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RESET Together

We're now learning to operate and work with each other in a world where we can't easily connect. We developed Stage 404 to break down the physical barriers to building meaningful connections with each other. We create interactive, online events with themes that span different industries and communities: A new and easy way to learn, network, and grow together.
Mateen & Ambreen - Stage 404

RESET Together:

This pandemic has forced all of us to reset in some form or another. We’ve seen the rising toll of jobs lost, runways vanish and a total realignment of business strategy. It's a good time to reassess, learn about opportunities and meet other humans!
Join the live event to connect with a community of entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals navigating through the uncertainty. 
Learn about strategies and tools to succeed in this changing world. 
Find out who's hiring and opportunities that may lie ahead. 
Engage with leaders in areas of tech, business, venture and individual freedoms:
Alex Stamos (Director, Stanford Internet Observatory & former CSO Facebook), 
Matt Ocko (Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner, Data Collective), 
Sarah Adeel (Partnerships Lead, Kiva; Founder, LettuceBeeKids)
Dr. Nancy Adossi (Founder; Data Analyst; UN Consultant)
Michael Indresano (Operations Advisor, Former SVP Walmart)
Kari Sulenes (Executive Director, Atlas; Partner, Alpha Bridge Ventures)
Julia Plevin (Designer; Strategist; Founder, Forest Bathing Club)
Courtland Allen (Founder, IndieHackers)
Zoë Share (CEO, Schmooz Media)

and more...
Let’s help each other RESET and get through this crisis together. Insightful conversations, 1:1 networking, small group discussion...See you there!

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· Stage
Welcome: Opening Remarks
Mateen A [Stage 404] Ambreen K [Stage 404]
· Networking
· Stage
Adapting Strategy During a Crisis
Mike Indresano Irfan Ahmad John Carrington
· Stage
Staying Emotionally Resilient
Kari Sulenes Syma Latif
· Stage
Fundraising in a Down-Market & Advice for Startups
Matt Ocko Irfan Ahmad
· Stage
Cybersecurity, Preserving Democracy & Individual Freedoms in a Pandemic
Alex Stamos Nancy Adossi
· Stage
Kiva: Microloans during COVID-19
Sarah Adeel Mateen A [Stage 404]
· Stage
Breakouts: A Sneak Peak
Zoë Share Sarah Adeel Mateen A [Stage 404] Julia Plevin Courtland Allen
· Sessions
Breakout Sessions - Indie Hacker Corner, Shifts in Branding & Marketing, Microloans for Small Businesses, Share a Job/Need a Job, Finding Peace & Creativity in Tough Times
Zoë Share Sarah Adeel Julia Plevin Ambreen K [Stage 404] Courtland Allen
· Stage
Closing Remarks
Mateen A [Stage 404]
· Expo
Live DJ & More Networking


Mateen A [Stage 404]

Co-Founder at Stage 404

Sarah Adeel

Strategic Partnerships Lead at Kiva, Founder of LettuceBeeKids

Zoë Share

CEO at Schmooz Media

Mike Indresano

Advisor, Former SVP Operations Strategy at Wal Mart e-Commerce

Kari Sulenes

Executive Director of Atlas, Partner at Alpha Bridge Ventures

Syma Latif

Founder of Bay Area Sitters

Julia Plevin

Nature-Centered Designer, Strategist, Founder of Forest Bathing Club

John Carrington

Founder & CEO at ZVerse

Alex Stamos

Director of Stanford Internet Observatory, Former CSO at Facebook

Irfan Ahmad

Founder & CEO at Magnition

Courtland Allen

Founder of Indie Hackers

Nancy Adossi

Founder, Data Analyst and UN Consultant

Ambreen K [Stage 404]

Co-Founder at Stage 404

Matt Ocko

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner, Data Collective

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