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Rise 2020

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Chinmay Shukla

Sr. Data Scientist at PathAI

josue martinez

DesignOps Manager at GoGuardian

Jeff Eyet

Co-founder at The Berkeley Innovation Group

Cristina De La Cruz

Regional VP at Robert Half - The Creative Group

Betsy Paulose

Technical Recruiting Manager at Indeed

Gautam Tambay

Co-Founder & CEO at Springboard

Waco Holve

Data Scientist at Spora Health

Savin Goyal

Machine Learning Infrastructure at Netflix

Brian Xu

Data Science + Economic Graph Stories at LinkedIn

Lou Zhang

Lead Data Scientist at MachineMetrics

Christine Cruzvergara

VP Higher Education & Student Success at Handshake

Siya Raj Purohit

Investor at Pathway Ventures

DeRay McKesson

Co-founder at Campaign Zero

Dan Shapero

Chief Business Officer at LinkedIn

Nikhil Garg

Senior Data Scientist at Predictwise

Pranjal Daga

Machine Learning Scientist at Cisco Innovation Labs

Pasquale Prosperati

Data Scientist Premium Analytics in APAC at Spotify

Julia Fisher

Author & Director of Education at Clayton Christensen Institute

Kristine Holcomb

Senior Technical Recruiter at Indeed

Dientje Francis Lawrence

Global Vice President, Strategy at Pearson

Tanya Kuwadekar

Technical Recruiter at Disney

Rahim Fazal

Co-founder and CEO at SV Academy

Jamie Nuzbach

Strategic Development Manager at Adobe XD

Takashi Wickes

Interaction Designer at IDEO

Katie BLOT

Principal and owner at Strategy-Ed LLC

Stephanie Wong

Team Lead at Wavely

Thomas Vladeck

Managing Director at Gradient

Kashif Ross

UI/UX Designer at WriterDuet

Melissa Loble

Chief Customer Experience Officer at Instructure

April Hoang

User Experience Designer at Microsoft

Drew Hopkins

UX Designer: Lead of Research at FIS

Sara Hooker

Research Scholar at Google Brain

George Mendoza

Data Scientist at Hypergiant Space Age Solutions

Elie Schoppik

Co-founder and Lead Instructor at Rithm School

Dr. Ciarda Henderson

Senior Director Of User Experience at Confirmit

Hobson Lane

Co-founder and CTO at Tangible AI

chloe liu

Senior Director of Analytics & Data Science at The Athletic

Jagannath Putrevu

Senior Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Instacart

Anne Pike

Lead Designer at USAA

Dipanjan (DJ) Sarkar

Data Science Lead at Applied Materials

Christina Nguyen

Senior Recruiter at JBC Holdings

Emily Schoof

Data Scientist at Healthy Together

Lisa Nash

Data scientist & Designer at IDEO

Chris Hickey

AVP and Division Director of Recruitment for The Creative Group

Ravi Kiran Chirravuri

Machine Learning Infrastructure at Netflix

Mercedes Bent

Investor at Lightspeed Venture Partners

Zejian Shen

Engineering Manager at Uplift

Connie Cheung

Engineering Manager at Pared

Zack Allen

Physician Data Scientist at Rad AI

Peter Nsaka

Software Engineer at Shopify

Ruben Harris

CEO at CareerKarma

Colt Steele

Consultant, Teacher, and Developer

Colleen Frazier

Recruiting Manager, Data Science at Capital One

Nell Cunningham

Recruiting Manager at Capital One

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