Jr.

NYS Common Retirement Fund

John Sergides

MUFG Investor Services

David York

Top Tier Capital Partners

Ruchi Dana

Dana Group

Daniel Miller


Mark Tsang

StepStone Global

Sandra Bosela


Tingting Peng

ESO Capital

Jasmine Richards

Cambridge Associates

Alissa Shipper

Bayshore Global Management

Quyen Tran

Two Sigma

Yinh Hinh

Eagle Capital Management

Clark Cheng


Chavon Sutton

NYC Comptroller's Office

david fann


David Francl


Vishnu Amble

Saudi Aramco

Pranjul Srivastava

Edelweiss Capital

Shannon Zoller

Tephra Advisors

Suzanne Wong

Palladium Equity Partners

Reyda Van


Reginald Tucker


Patrick Tsang

Tsangs Group

Diem Tran

LDR Capital Management

Marvin Tong

Sempra Energy

Constance Sng

Hudson Cove Capital Management

Kirk Sims

Texas TRS

Craig Slack


Anthony Scaramucci

SkyBridge Capital

Wendy Pulling

UC Regents

Tina Pham


Stacie Olivares


Dolores Munoz

Cabrera Capital

Sona Menon

Cambridge Associates

Renaye Manley


Mika Malone

Meketa Investment Group

Neil Malik

K1 Investment Management

Nneka Madus

Digital Marketing

Eddie Lewis


Cindy Lau


Tamara Larsen


June Kim


Adiam Kiflom

Aberdeen Standard Investments

Abhi Kane

Hedge Fund

Andrew Junkin

State of Rhode Island

Barbara Jesuele

Getty Trust

Margaret Jadallah

Verus Investments

Nick Hartnett


Tiffany Hart

World Economic Forum

Marcie Frost


Bryan Fujita


Marcus Frampton

Alaska Permanent

Jose Fernandez


Ron Falls

Post Advisory Group

Brian Dixon

APG Asset Management

Terrance Davis

State of Florida

Daniel D'Aniello

The Carlyle Group

Christian Cruz

Canterbury Consulting

Cecelia Chen

Seattle City ERS

Andrew Chen

Lockheed Martin

Bill Bracamontes

Wilshire Associates

Sam Austin


Charina Amunategui


Grace Reyes


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The Investment Diversity Exchange

Connecting and engaging movers & shakers to promote diversity & inclusion within the investment industry.

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