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Responsible Innovation Summit


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· Networking
Networking coffee break
Connect, Inspire, Collaborate!
· Sessions
Systemic change for a green and just recovery
Welcome and Keynote
Mary MacSweeney
· Sessions
Creating a new Business As Usual
How can we use the power of innovation and collaboration to create a better economy that works for business, people and the planet?
Neven Marinovic Josephine  Nzerem Mary MacSweeney Agnieszka Sznyk Diarmuid Torney
· Sessions
Responsible Innovation projects in action to Build Back Better
EU funded Responsible Research and Innovation projects to shape the future of business and policy
Andre Martinuzzi Roisin Lyons Dave Lewis Laure Antoniotti Giulia Bubbolini
· Sessions
In this together - Empowering collaboration to Build Back Better
Hackathons, online and real-life community activism to spark positive change
CJ Palmer Caitlin Hafer Norman Thompson Sophie Benoit Chris Gordon Nicole Loeser
· Networking
Networking break
Connect, Inspire, Collaborate!
· Sessions
Changing the narrative - Communicating for Impact
The impact of the COVID pandemic on branding and engaging with your audience. Tools and trends that could help value-driven enterprises to embrace change!
Zuzia Whelan Jorgos Papadakis Vikki Brennan Marijke Prevoo Tim  Graham Pat  Brereton
· Expo
Launch event: Profit with Purpose magazine next issue
Look behind the scenes, meet with contributors and learn how you can get involved with the next edition!
Mary MacSweeney Szilvia Szabó
· Sessions
Marketing as a force for good without greenwashing
Ways to make the most out of your communication strategy and campaign and drive positive change! Creating the magical mix of values, transparency and trust
Szilvia Szabó Eamonn Donlyn Rosemary  Walsh Laura Costello Laura  O'Connell
· Sessions
How to make an impact using visual media?
There are many ways to tell a powerful story that generates action. Learn about the latest tools, tricks to make your story stand out and make change happen!
Marijke Prevoo Tom Konings
· Sessions
Launch event: Visual media challenge to move the World
Join this launch event to learn more about howand why enter the "Visual media challenge to move the World"
Marijke Prevoo Szilvia Szabó
· Networking
Networking coffee break
Connect, Inspire, Collaborate!
· Networking
Networking coffee break
Connect, Inspire, Collaborate!
· Sessions
Roadmap to a green and just recovery
Welcome and Keynote
Hazel Chu
· Sessions
Financing positive change
Investment trends about incorporating Sustainable Development Goals / ESG factors to achieve better Return on Investment and create social value.
Frank Aswani Chiara Davalli Tiina Ramstedt-Sen Ben Constable Maxwell Conor Carmody
· Sessions
Leaders of change
Leadership skills, methods and tools to deliver a positive impact and empower collaboration
Ágota Bíró David Lale Marton Svekus Corrina Grace Tara Nolan
· Networking
Networking break
Connect, Inspire, Collaborate!
· Sessions
Accelerating innovative value-driven enterprises
Sustainability incubators, accelerator programmes and funding opportunities for value-driven enterprises
Gorgi Krlev Zsolt  Bugarszki Arunima Singh Chris Gordon Mary MacSweeney Etienne Salborn
· Sessions
Bouncing forward - Becoming more resilient while realising sustainable growth
Scaling strategy integrating social and environmental factors for better performance.
Maurice Knightly Killian Stokes Arthur ERDEM Tammy Darcy (Ireland) Lubomila Jordanova Lucia  Dal Negro
· Sessions
The business case of Circular Economy
Investment trends and business opportunities in Circular Economy solutions
Paul Manning Bernie  Kiely Joanne Rourke Sally-Anne  Kasner Karen Deignan Vojtech Vosecky
· Sessions
Launch event: Business Spirit Award 2020 | Profit with Purpose magazine
The Business SPIRIT Award 2020 launch | Profit with Purpose magazine 2nd issue launch
Szilvia Szabó Mary MacSweeney
· Networking
Networking coffee break
Connect, Inspire, Collaborate!
· Sessions
Exploring the Business Case for Responsible Innovation
This workshop brings together scientific evidence and practical experience, while provides a vibrant forum.
Marianne Hörlesberger Emad Yaghmaei Markus Hametner Andre Martinuzzi Lydia Montandon


Marianne Hörlesberger

Senior Researcher, Center for Innovation Systems & Policy, Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Gorgi Krlev

University of Heidelberg, Centre for Social Investment (CSI)

