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Resilient Food Business Summit

206 people attending
The foodservice industry was bound for a paradigm shift, but COVID-19 has forced it upon us earlier than expected. The path to business resiliency now looks different and is less forgiving.
Innovation in food waste management is opening up new opportunities to recover from the pandemic, increase margins, and improve business agility. The 2020 Resilient Food Business Summit explores these new avenues for adapting and thriving despite disruption.

  • Expert speakers from across the industry discussing the intersection of well-being, food waste, and profitability
  • Interactive breakout and roundtable sessions to share, collaborate, and learn alongside other industry leaders
  • Actionable strategies and takeaways around food waste efficiency, menu engineering and profitability, and cultivating well-being


· Stage
Keynote: The age of the resilient business model and what it means for foodservice operations
· Stage
Keynote: Why food waste management is key to resilient food businesses and systems
· Stage
Panel: How technology is driving resilient food businesses
· Stage
Keynote: Why it’s critical to put well-being at the heart of a foodservice operation
· Stage
Keynote: How to cost your recipes and engineer your menu to get the food business basics right
· Expo
Expo time: Explore the expo and stretch your legs
· Sessions
Roundtable discussion: Embracing the creativity opportunity in food waste
· Sessions
Panel: How food businesses can thrive in the evolving food waste policy landscape
· Sessions
Panel: How foodservice operations are making data-driven decisions to prevent food waste
· Sessions
Panel: How foodservice leaders are elevating the importance of mental health
· Stage
Closing Remarks & Networking


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