Remote Mobility Talks - Joe KRAUS - President, LIME

We hope you are all well and healthy ✌️

We thought we could make something useful during this lockdown, by inviting an inspiring Mobility Maker each week πŸ›΄ 🚲 πŸ›΅πŸ›° πŸš€ πŸ›Έ 🚁

This Wednesday 🀩 Joe Kraus, President of Lime, will be giving you the keys to understand the effects of the current situation on his business, opportunities and threats. 

πŸŽ™Don't miss on this 30 minutes talk with a great Mobility Maker, and interact with him through a LIVE Q&A chat

🀝Finally, as usual, the talk will be followed by a 30 minutes networking session with individual Business Meetings (like ChatRoulette for professionals). 
Tips: choose well your category at the beginning!

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#MeetMobilityMakers - Joe KRAUS - President, LIME
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Joe Kraus
Joe Kraus

President of LIME

Aymeric Weyland
Aymeric Weyland

co-founder @Mobility Makers


co-founder @Mobility Makers

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