Zsolt Bugarszki

Founder, Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

Szilvia Szabó

Managing Editor, Profit with Purpose magazine | Business Spirit media platform

Hazel Chu

Lord Mayor of Dublin

Paul Manning

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, NovoGrid

Ágota Bíró

People Director, Emarsys

Roisin Lyons

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Dublin City University

Emad Yaghmaei

Senior Researcher at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology

Markus Hametner

Senior Researcher, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Lydia Montandon

Business Development Director of the ATOS Research & Innovation

Andre Martinuzzi

Head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability Vienna University of Economics and Business

Bernie Kiely

Assistant Principal, Circular Economy Division, Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Ireland

Dave Lewis

Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin

Zuzia Whelan

Journalist, Ethics in Tech podcast host

David Lale

Group CEO, Oxford HR Consultants

Jorgos Papadakis

Marketing & Communications Director, European Venture Philanthropy Association, EVPA

Arunima Singh

Head of Venture Building, Yunus Social Business

Frank Aswani

CEO, African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA)

Joanne Rourke

Resource Efficiency Officer, Eastern-Midlands Waste Regional Office, Ireland

Laure Antoniotti

EU and corporate affairs manager, Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly, Ireland

Sally-Anne Kasner

Director, Circular-Vision and the African Circular Economy Network

Karen Deignan

Co-Founder, SustainabilityWorks

Maurice Knightly

Entrepreneurial specialist, Innovation Academy, University College Dublin

Neven Marinovic

President, Euclid - The European Network for Social Enterprises and Impact-Driven Leaders

Vikki Brennan

CEO Proudly Made in Africa

Josephine Nzerem

Regional Director of Ashoka Anglophone West Africa, Director at Venture and Talent, Ashoka Africa

Giulia Bubbolini

COO, Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna, Italy

Eamonn Donlyn

CEO Darwin & Goliath

Killian Stokes

Moyee Coffee Ireland - Radically Good Coffee with Radical Impact

Rosemary Walsh

Marketing Manager for Frank and Honest Gourmet Coffee Company

Mary MacSweeney

Deputy Head of Enterprise and Economic Development, Dublin City Council

Chiara Davalli

Senior Project Leader, European Business and Innovation Centre Network, EBN

CJ Palmer

Founder, CEO Sustainable mPact™ , Sweden

Laura Costello

Senior Strategist – Purpose & Planet, THINKHOUSE marketing agency

Laura O'Connell

Brand manager, INNOCENT drinks

Tim Graham

Stakeholder Engagement & Marketing Officer, Dublin Place Brand, Dublin City Council

Tammy Darcy (Ireland)

Interim CEO, Social Enterprise Republic of Ireland

Tiina Ramstedt-Sen

Advisor, Regional Development and Funding Council of Tampere Region, Finland

Arthur ERDEM

Head of Group Sustainability & Strategy UB-UNIQUE BRANDS GmbH

Tom Konings

Creative Designer Media INN

Marijke Prevoo

Media Consultant Media INN

Marton Svekus

Flow Group- organisational culture and leadership development consultant

Caitlin Hafer

Founder of What The Hack

Ben Constable Maxwell

Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing, M&G Investments, UK

Sophie Benoit

Founder of What The Hack

Norman Thompson

Economic Development Researcher, Local Enterprise Office and Dublin City Council

Vojtech Vosecky

Chairman of the Circular Economy Steering Committee at the City of Prague

Corrina Grace

Social Innovator | Weaver | Systems Builder, Australia

Lubomila Jordanova

Founder and CEO, PlanA, Germany

Etienne Salborn

Founder and Chief Empathy Officer, SINA (Social Innovation Academy), Uganda

Pat Brereton

Professor, School of Communications, Dublin CIty University

Nicole Loeser

Board Director, Institute for Art and Innovation, Berlin

Chris Gordon

CEO, Irish Social Enterprise Network

Tara Nolan

Master Certified Coach, Team Coach and "The Game of Teams" podcast host

Diarmuid Torney

Associate professor, School of Law and Government Dublin City University

Agnieszka Sznyk

President of the Board, Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development, Poland

Lucia Dal Negro

Founder of de-LAB Inclusive Business Solutions, Italy

Conor Carmody

Investor-Ready Manager Dublin Business Innovation Centre

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Responsible Innovation Summit

Join the Leaders of Change! Annual international conference to inspire innovators to adapt Responsible Innovation and make a positive impact!

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